Halloween Memories

I always remember facing the approach of Halloween with a feeling of anticipation.  My sister Ele and I would always go out with either Mom or Dad.  Whoever was not on duty with trick or treating was back at the house giving treats to the other little ghosts and goblins.

The earliest evidence I’ve found of Halloween in my life is this photo.

Here I am at probably a year old.  The photo’s not marked (I’ve discussed before how my family rarely noted dates and names) so I can only approximate.  The actual photo is quite blurry, probably because I was wriggling around with excitement.  The scan came out better than the actual photo!  Don’t the slip covers and wallpaper go well together?!? 😉

There I am in all my glory, dressed as Aunt Jemima, I’m told.  Perhaps since one of my first Halloween costumes involved food this may have set the tone for my entire life! 😉  I actually still have this costume.  It’s at Ele’s house but I didn’t think about using it until yesterday and I didn’t have time to find it.  See, my family never throws anything away!

Although our family had the inclination to dress Ele and me alike in real life, I don’t recall that they ever did that for Halloween.  There are so many photos of us together.  For this particular Halloween, Ele wore the dress she had worn as a flower girl in a family wedding.  I remember her one time being a toy soldier and one year there’s a photo where we both look like Southern belles.  Those photos are still around…I’ll have to do a search.

One of my favorite Halloween memories is helping my Grandmother prepare the treats for the little visitors. She used these…

Little bags that looked like lunch bags…

I borrowed a witch’s hand to lend perspective to the photo.  They really are tiny!

We would line them up, side by side until Gram’s entire kitchen table was covered with these little things.

It looked like a tiny paper bag army!  Ele and I would each be given a bag of candy…Tootsie Rolls, Mary Janes…and we put one in each bag…row after row.  I think Gram also put a coin in each one.  I remember a quarter but it was probably a penny or a nickel…there were lots of bags so it couldn’t have been quarters!

I don’t remember how many different kinds of candies went in there but there was quite a selection.  When we were finished, the top of each bag was carefully folded over to keep every thing safely inside.  We used to have so much fun doing this.

Why you may ask do I still have these little bags to show you?  I live in what was my Grandparents house…remember the people who never threw anything away…Why do I still have them.  I don’t have a clue!  I’m just amazed that I remembered where to find them.  In all of my sorting and tossing and packing passion…these are something that I will not be able to toss out.  Why?  I don’t think I have to explain.

So here we are…Halloween 2011.  I’m no longer allowed to go door to door asking for candy…not without fear of a restraining order, anyway! 😉  In fact one of my errands today is to go out to buy the Halloween candy.  I’ve learned over the years not to buy it any sooner than I have to.  If it’s not here, I won’t be tempted by it.  I also try to buy candy I don’t like.  And, today…it’s likely to be on sale!

What will I be for Halloween.  I mentioned a few weeks ago that I was making food choices blindly, without much thought to new and different options.  I referred to myself as the Zombie Vegetarian.   Well, word to the wise, don’t say something like that around someone who likes to do cartoons…especially someone like Ralph who has a really warped sense of humor.

I present to you…The Attack of The Vegetarian Zombie…

I was going to wear something slinky and vampy, but I guess I’m stuck with this…at least he made my hips look smaller…I should be grateful…

Hope you all have a Memorable Halloween!!!

24 responses to “Halloween Memories

  1. Love the Zombie vegetarian!

    That’s the first time I’ve heard of dividing up the treats into little bags. Was that common in Nt’l Park??

    You’re remembering a nickel. At the time, though, a nickel would have bought an entire candy bar and it would have been the size of our fist (the candy bar, not the nickel).

    The tradition at our house was that I could do two blocks – our block and the block directly across the street. That would net me two bags of candy. However I’d get back to the house w/the first bag just about the time we ran out of candy to hand out, so all that loot would go into the bowl. Which would be repeated with the 2nd bag. I’d get to keep my very favorite candy, anything homemade and whatever was left over from the 2nd bag. But that worked for me because I got to keep all the really good stuff. I remember that the funeral home gave out candy apples(!), one of the policemen gave out popcorn balls and there was one year when someone gave out helium-filled balloons. And, of course, the nickels…

    • Val, I don’t think it was a National Park thing, I think it was a Grandmom thing! It was such fun, almost as much as going out ourselves! Can you imagine anyone allowing “homemade” treats today! It’s a different time for sure!

  2. Aww, I love holiday memories! That’s why holidays are so special, and it makes me sad that Halloween is somewhat disappearing in some areas.

  3. Happy Halloween! I love the idea of using the little goody bags 🙂

  4. I can’t believe you found the bags either, I can barely remember where I put something let alone someone else. Love the Aunt Jemima baby photo, so cute. Happy Halloween Vegetarian Zombie.

  5. What a cute idea with the little goodie bags! Happy Halloween 😀

  6. Ralph is quite the artist! Lovely! I tried to find little treat bags to make Halloween bags today, but had no luck. Instead I’m just giving massive handfuls of candy to anyone who knocks on my door.

    • Stephanie, he’s been drawing since he was 6. He used to be a police composite artist. His drawings were amazing. I should have him do me as a composite, that would be fun! He’ll be glad to know you like the drawing! I don’t know if you can still find those little bags. Maybe on-line somewhere. Handfuls of candy are good…;-)

  7. hahaha that vegetarian zombi is adorable! I love it and those little bags are too cute!

  8. Happy Halloween. The Vegetarian Zombie is awesome (I love the look on all the veggies’ faces). It is amazing (and makes total sense) how Halloween really does take us back to our childhood.
    We bought two bags of candy yesterday. Looks like we’re going to have almost two bags worth left over. Off to the office they go.

  9. I love all the memories you have, that is very neat. It has actually made me think that maybe I should not throw away so many things…I have a problem with clutter, I don’t like it. If I was better organized I could start keeping these things for my kids children!!
    Very cool cartoon!!

  10. That picture of you is so cute, would love to see the others! And it must be so cool to live in that house and find memories like that all the time 🙂

    • Glad you like the photo. I have it framed and always put it out around Halloween. I’m going on a mission to find more! I love living in this little house. I’ve been here for nearly 20 years, but I’m still finding new things!

  11. We were the most fortunate of children. We had the perfect “50’s childhood. Making the Halloween bags was always fun. I remember when my daughter was little and we lived in the country it was about an acre between houses. The neighbor across the street would have all the kids in at the end of the evening and they’d have a party, another lady would give them homemade candies, another made candied apples. It was a different time.

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