A Day At The Park

Our plan for Sunday was a trip to Fort DeSoto State Park for a picnic!

Started the day with what has become my typical breakfast since I’ve been in Florida…

Fiber One, frozen blueberries and milk.  Definitely a good start to the day!

Fort DeSoto was in service during the Spanish-American War.

The Big Guns.  Ralph’s grandfather served in the Spanish-American War and I took lots of photos for him. He’ll be excited to see them.

Pretty Trees!

A walk on the beach.

A black bean veggie burger cooked perfectly on the grill and salad, of course!

A feathered friend.

Feeding more feathered friends!

Shells on the Beach.

A Beautiful day…A Beautiful sky…

A Day At The Park!

Happy Monday!!


8 responses to “A Day At The Park

  1. Blueberries were really cheap at the market last week and I ate them all week, delicious! Fabulous way to spend a Sunday! Have a great Monday.

  2. OMG!! Fort DeSoto is where Jack and I camped when we were in Florida. It’s beautiful. Every morning we went to watch the dolphins. They would swim by the same time each day. Almost as if they knew that people were waiting for them. I have that exact photo of the “big guns”, too. Their mates are on Corregador. I could have stayed at that place forever. Glad you are having a good time.

  3. Roz@weightingfor50

    What a lovely park Fran. This post has me longing for spring weather and picnic season again! We have to wait a while longer…but oh well. Have a WONDERFUL day, sounds like you are having a great time!!!

  4. What a wonderful day. The park looks beautigul. I’m sorry you missed the ice and snow-ha.

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