I Can See Clearly Now…WIAW!!

Nothing clears your head like getting back to what you know.  One of the things I know and love is…What I Ate Wednesday!  It is of course hostessed each week by the lovely Jenn over at Peas & Crayons.  Mozy on over and join the fun group that gathers there each week.  Read some blogs and please be sure to leave some comments.  That’s what we all live for!!  😉

Without further adieu…

Peas and Crayons

As I was saying on Sunday, my food life has been a jumble lately, but I am in the process of working hard to get back on track.  Sunday night after our birthday party, I allowed myself one last little fling.  It wasn’t actually such a bad fling, but fling it was.

A yummy pepper and egg sandwich with American cheese from Picasso’s.  My favorite takeout sandwich.  I enjoyed it. But I won’t be seeing another one for a while.

Monday morning, I was off to the races with being on track.

Fat free vanilla yogurt, Fiber One and blueberries I froze over the summer.  I’m so glad I froze them.  They will be delicious to use all winter.  They’re really yummy in oatmeal!

Last night I tried something new.  I love quinoa and I’ve had red quinoa in the cupboard for several months, but never made it.  Last night, was the night.  It looked so strange.

Cooked it up in veggie broth.  It tastes a little different from the white, but still tasty.

Other salad fixin’s…pre cut bag lettuce.  I really don’t like iceberg, but my friend Gail gave this to me before she left for Florida, so I used it.  Green bell pepper, tomato, canned black beans, mozzarella cheese and leftover dressing from Picasso’s from last week.  The lettuce did not taste that good and I realized that I am spoiled now with home cooked  beans.  The canned ones just did not taste as good.

Beans added

Quinoa added

Mozzarella added

I love having my salads in my Big Purple Bowl.  They are so satisfying that I’m not usually looking for a snack in the evening.  That’s a good thing!

Tuesday AM, I was in a hurry, so I just divided a Honeycrisp and had it with some almond butter.  It’s amazing how filling that is and it really held me. 

Short and sweet this week for WIAW.  Just want you all to know that I am back on track with my food.  Two days in a row on my exercise bike also.  I feel better already.

Don’t forget now, go visit all the cool kids over at Peas & Crayons.  They’re waiting and they’ve all prepared something tasty for you to look at.  I’m heading there myself in a few minutes.  I’m a food voyeur just like the rest of you. 😉

Happy Wednesday!!

28 responses to “I Can See Clearly Now…WIAW!!

  1. I wish I could get hold of red quinoa a bit easier but it seems to be so hard to find here! Happy WIAW!

  2. I tried red quinoa a few weeks ago and loved it. Salads are the best because anything goes. I, like you, eat them almost every day, I love them. I haven’t gotten any honeycrisp apples yet this season because all the other varieties have been on sale and the honeycrisps are double the price. But any apple and PB combo is great.

  3. My husband thinks it’s weird, but I love adding a little quinoa to a salad… it adds a great texture, a little extra protein and it seems to make it ‘heartier’ to me! Going to have to try the red quinoa…

  4. I never knew they made naturally more almond butter! I thought they just had pb!! I’ll definitely have to hunt for that 😉 Love the frozen blueberries in your breakfast too mmm!

  5. That salad looks soooo good!!

  6. Oh I love your quinoa bowl! Even if it wasn’t as tasty as you hoped, at least it looked good (?)

    I love the PB Naturally More but have never found the almond version… So jealous!

    PS. Since I can’t comment on your comment on my blog (stupid Blogger) the red pepper relish on my blog is Stonewall Kitchen. It’s phenomenal if you can find it…if you can’t let me know…maybe an exchange in the future? 🙂

    • You’re the Best, Sarah!! I’ll look for it. Regarding the almond butter, I think sometimes it’s a regional thing, you find certain foods in certain areas. It makes me crazy seeing what some bloggers can find and I can’t. I’ll keep you posted about finding the Stonewall Kitchen. Thanks!

  7. Way to get back on track! Everything looks great. A honeycrisp apple and almond butter is one of my favorite meals of all time. They are usually so big that they literally are an entire meal!

  8. I love that take out sandwich, but I understand why you can’t have too many of those.
    It looks like you bounced back to the good side quickly and with some delicious eats.
    I love the look of the quinoa.

  9. I have some mixed quinoa in my cupboard that I haven’t use yet – I must get on to that!
    Delicious looking food 🙂

    • Glad you like the looks of my food, Sarah, sometimes I think it doesn’t photograph that well. Hadn’t thought of mixing the quinoa, but since I have red and white, why not? I think the other is black. Not sure! It’s very tasty.

  10. Delish food Fran! I need to get some quinoa back in my life.. .I forget how darn tasty it is sometimes 🙂

  11. I’ve never tried red quinoa. I do like apples with almond butter, though!

  12. i actually have never made quinoa – need to give it a try!

  13. I have seen the red quinoa but never tried it. How was it different? A more earthy taste?

    Way to go on the exercise bike!!

    • hi Laura! It’s hard to say how the red quinoa was different. I think it needed to cook longer than the white, but I might just have been impatient the night I made it. I think the real difference would have been if it was in a dish where you could see it. I think nutritionally it’s the same but I’m not sure. Good point, I’ll have to check on that.

  14. mmmm honeycriso! I could eat them everyday!
    I tried red quinoa and was thrown off a little by the color too. Go figure!

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