Christmas And The Things That Count

Over the past few years, my view of Christmas has changed.  You’ve heard me in the last 2 weeks bemoaning the fact that  could not get into the spirit, I could not get anything done.  In a way I was paralyzed.  There are various reasons for my reaction. They’re not reasons that I need to discuss here.  I hope that as the years progress, my reaction to Christmas will be less troubling and more Joyful.  That’s all that I can hope for.

At the finish line, I was able to get back to the Joy of Christmas.  Surprising as it was to me and to Ralph, we were ale to get everything accomplished and ready for our Marathon on Christmas Eve. The dust had settled, I looked at the pile of gift bags and presents and…everything was finished.  When the pressure was removed, I was suddenly struck with the Joy I had been looking for.  I felt Christmas with me.

I wish I had documented Christmas Eve better.  We were with the people that we love all throughout the day.  Sharing food each time.  Funny how food always enters into it.  I saw my best friend Gail’s sister in law, Jackie yesterday.  During our trip to Maine, I had forwarded to her the link for BCDC so that she could follow our trip.  She was confused about the food photos.  She didn’t quite grasp the concept.  Finally after Gail explained it, she got it! 

But BCDC is not just a food blog.  It’s about life.  Funny though how even if I wasn’t trying to focus on food, it would still enter into the story.  It would still be in the photo, even if only in the back ground or on the table in front of the people we love.  So many times, it is food that brings us together and keeps us together.

Christmas can be viewed in different ways.  I tried to get creative on Christmas Eve, attempting a photo through a pair of 3-D glasses that turn the lights into snow flakes…

Was it totally successful? No, but it’s a cool photo.  Sometimes I think we try to view Christmas through the lense of our memory and as we grow older, the day doesn’t always measure up to what we remember. What we need to remember is the true gift of Christmas is the people that we love.

Santa will get here if we’re patient and he’ll bring with him the Joy of the season.

We just need to stick together until he gets here.

Happy Monday!  Happy Boxing Day!

8 responses to “Christmas And The Things That Count

  1. Agreed re food and glad with the stress removed the joy was there. Happy Holidays.

  2. I like the pictures (especially the 3-d one). I know mr. sc commented that I looked pretty miserable Friday night, as I was attempting to deal with wrapping presents and such. By Saturday, as I was baking cookies, I was in a more joyous mood…and by yesterday I felt happy! I think the “what do I need to do” factor does take away from things..but the effort is worth it!

  3. Hope you had a very nice Christmas! 🙂

  4. So glad that the Christmas joy found you at the end, have a great week!

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