Cookies On The Run

Good Morning Everyone!  This will have to be quick today.  After not sleeping since about 10pm Thursday night, I was able to get some sleep last night.  Now I’m up early to go to my Weight Watchers Meeting.  I’ve got a wedding this afternoon and wanted to check in quickly before rushing off.

AND We’re having a Nor’ Easter!  After being up all night, I felt strange all day, on Friday.  When it got to be breakfast time I thought that oat bran sounded good.

Unfortunately, oat bran Never photographs well!  I was delicious though and just what I needed.

I went out on a few errands and when I was driving I could really feel the effects of no sleep.  I got home quickly so not to get myself in any trouble.

I tried all day to get some sleep, but all I ended up doing was watching TV.  I even turned it off and one point and couldn’t sleep.

Dinner time came and I knew I had to eat but I almost didn’t feel like it.  I just felt so weird!

Dinner was predictable and easy.  I was too tired to do many photos and almost two tired to eat.

Spring mix, tomato, red bell pepper, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, ranch balsamic dressing mixed together and my Cabot cheese.  Got more when I was on my errand…thank goodness! 😉

So as I said this has to be short and sweet.  One quick Fall picture for you…

That one was really on the Run!

I’m off to my WW meeting…wish me luck!  I have no idea how I did this week.

Tomorrow’s post will be much more interesting.  We’re off to a wedding this afternoon…in the rain!  That’s supposed to be good luck, right?!?

Happy Saturday!

8 responses to “Cookies On The Run

  1. O.K., you’ve convinced me I must try the Cabot cheese. I’ll let you know if I find it here. Another wedding? So fun. Here’s to a happy Saturday and hopefully a good night’s rest tonight.

  2. me, too (assuming it’s available in KC). and what’s with this not sleeping????

  3. Hope your meeting went well! Some times oatmeal just hits the spot doesn’t it? Have a great weekend!

  4. Hi Fran! I would love for you to enter my contest if you’re up for it… you still have until Thursday! 🙂 Thanks for coming by!

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