Gobble, Gobble Recap

We tried some new things for Thanksgiving regarding food preparation.  It all stems from my sister, Ele reading the newspaper and watching the Food Network on TV.  We’ve come to a group conclusion that she needs to continue those habits.  Thanksgiving dinner was Wonderful!

I can’t vouch for the goodness of the first tidbit of information because it involves the turkey and of course I didn’t eat it.  I did however have the opportunity to witness how good it looked and I think she wins the prize.  She cooked the turkey unstuffed, on Wednesday morning.  She was at work; I got the job of taking it out of the oven when finished and covering it with foil. 

Then, Wednesday night, Ralph took over his job of turkey dismemberment.  He sliced it in a slightly different way, I can’t explain it to you, separating white from dark meat.  Too much info for a vegetarian, but I’m going somewhere with this.  Beautifully arranged in two roasting pans, Ele poured chicken stock over the turkey, covered it with foil again and it was in the fridge for the night.

She also made the stuffing in baking dishes.  Thursday about an hour before dinner should be served, we put it all in the oven to heat up and for the stuffing to brown up.

We had a vat of potatoes cooking on the stove and my major job was to make the succotash, also in a vat.

Succotash is something my Mom always used to make and it’s our favorite, well Ele’s and mine.  Mom would have been proud, it was a good batch!

The Crowd Assembled!  Jim, Stephanie, John, Ginny and Ele

Bill, Alex, Ralph and Patrick.  Please note Ralph and Patrick with their knives and forks at the ready for the Food!

May I present…The Food!  In the foreground you can see my traditional cranberry orange jello mold.  I’ve made it for years.  Unfortunately, I have successfully misplaced (lost?) the mold it should go in.  I now call it cranberry orange jello bowl.  We said we were doing things differently, right?!?  We ended up with a horde more mashed potatoes and stuffing than we had mouths to fill, but that’s ok, there’s another crowd coming Friday night!

I forgot to photograph any of my food, not because I was being sneaking I was just having too much fun.  Ginny brought two yummy veggie dishes so with the succotash, potatoes and stuffing, I was well taken care of.  Should I mention the apple cake and gingerbread I had instead of pie?  Well I had it Instead of pie, not along with…better change the subject.

Not only did I forget to photograph my food, I forgot to bring my camera home with me!  I had to send Ele a text this morning to make sure they were up so I could get it.  Lucky for me, she only lives one street away!

But it’s a beautiful morning and it didn’t really bother me that I had to scrape the windshield.

Little Michael came to spend the rest of the weekend!  He got there after Ralph and I left, so I was excited to see him.  I had actually run out in my pajamas…I was only going around the corner to my sister’s house, what the heck.  Jim made the comment that this must be the “no photo zone.”  I don’t think so…

Our family has always been into high fashion!!!

It was a WONDERFUL Thanksgiving and I do need to put that in capital letters.  The only thing that would have made it better is if the people who were missing could have been with us.  But that’s always the case.  Ele said a beautiful grace which summed it all up.  We are so lucky and I am so thankful.

Happy Friday!

15 responses to “Gobble, Gobble Recap

  1. Glad you had a great Thanksgiving! 🙂

  2. High Fashion? Your and my family both. Your sister watching the food network reminded me of a comic I saw recently, something to the effect of a Lady watching another prepare all the Thanksgiving food and saying “Watching the Food Network so much has prepared me to watch you cook all day”. I thought it was funny. But I adore cooking!

  3. Sounds like a lovely day! Nothing like good food, loved ones (and of course 50000 words already completed) to make for the perfect Thanksgiving.

  4. Wow, that table looks amazing! So much delicious food 🙂

  5. We had a really wonderful time! The company was pleasant, and the food was delicious. Thankful for good friends 🙂

  6. I Love this post 🙂

  7. Lovely Thanksgiving Fran! So much food! I can’t believe it. I’m glad you had a great one, even if you had to scrape a windshield. 🙂

  8. With so many people without so much this year it always makes me feel very humble when I see our table. As I said in the days leadingup to Thanksgiving, our tables and chairs might not match or our dishes and napkins but our hearts are full of love and gratitude for our abundance in the important things in life. I always think of the wonderful memories that Alex and Patrick have of helping me make dessert after Thanksgiving dinner. Those ore things that you can’t pay for. We were so lucky to have our friends and family with us…..AND…the turkey was awesome!!!!

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