Can You Take A Day Off If You Don’t Work?

Well, Can you?  That’s what I did yesterday.  I stayed in all day and the only time I went out was to put the trash can to the curb.  It wasn’t pre-planned, it just happened that way.  It was so cold out, I didn’t know of anything that would have tempted me to go out!

In the continuing saga of my torn coat, I went to L.L. Bean’s website and had a virtual chat with a nice lady named Nancy.  Unfortunately, they don’t do repairs. ;-(  Also, she informed me that many people misinterpret their guarantee.  They would not replace something that old.  SO…with my Christmas money from Ralph I will be purchasing this.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t have the removable lining like mine, but it will be great anyway.  The Really good news is that my sister Ele thinks she can repair my old one.  I hate to give it up because it’s fine except for the tear on the sleeve, so I’m am generally quite happy! 🙂

Before I talk about food, I need to give 2 disclaimers.  I have not been the conscientious Weight Watcher member that I would lead you to believe this past week.  The week has been peppered with cheesecake.  However, last night I got myself under control and NO cheesecake passed my lips.  I think I’m back in control. I did eat light yesterday.  Fruit for breakfast and fruit with peanut butter for lunch.  No photos.

But, now to disclaimer number 2, which does include photos.  I have started to use Ralph’s camera in an effort to see if it will improve my food photos.  It was a gift from a friend and unfortunately did not come with instructions (at least, no instructions we can find at the moment.)  So I’m poking around at this with a stick.  I already see some mistakes I made last night which I hope to correct.  I’ll be going back and forth, using my camera when we’re out and Ralph’s at home.  We’ll see how it goes.  I’ve also increased the size of the photos on BCDC which I think I like.


Spinach, yellow squash, cabbage, garlic, cottage cheese, black beans.

I ended up using a second yellow squash.  I am officially out of veggies except for spinach.

A bit blurry…getting used to the camera.

D’oh!!  Forgot to turn on the flash…what a dud!  Sprinkled with parmesan cheese and sriracha sauce, this was really good and kept me full enough to stay away from anything snack-y other than a Tootsie Pop and a few pretzels that shouldn’t have been in the house… 😦

But something that did turn out well…sunrise photos…with Ralph’s camera…

Gnarly Tree is back for a guest appearance.  I almost missed this one because I wasn’t paying attention.  Sunrises make me happy.

So…tomorrow is New Year’s Eve!  This year has certainly moved quickly.  Guess I have to think about some kind of wrap up for tomorrow.  Weight Watchers might wrap me up and mail me to a place with no cheese cake.  I wish they would!  Whatever the result, I know I can get back on track and I plan to do it Very Quickly.

New Year’s Eve plans are still up in the air.  Not sure what we’re doing. It’s been a great year, no matter what.

Happy Friday!!

14 responses to “Can You Take A Day Off If You Don’t Work?

  1. Oh Fran, those sunset shots are gorgeous!!!! And the food shots are fun too. Yay for the new camera, and yay for the new year!!! All the best to you and your family for 2012 and beyond.

  2. Happy Friday! I know I often don’t like my food photos. It’s definitely an art form.
    Ah, that’s too bad about ll bean and the jacket!

  3. I like the bigger pictures. When I enlarged mine it rocked my world (blog). I hope Ele can fix your jackets. I am lucky that my mom can sew because I can’t.

  4. I like the big pics, too. And I like your soon-to-be new jacket! I brought home a barn coat of my dad’s that I wear from time to time.

    Enjoy your New Year’s Eve whatever the plans turn out to be (one great thing about living in the Midwest is that you can both watch the Times Square ball drop AND be asleep by 11 PM 🙂 )

  5. that veggie dinner looks delicious!!! and we JUST figured out new year’s eve plans, so you aren’t too behind the game. haha.

    what kind of camera are you playing with?

  6. You take the best pictures!! Have a Happy New Year

  7. looks like some great meals!

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