Flora And Fauna

Our plan for Monday was a trip to the Florida Botanical Gardens.  Our visit there last week was rained out.



Staghorn ferns.

Water lilies.


Here comes the Sun!

The Big Giant Head!

Almost everywhere we went there were tiny lizards…

It was such a beautiful place!  I took so many photos that I will have to spread these out as I will be doing with my Zoo photos.  It’ll be nice to have some warm weather photos to show when I get back to New Jersey!

Lots of Mosaics!

It was a beautiful visit on a beautiful day.  After being rained out last week, I’m glad we had the chance to go back.

Happy Tuesday!


4 responses to “Flora And Fauna

  1. That Kale is gorgeous! I have a box in my backyard and I need to have my mom come over and show me what to do, I do not have a green thumb, but I so enjoy the fresh food from a garden. Wish me luck.

  2. I remember those tiny lizards from my last trip to Florida! They were everywhere!

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