Protein Is The Theme

Friday started as one of those, “Why Sleep When You Can Be Awake!” days.  Woke up at 3am and you know the rest of the story.  In spite of that I think I made the most of my day.

I got my coffee (1 gram of protein from my fat-free half and half) and got right to work posting on BCDC.  When I was finished there I started on my NaNoWriMo writing.  I was becoming frustrated and stuck.  I was even at a point where I was being overcome by emotion.  My novel is based on some of my college experiences and I was amazed at the emotions brought back by thinking about it and using it as the basis for the novel.  Strange.  I had suggestions that when something like that happens, you should try to focus on the story from a different angle or from someone else’s perspective.  Actually I was told if need be, throw in a ferret!  The ferret was sitting there on my desk waiting to be called into the game but that early in the day, I didn’t need him yet.

I took a break from writing and decided I’d try one of my Spiru-tein drinks.  I wasn’t thrilled with some of the flavors in the sampler pack I got, but it was a good deal so I bought it.  I decided I’d start with the flavor I thought I’d like the least. My choice was strawberry-banana.

I mixed it in my handy shaker container with soy milk. 

Pretty in Pink and it actually tasted good.  Still not my favorite flavor, but certainly not awful.  Now I’m looking forward to my next trial.  The Spiru-tein gave me 14 grams of protein and the soymilk added 6 grams so 20 grams of protein at one time.  About a third of what I should have each day.  Pretty good in one little shake-up!

Mid afternoon I went over to see my sister Ele to help her with a few pre-Thanksgiving preparations.  We’re expecting a bit of a crowd, so we had to move some things around in the dining room.  I’ll be helping her with more things next week.  We always enjoy Thanksgiving!

When I got back from lunch, Ralph wanted food!  We decided on the Gateway Diner as we so often do.  Going along with my protein theme, this was lunch.

An onion omelette with a side of cottage cheese, dry rye toast and a big cup of hot tea because it was cold and damp here in New Jersey yesterday.  Brrr…

In trying to figure the protein for this lunch, I realize that I don’t know much about how much protein is in a food,  I’m going to need to do some research.  the website where I got this information said that eggs have 4 grams which would make my omelette 12 grams.  It said that a cup of regular cottage cheese which was about what my serving was, should be 13 grams.  That sounds like a lot so I’m going to need to do some more research on this.

When we got back from lunch, I really got to work on my writing.  My switch in perspective made a big difference.  I brought in a character I had never thought of including and it’s helping the focus and the tone.  I ended the (very long) day by breaking 20,000 words!  I was very happy about that.

A snack later was 2 rice cakes with sunflower seed butter.  I got 2 grams of protein from the rice cakes and 9 grams of protein from the sunflower seed butter.  I ended the day with 60 grams of protein.  The calculation I’ve been able to make is that I should be having 62 grams per day.  This was a pretty good day.  I still want to do some more research on how much protein is in each food.  It’s so much easier when you use the info on the label, but that’s not always available.

This sounds like a science class so I’ll get out of here.  I’m hoping for a good result at Weight Watchers when I get there today.  I’ve tried really hard all week.  I must redeem myself after last week. 😦

I’ll leave you with some pretty pictures.

Enjoy your weekend and Happy Saturday!


10 responses to “Protein Is The Theme

  1. Good post. It is hard to bring past experiences into a story you’re writing, but I tend to think of these as a cleansing of the past. In your story, you’re able to change the outcome of the situation, or have a character handle a problem in a way you were at the time, unable or unwilling to do. Good luck with the rest of your story. I’m not sure about a site with information on protein, let me check first before I recommend it.

    • Hi Marie. Good point about being able to change the outcome of the story. I feel much better after making this recent change. Hope it sticks with me! I’ll be grateful for any info possible on protein. Have a great weekend!

  2. Happy Saturday. I didn’t do NaNoWriMo, and it’s been interesting reading about others’ experiences (a lot of what you say reminds me of problems I have when trying to write, so it’s neat to see you work through them).
    I remember when I was on WW you were allowed 3 breads a day and 6 proteins. I’m a carbaholic, so that was always an issue for me (and peanut butter was 1 protein and 1 fat). I still have to work at making sure my meals and snacks have some protein somewhere!

    • Hi Zo! Being vegetarian, I really need to work at the protein thing. Ralph keeps trying to get me to eat fish to get some protein, but I don’t want to. That’s why I looking for alternative sources. I’m even tracking my proteiin along with my Points to be sure I’m getting what I should. Weight Watchers has changed so much since then. You could make your own decisions about eating your carbs. The only reason you’d have to limit them is if you saw that too many of them were having an effect on your weight loss or maintainance. I love WW. Workded for them for 15 years and I’m considering going back. Have a great weekend!

  3. I certainly think that your lunch must have been protein packed! I love eggs – they are my favourite protein source along with tofu.
    Thank you for the comment on blog re: Weight Watchers. I will consider going back, although at the moment I’m doing something most evenings at the moment!

  4. Gorgeous autumn pictures although we’ve similar weather here recently; grey and damp 😦
    I bet writing the novel is so interesting because you’re having to remember stuff in real detail – and glad you haven’t needed the ferret yet!

  5. If I tried writing about my college day, I’d do more blushing then deleting than I would progressing. My main thought would be “Geesh! Hope my parents don’t read this.” 😉

    • Hi! Thanks for stopping by. I certainly had to think about it, but I didn’t have a lot of time to think because i got talked into partcipating on 10/31 and had to start writing on Nov.1 !! I had to come up with something quick. I’m enjoying it and it’s not too bad. Sadly, my parents won’t be able to read it, but it’s not going to be anything embarassing. I had hoped it would be funny, but it doesn’t seem to be going there. Please stop by to visit again!

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