Jumble Of A Day

Saturday really was sort of a jumble.  It was an “I don’t feel like doing anything” day.  That’s pretty much what I did.

After coming home from Weight Watchers, I did some computer work: posting to BCDC, reading blogs, paying bills.  All necessary things.  Ralph hadn’t been feeling well the night before so I let him sleep in.

Our plan was to go to Ele’s for the wonderful leftover dinner, but she was out for the day with Jim and Little Michael, so I didn’t want to eat a lot during the day, I knew what was coming.  That’s been part of my problem the last few weeks.  I haven’t been eating regular meals.  I need to get back on track with that to get off this weight I’ve put on.  I can do it.  Knowing the reason is the first most important step, now I have to do it.  I have a plan and will share as I go.

When I got hungry, I had one of my new favorite things in the whole world…

Honeycrisp and almond butter, or sunflower seed butter, or…. It’s a filling and tasty treat.  It’s not a meal though.  Got to get back on track with that.

In the afternoon, I started a project that is inspired by the writing I’ve been doing.  I’ll share that soon as well.

We heard from Ele that they would be home soon and we headed over to her house around 4:30.  We’re pretty laid back about our leftover feasts.  We lay out all of the food on the counter.  We each take our plate, fill it with our choices and then take turns with the microwave.  It works out pretty well.  I had two plates that looked pretty much like this…

Mashed potatoes covered in succotash.  You may not think it looks appetizing, but it’s delicious!  I had salad with it too, but you see plenty of salads on BCDC, this is far more interesting…at least to me! 😉

I had another piece of Ele’s wonderful apple cake.  I need that recipe.  I’ll share it and see if we can lighten it up a bit.

Little Michael had a good day.  On their adventure he acquired a new friend…

This is actually a puppet.  It looks so real that it startled me several times.  I walked into the room and jumped thinking I was seeing a real dog.  It is very cool.  If he told me what he named it, I forget.  In fact, he had it with him in a restaurant that afternoon and people sitting near them were looking at him strangely thinking he had a real dog!

We had a lovely evening, looked at some old pictures.  We found some that I should have had for Halloween…you should have seen the costumes!  It was lots of fun.

We’re off to a birthday party Today which should be fun.  I’ll share all of that with you tomorrow.  But first, last night’s sunset.  I can’t get enough.

Pretty spectacular!

Happy Sunday!!

14 responses to “Jumble Of A Day

  1. wow those sky pictures are truly spectacular..how pretty!!

  2. You always take the loveliest sky photos! We’ve had some beautiful skies around here as well, but I never seem to have my camera with me.

  3. i’ve been beaten to the punch with my comment saying how amazing those colors are in that sunset. 🙂 i had to tell you anyway.

    enjoy the party today!

  4. Apple and nut butter is just the best 😉 – got your comment about the spirutein, my favourites are cookies and cream, peanut butter swirl, nutty berry and cherries jubilee – its a difficult one wit protein powders as everyone seems to have differing opinions on them but those are definitely my faves 🙂

  5. Those honeycrisp apple slices are making my mouth water. What happened to your grandson’s wrist? My son had a cast just like that (though purple) just last spring. The thumb part really sucks. I hope he gets out of it soon. Great job with Nanowrimo. I think the word validator might be open now b/c I see one of my writing buddies has her count in purple now.

    • Hi Shell! It’s my nephew. He broke his wrist playing hockey, but don’t get me started on that. I’m seem to be the only one who thinks he shouldn’t be doing it. I think he has 2 more weeks. Thanks for your kind comment about Nanowrimo. I have to say that it is because of the support I got from our group that I was able to accomplish it. I’m really exited. I’m going to post it to the validator tomorrow. Hope I can figure it out!!

  6. Fran you always seem to be up to something. Glad that you have the energy and zest for life to do it all with your upbeat and happy attitude. Family during the holidays is the best for sure.

  7. I was busy the last few days, but I finally had a chance to read your posts. I always look forward to checking in on everyone and catching up, but I’m always hungry after reading your post….I think I’ll head to the fridge to see what’s left to eat. Have a nice night.

  8. What a beautiful sunset! I’m a big fan of puppets 🙂

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