Meetings and Weddings And Snow…Oh, My!

Saturday did not start out so well but definitely improved as the day went on. Another fitful night of sleep left me rather groggy, but ready to start the day because I knew it would be a happy one.

I was off to my Weight Watchers meeting as usual.  For my efforts this week I was rewarded with a quarter of a pound loss.  Doesn’t sound like much, but as I used to tell my members when I was still leading WW classes, every loss no matter how small is a step in the right direction.  I’m below goal, but I want to get back to where I was before vacation.  I have not gotten back into my routine yet, although you’d think a month would be enough time for it.  Monday I take the steps (literally) to get myself back on track.

But enough talk about me…how about another Wedding!!

The wedding was held in the wonderful town of Haddonfield.  It is a charming OLD town filled with beautiful houses, wonderful shops and much tradition.  The wedding was held at the Haddon Fortnightly

The Haddon Fortnightly









I had to snag the photo from their website because there was no way I was getting my own photo.  Pouring rain laced with snowflakes was what greeted us on our arrival.

Beautiful Fall decorations.

Ralph, my sister Ele and Bill, Father of the Bride.  Bill is Ele’s brother-in-law.

The groom, Matt, waits nervously with his best man.

Here comes the Bride, Crissy!  She was so beautiful!

Who gives this woman…

Dearly beloved…One wonderful thing about the ceremony is that it was performed by Matt’s Dad, Pastor Bob.  It was wonderfully emotional and he had a hard time getting through a few pieces of the ceremony.  We got the chance to get to know the Pastor at the reception and he’s a great guy.  Get him to tell you his story about driving his ’57 Chevy on the NJ Turnpike…hysterical!!

The Vows

You may kiss the Bride!

Time for photos!!

Ele with Crissy…they have a very special bond.

Crissy and Matron of Honor, Lisa taking a break and sharing a laugh before the reception.

Crissy and Matt with Matt’s parents.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get a photo of the Happy Couple with Crissy’s parents.

Ele with her sister-in-law, Judy, Mother of the Bride.  They have always been very close.  They’ve always looked like sisters to me!

Billy, brother of the Bride, Ele and Bill, Father of the Bride.

Judy and Bill, Mother and Father of the Bride.  Getting Bill to cooperate for a photo is a major undertaking.  Judy’s good at dealing with him…she’s been doing it for 41 years!

Cutting the cake…

Ceremonial feeding of the cake.  No cake smashing for them!

Oh, yes…the Cake…where is it?!?  Well as with the wedding I attended two weeks ago, I think I’ll save all of the goodies from the wedding for What I Ate Wednesday.  Makes it more festive I think.  For the moment I’ll just say it was delicious, very vegetarian friendly thanks to the Bride’s Mom, Judy and I was in pain when I finished!

To Crissy and Matt…the very best of luck to you!  We love you both!

Now for a day filled with Birthday Parties!!

Happy Sunday!



20 responses to “Meetings and Weddings And Snow…Oh, My!

  1. It was a perfect wedding for a perfect couple. And as I said to Mrs. Cassaday, Crissy’s Nana, We were warm, well fed and all very happy even though when we looked out the windows the Fornightly was covered in rain, sleet, snow and wind. I hope that for Crissy and Matt that their life together is always like that…no matter what goes on outside, there will always be warmth and love inside. ( sorry to be sloppy but she is my only niece!)

  2. valerie andruss

    perfectly put, indeed, Ele…

  3. This looks like a perfect wedding on a not-so-perfect Fall day — but the decorations, the smiles and the love pierced thru the cold and made it a wonderful day — nice piece and wonderful photos — oxo

  4. What a pretty bride and a beautiful wedding! I envy your Fall decorations and weather. 🙂

  5. I’m up near Princeton and was wondering about/feeling sorry for the folks who had weddings or big plans yesterday (we got a lot more slammed by snow than anticipated–who would have thought!!). Looks like it went well. I love the autumn decorations!

    • Hi Zo! Thanks for stopping by. I heard that more northern parts of NJ really did get the snow. We were lucky and fortunately everything went off without a hitch for the wedding. I was so taken by the decorations too. Just beautiful. Please come to visit again!

  6. That looks like such a beautiful wedding, I love her bouquet!

  7. looks like it was a fabulous wedding!

  8. Looks like a great wedding, despite the odd-ball weather! She has such a nice bouquet too 🙂

  9. They will look back at that day with so many fond memories, even the bad weather! Thanks for sharing – looks like a very happy, blessed occasion.

  10. Fran,
    Thank you for you kind words and very good review of the wedding. As alway it was great to send time with Ralph and you Crissy loves both you and Uncle Ralph as she says.

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