Where Do I Start?

The Girls got me to the Tampa Airport nice and early on Wednesday morning.  I had plenty of time to get through security and get settled at the gate to wait for my 12:20pm flight.  I’d rather be there early and wait at the gate and not be nervous that I might not make a flight.  I’d also rather that the Girls be able to get off to start their day rather than worrying about getting me there.  It worked great.

I was flying Southwest which is my preferred carrier lately.  They just overall do a great job and their staff is always pleasant.  I was a bit concerned about seating.  I much prefer an aisle seat and with most travelers doing carry on luggage, I’m always concerned about a spot for my bag.  You can only arrange your seat 24 hours prior and then you only have a spot in line.  I like to get in the “A” group, the first group of passengers to board.  Because we had been out all day and my personal travel arranger, Alice wasn’t able to do my request until later in the day, I was only able to get “B-29” as my spot in line.  Thanks, Alice for your help with that!

I waited patiently, but nervously.  As I was boarding the plane, I was trying to look ahead to see what might be available.  Big as life there was an open aisle seat AND a big spot right over it with an open spot for my bag.  I was seated next to an elderly couple.  I asked if the seat was taken and they said “No.”  I said “Oh, you were saving it for me.”  They both smiled and chuckled.  I love it when someone gets my sense of humor! It was only a few minutes later I looked up and realized I was in row 9.  I couldn’t believe that I got exactly what I needed so far forward in the plane.  

I chatted a bit with the couple during the flight but mostly I read and relaxed.  It was a wonderfully uneventful flight.  Again, my kind of flight.  We even got in about 15 minutes early which caused us to have to sit on the runway while another plane left the gate where we were assigned.  I called Ralph as soon as phone use was allowed again and by the time I was walking to the doors to leave the terminal, he was calling me to say he was out front.  Great timing all around! 🙂

I was very hungry and Ralph suggested we stop for something to eat.  I didn’t want to sit around anywhere other than at home with him.  We stopped at our favorite, Picasso’s  for my favorite sandwich…

A pepper and egg sandwich!  Nothing could have tasted better at that point.

Now to get myself back to real life and getting things done around the house and in my life in general.  The one thing from my list of things to do this year that I have actually accomplished is reading. I read 3 books while I was away.  I’m proud of myself for that.  I’m going to try to keep it up.  My plan…Turn off the TV and Read!  We’ll see how I do.

I need to focus on everything we need to do with packing and getting ready for our move.  Even though we don’t have a set date, I feel that the sooner I have things in order, the sooner that can be accomplished.  We’ll see how I do!

For today, however, there arevisits to the grocery store and produce market in my future.  I feel that Gail, Alice, Margot and I got off to a great start with Weight Watchers during the 2 weeks I was in Florida.  We all were encouraging each other and that is a big help.  I feel I’ve had a good week and I look forward to getting back to my regular meeting on Saturday.  I have to keep up the momentum.  I want to get back to my personal goal, which I had reached in the summer.  The holidays got the better of me a bit but I’m feeling strong and back on track.

I saw this sign at the Florida Botanical Gardens earlier in the week.  I love it.  I’m off to make my plate look like a box of crayons!!

Happy Thursday!


10 responses to “Where Do I Start?

  1. Good luck with your WW journey! You can do it. 🙂
    [And I love meeting happy strangers on planes…especially when they also give me some “space” to just relax..]

  2. Glad you had uneventful travels. I am a big fan of the rainbow diet, too. It isn’t always easy to eat enough produce, but by challenging yourself to eat every color of the rainbow in produce daily you can stay healthy.

  3. That sandwich looks good! I’m trying to read more as well. I’ve been reading on my commute for work and for a bit before I go to bed. It’s so much better than the TV!

  4. Weighting For 50

    Glad you made it home safe and sound Fran!!!!!

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