Sunday In Slo Mo

Sunday seemed like a very long day to me and not in a bad way.  In a way it was slow and easy and very enjoyable.  It just seemed to go on forever.  I tried to make the most of it.

Our only real plan was dinner at my sister Ele’s house with her wonderful in-laws Bill and Judy.  We’ve known them for so long that they are part of our family.  We don’t get together often enough, but we’re trying to rectify that situation.  Ralph and Bill always have such a good time talking about history and Civil War matters.  It’s fun to watch them together.

But first, of course as always I had to make my salad, which necessitated a trip to the produce market for more romaine lettuce.  I also made a stop at Walmart for a few items, since it was on the way.  I realized I had no dried beans and they are an integral part of staying on track.  I picked up black beans and garbanzo beans.  I WILL be making hummus this week!  There I’ve committed to all of you so I have to do it!  😉

Dinner was quesadillas which of course is OK by me!  Ele makes them in her Panini maker and they worked out great.  I finally broke the news to Ralph that I have a quesadilla maker (Gotten at Goodwill for $5 of course!) and there are more quesadillas in his future.  He was not unhappy!

Mine had black beans, corn, cheese, onions and pickled jalepenos…so tasty!  Salsa and sour cream completed the plate.  I was proud of myself…Ele offered to make me another but I said No Thank You.

I didn’t say No Thank You to seconds on the salad, in fact this is my second dish.  I ate a whole bowl of it before I started on the quesadilla.  That helped to fill me and make one quesadilla just right.

Maybe I should have said No Thank You to this…

Homemade cake and tea.  Very tasty, but that was all even though there were also brownies available.  I was very proud of myself.

We talked and talked until I was half asleep. 

Ele, Judy, Ralph and Bill seated in the front.

Ralph Out…Me In!

We had a great time and we’ve already set the date for our next get together.  Soon!

Happy Monday!

8 responses to “Sunday In Slo Mo

  1. Good Morning Honey.Glad you enjoyed your trip to Florida.I feel like I’m living in Paradis.Just love it.So much to do because the weather is so nice a majority of the time.I wanted to ask you to include you recipe for Hummus when you post this week.Thanks…Hugs Bettysue

  2. I love nights talking to family so late you’re falling asleep. That usually only happens during the holidays which is good because I need my beauty sleep.

  3. One can never say no thank you to homemade cake. And a quesadilla maker? There is such a thing? What a fabulous invention!

  4. What a great way to spend a Sunday, and I agree with Ameena, you can never say no to homemade cake.

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