Lunch With A View

We had two things foremost on our agenda for Monday.  Number one was just relaxing and coming down from the Holiday Hub Bub.  Actually in retrospect, when our holiday weekend happened, it was low-keyed, peaceful, not really hectic (although I thought it would be) and very enjoyable.  Two fun days filled with people we love.

Number two on our agenda was a special lunch to celebrated Gail’s retirement.  It was decided (by Alice because she didn’t want to hear us all saying..”Where shall we go?”) that we would go to the Riverwinds Restaurant.  The restaurant is beautiful and much more elegant than we’re used to.  Check their website and you’ll know what I mean.

We asked to sit in the back room because it is bright with huge windows forming two of the walls in the room.  We had this view for lunch…

The restaurant is located along the Delaware River giving us a beautiful view of Philadelphia.  That’s why we like this room so much.

Alice, Gail-the guest of honor and Margot.

Gail’s brother, Ray and Ralph.  Ralph is wearing his “oh, you’re taking my picture again” look on his face.  I just Love that!  Ralph was trying to teach Ray how to use a compass he got for Christmas.  The tutorial continued later on back at Gail’s house.

My lunch…4 cheese ravioli with a blush sauce.  It was from their lunch specials menu and it was delicious.  I had one roll with it so I thought I was doing very well with staying on track.

The whole group, photo taken by a passing waiter who offered.  The brightness of the room made photos a little washed out.  It’s either too much light or not enough.  Hard to win with this photography thing!

It was a lovely lunch and after that we went back to Gail’s where we enjoyed some time sitting around chatting about our upcoming trip to Florida while Ralph and Ray talked compasses in the kitchen. I believe there might have been a piece of cake eaten during that time. 

I am very focused on getting back on track between the holidays.  I know that next weekend will be a challenge again, but in the meantime…

Black beans which I soaked last night are now crocking away in the crock pot.  I find it so much easier to stay on track when I have them ready and waiting to become dinner!

Ralph had his leftover lunch waiting for his dinner so I decided something easy was in order.

Whole wheat pasta, canned cannelini beans and Ro Tell diced tomatoes with green chilies. What could be simpler.  While the pasta cooked, I combined the tomatoes with the beans and warmed them in the microwave in the container the beans had been stored in.  Didn’t want to dirty another pot.  Worked well.

Topped with parmesan cheese.  Very tasty, but I should have added a few more spices.  I probably also shouldn’t have had pasta twice in one day.  Then of course there was the cheese cake that was a gift from Bill and the Boys that I ate later.  Yikes.  Did someone say she was getting back on track.  Tuesday…yes…Tuesday I’m getting back on track…

The holidays are tricky when it comes to food, there’s no denying that.  At least I’m being mindful of what I’m eating, even if it may be more than I should be eating.  I am back on track.  No more extra goodies until after weigh in on Saturday.  Then New Year’s eve and New Year’s day and I’ll be all set to be a model Weight Watchers member.  I need to do that for myself.  Weight Watchers has given Lifetime Members a wonderful new tool to make that happen.  I’ll tell you about that this week.

So I’m off and I think the gym might even be in my future today…Scary isn’t it?! 😉

Happy Tuesday!!

16 responses to “Lunch With A View

  1. It this restaurant on the site of the old riverside amusement park? If this is the one, I’ve been there and I love the place. Happy New Year

    • No, Marie…that’s Riverview in Pennsville. I used to work for the people who own that when I was a travel agent. This is in West Deptford, part of the Riverwinds community. I love Riverview too. When I worked for them they would take us there for our Christmas party. Very nice. Happy New Year to you too dear!

  2. This is the toughest time (eating wise) for me. I give myself a free pass on the 24th, 25th and 26th, to eat whatever my pretty little heart desires. But then, I’m so off my healthy habits and I feel sluggish and I have demon sugar cravings and my house is still stuffed with the not-so-good stuff. So it’s definitely hard to get back on the wagon!

  3. Happy Tuesday to you and happy retirement to Gail! I know whereof you speak. I suddenly decided to take today off to recover from the holiday hubub, just because I could. And so far so good – ‘unplanned’ vacation days feel a lot like playing hooky (and since I suddenly wondered where THAT phrase comes from, I googled it (bless the Internet) and will now share: also hookey, in the truant sense, 1848, Amer.Eng. (New York City), from Du. hoekje “hide and seek;” or else from hook it, attested since 14c. as “make off, run away,” originally “depart, proceed.”)

  4. Our house is definitely full of temptations (cheesecake, cookies) that I’m giving into regularly. I’m still hitting the gym and getting in fruit and salads. I figure most of the year isn’t like this…so might as well enjoy!

  5. Both the view and the ravioli at that restaurant sound spectacular. Hmm, now I have a ravioli craving. And I love your quick and easy meal idea!

  6. The ravioli looks incredible. I love taking pics of people who don’t like their picture taken. It almost make me want to do it more!! Lol

  7. i’ve been playing with photo colors and brightness and all sorts of effects all night… i have to go to sleep now, though, because i stayed up way too late last night with it (my new christmas present).

    i have had a more unhealthy week than i even expected! and i was not expecting great things. so, at 9:00 tonight, i went to the grocery store and bought several heads of romaine lettuce and soy chicken patties. i’m determined to do something good for me this week! healthy lunches seemed like the best idea. 🙂 you can do it!

  8. I get the “you’re taking too many pictures” look too. My kids are so used to it now though that they just ham it up. Cheers to getting back on track, I am with you!

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