Santa And His Elves

Christmas Eve was a Saturday more hectic than usual.  Busy doesn’t describe it.  It was crazy, but fun!

We started at Weight Watchers. I gained a quarter pound, but I know it was because I had my fancy black jeans on rather than my weigh-in jeans.  It didn’t faze me.  I often talk about the wonderful loving support we all get at our WW meeting.  I haven’t told you about one special man.  His name is John and he’s one of Santa’s helpers.  We all just call him Santa and we’re all proud of him for his accomplishment of losing 83 pounds so far on the program.  He tells us this is the first time in his role as Santa’s helper that he’s had to pad his costume.

The meeting started as usual, but then we heard bells…

Santa with our Leader, Mary Lou.

Santa with Barb who has lost over 120 pounds.

With my good friend Darlene who is one of the receptionists.  We used to work together when I was still a leader.

With my friend, Pat who has lost over 80 pounds.

It was a great addition to our meeting.  When it was over, we headed for breakfast!  As expected, the diner was very busy.  It seems that after the WW meeting, I stopped taking pictures of people and was focused on the food!  I really was concerned about it and I think I was in rather good control.

The players at breakfast were Gail, Alice, Ralph, Gail’s brother Ray and Me.  I’m sad because we have a tradition of taking a photo of the three of us for Christmas but we didn’t do that.

Breakfast was my new usual, two scrambled eggs and cottage cheese.  I’m enjoying this combo.  I know that it starts me off with a good punch of protein and that’s what I’m looking for.  Service was slow, but it gave us all time to chat which we enjoyed.

Lunch with Bill, Alex and Patrick turned into lunch with them plus Ralph’s daughter Alice, her husband Chris and children River and Reid.  Bill had planned the surprise which Ralph appreciated because he doesn’t get to see Alice and her family very often.

Appetizers came in the form of mozzarella sticks.

All I ate was the half that’s missing in this photo.  Tasty, but my focus was control.

I started with a small Caesar salad.  Dressing on the side and I just dip the fork in the dressing, then pick up the salad.  Very good trick for not using much dressing when you don’t have the info to calculate.

My lunch was something called a Crazy California Wrap.

This was really delicious.  It said grilled eggplant and I was disappointed when it came breaded, but that was ok.  It also included avocado, mushrooms, spinach and a spicy chipotle sauce.  It was really good.  If I ever order it again, I’ll ask them to grill the eggplant without the breading.  The cole slaw and French fries stayed right where they were.  I was on a mission of control.

Our next stop was at my sister Ele’s house for the traditional Christmas Eve festivities.  The choice of goodies included cheese ball, cheese and crackers and carrots with dip.

Cookies, apple pie and Ele’s homemade cheesecake.

I did have some cheese and crackers (possibly a little more than my share…), some wassail-very yummy, cooking in the crock pot in the first photo (see…another use for the crock pot!!) and a piece of the cheese cake.  It was delicious!! 

And now for the Elf…our favorite Guest Star-Little Michael!

With his quilt that Aunt Carrie (that’s her smiling on the left) made for him.  Carrie is a real quilting machine.  Wait till you see what she made for Me!  That’s Ele on the right.

This is Michael in his Winter Classic hockey had that Ele got him.  He’s a big hockey fan and plays too.  Apparently the winter classic is one game a year that is played outside the way hockey used to be played.  He was Very happy with it…he looks so cute.

Ralph and I came home pretty darned tired after the long day.  We had just enough time to watch  part of 24 hours of  “A Christmas Story” on TBS.  I may put that on in a few minutes to watch some more. Late today we’ll be recreating the Chinese restaurant scene from the movie.  We had a Great Day and we have another one ahead of us.

Merry Christmas to you all!!!

14 responses to “Santa And His Elves

  1. Merry Christmas Fran! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  4. i fell asleep to “a christmas story” last night! hope to again tonight. merry x-mas fran!

  5. Merry Christmas for you and all your family.

  6. Fabulous photos Fran, especially of the mozzarella sticks. I used to go to Denny’s just for those! Those were the days…

    Happy Holidays my friend. Hope you had a great Christmas!

  7. Merry Christmas right back at you

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