A Sorting Machine

I realized Thursday as I was getting my dinner ready that I had not been out of the house in two days except to put the trash our or go to the recycling bin to make a deposit.  I did go out into the back yard to take a few photos, but otherwise that’s it.  I am…A Sorting Machine! 🙂

It’s hard to explain exactly what this project entails, but let me just say that we have a lot of “stuff” which needs to be sorted through, then determination needs to be made what to do with it, then if we’re keeping it, it needs to be packed, if we’re not keeping it, do we try to sell it or give it away.  That’s a lot of determining to be done, but I’m up for the challenge.  I’ve made quite a dent in it since I started last Thursday.  I intend to keep denting and keep sorting!  Stick with me! 😉

Fairly early on Thursday I decided to get myself something to eat.  I decided this because I think I waited until around 1pm to eat on Wednesday.  I have to get back on track with three meals a day.  It will keep me from thinking about snacks, especially the kind that Ralph likes to bring into the house. 😉

So breakfast was…

Honeycrisp and Almond Butter.  Thanks to those of you who explained to me that I’m supposed to mix the oil INTO the nut butter.  I still made a mess, but I did it.  First time for almond butter and it was very tasty.  I don’t think it tastes as distinctive as sunflower butter, but still very yummy.

I’m running out of fun ways to display the apple and nut butter.  I’ll have to keep trying or find some new dish options!  This is actually the fun part to me, setting up the food.  When we get to New Mexico, there will be more opportunities for fun food displays.  Hopefully by then I’ll have a better camera too!

Worked all throughout the day.  I stopped for some cottage cheese and sweet relish, but forgot to photograph it.  I should keep that in the fridge more often, it’s very satisfying and good for me.  Put it on the List!

Dinner was another quick and easy without much thinking involved.

Crock pot pinto beans, pre-made bulgur, frozen corn and store-bought salsa.

The bulgur was warmed up in the microwave with a little garlic powder sprinkled on top.  The salsa, corn and beans were heated together on the stove.

Topped with the last of the pecorino romano cheese.  Boy do I need to go Shopping!!  It was really delicious and kept me full without snacks all night. 

I have been on track all week, so I’m hoping for a good result at Weight Watchers on Saturday.  Of course, after the meeting on Saturday we have the second of our two October weddings.  Then on Sunday we have TWO birthday parties…neither one is mine… 😦

I got a few lovely Fall photos today.  The Fall colors always seem to stand out when it’s been raining.

I am enjoying Fall so much this year.  I do miss seeing all of the trees along the highway as I drove to work, but not enough to have to deal with the commute again.  I can just take a ride if I want to see trees.  We’ll get a lot of chances this weekend.

I haven’t really slept all night, so I think I’m going to head back there to see if I can get a little shut-eye.  I need my rest if I want to remain…A Sorting Machine!

Happy Friday!! 🙂

10 responses to “A Sorting Machine

  1. It can be hard to sort through things. So many decisions to be made! The food looks healthy and perfect for the fall! Love the colors on the trees.

    • Thanks, Diane. This is a big stumbling block to us getting moved to New Mexico and I want it to happen now! I’m trying to stay on track with my food. I’ve fallen behind on exercise though. Have to get back to that ASAP!

  2. I wish I was there to help you, I love sorting and organizing. Seriously I could do it all day. So you need a new camera, Christmas is just around the corner.

    • Thanks, Marie, you’re so sweet. Actually all of my work this past week seems to have given Ralph the spirit. We’ll see how that works. Finances are tight at the moment. The camera I want is too expensive at the moment, but I’m saving up for it!

  3. Hope you enjoy some more shut eye, dear!! Sometimes sleep is the best decision maker/organizer, know what I mean? It just clears things up sometimes.

    • Thanks, Paige. I still haven’t slept and I’ve tried. I was just resting in bed trying to get a nap, but no dice. I think I’m going to wait until normal bedtime and have some chamomile tea. That’s supposed to help. Thanks for worrying about me. 🙂

  4. Fall looks gorgeous there, Fran! And oh….the great sorting project….I really like/don’t like that aspect of packing because I come to find out that there’s just so much, and most things aren’t even necessary! haha. I hope it all goes well for you~And your bulgur dish looks amazing~I kind of miss bulgur. Have a beautiful day!

  5. I also had a honeycrisp apple with almond butter today. It’s the best combination! A trick for mixing the almond butter is to leave the jar upside down overnight before opening it. The oil rises to the top, and then when you flip it over it’s in the bottom and much easier to stir in.

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