Shhhhh…Don’t Tell Anyone…

PLEASE don’t tell anyone this, but I’ve had a very productive day!!  I don’t want anyone to know, because if no one knows, it may just happen again!

I know you hear me whining and crying about all of the packing and sorting I have to do in order to accomplish our move to New Mexico.  You’re all probably REALLY tired of hearing it.  I’M tired of hearing about it some days myself.  Today, I didn’t think about it, I just started and I had a very successful day. 

There is an area next to my microwave which seems to be a catch-all.  It has baskets where I try to put fruit when I get it, but then the baskets get filled with everything but fruit!  I must confess that there must have been some fruit there that ended up…shall we say…past it’s prime.   When I got everything off of the area, it was rather sticky under there.   I got everything cleared out and cleaned up.  When I go to get fruit the next time, I’ll actually have a place to put the fruit.  OK!!

There is a wicker shelf next to that where I keep all of my teas.  Now I love tea, but I don’t drink it as often as I like.  I found all kinds of cool teas I forgot I had.  I have some I want to give to my sister Ele because I know she likes them.  It’s still kind of cluttered, but I’ve been through it and I know what’s there.  I did get some things thrown away that was just junk and some tea which was past it’s prime.  Gee, that sounds like a theme here today! 😉

The big offender…well not the BIG offender but there was a sizeable offending pile of things on the floor.  A while back I had put several empty plastic storage containers there with the intention of packing things into them.  Again, things just gathered in them, nothing packed in them.  They are now in the basement, awaiting packing and there is clear space where they used to live!!  So excited.

The best find of the afternoon were these…

These are blank cards and envelopes.  Every Christmas, Ralph designs our Christmas cards and we have them printed.  A few years ago…yikes…has that pile been there that long…we misplaced the cards after purchasing them.  Today I found them.  I just saved us about $30.00!!  Again, me…Excited!!

So, I decided before posting that I would take a walk out into the yard for some Fall photos.  Who do I meet but this little fellow…

A chipmunk!  I stopped and he stopped and there was a bit of a stand-off.  I must have stood there for about 45 seconds and he didn’t move.  As soon as I moved, he slipped right into his little hidey hole.  So cool.

Here’s my Fall photo for you.  My favorite tree in my back yard…

So Pretty!

I’ve had a busy day including changing the bed and doing laundry.  I feel accomplished.

I’m resting now, having a cup of tea!  No, really…Tea?  There are a lot of themes going on today! 😉

Please note my counter which I cleaned up earlier in the week!  It needed it!

A cup of tea can work wonders.  But…Shhh… Don’t Tell Anyone!! 😉

Happy Saturday!

12 responses to “Shhhhh…Don’t Tell Anyone…

  1. This is great!! When I retired, the first thing I did was start to really “clean house”. I got rid of so much junk, I was amazed. And I discovered that I really do have a nice size kitchen — 🙂 But, Leo has to move or something — LOL!! Everytime I clear out a space, it seems that it gives him license to fill it up again — LOLOL!!! Nice job — and since it’s tea season, have a cuppa — 🙂

  2. good for you both!

  3. I hope to have a productive day today. We are in cleaning mode here and this house needs it. (Esp. the bathrooms, yikes)

  4. Great job on the productive day! That is always such a great feeling when the day is over and you know you have done soo much 🙂

  5. Yay. Sounds like you had an amazing day and were rewarded with some cool finds. That’s the best part about cleaning sometimes.

  6. caloricandcrazy

    Good job on being productive! 🙂

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