Trying And Succeeding

I’m really trying to get my mind focused on staying on track.  Why is it harder sometimes than others?  I guess it just is.

Sunday was a good day for me. I was able to keep myself on track and make good choices overall.  The one real treat ( and I mean REAL treat), was added in to my Points and I felt in control of it.

My project for the day, though undocumented by photos, was to cook a roast for Ralph in the crock pot.  I had mentioned that I bought a prepackaged roast at Aldi that came complete with potatoes, vegetables and seasoning packet.

It worked great.  It needed to cook a little longer than it said on the package, but I alway say you have to experiment with a crock pot.  Every one seems to work differently.  Ralph was thrilled with his roast and he has half left over for another meal.

After getting the roast in the crock pot, I made breakfast for us.  A regular egg sandwich for Ralph and for me, an egg wrap.

Two eggs cooked up in a little skillet with just spray oil, salt and pepper.  I used one of the Ole’ wraps.  These are great and only count for 2 Points on Weight Watchers.

Looks a little pale, but I added a slice of American cheese and some sriracha sauce and yum yum. I’d never tried sriracha on eggs before but I will again!

I spent most of my day with this…

Catching Fire (Hunger Games Series #2)

Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins.  It’s the second book in the Hunger Games trilogy and as I had hoped it’s as good as the first book.  I’m speeding through it.  It’s very exciting so for.  Hopefully I’ll be finished by the weekend and I can start the third book.  Join me over on Goodreads to see what I’m reading and share what you’re reading.  Just click on the Goodreads button on the right side of BCDC.

Dinnertime came and Ralph was all set with his crock pot roast, I had to think of something for myself.

The potato went into the microwave to be cooked.  Unfortunately I cooked it too long and it got hard, but I ate it anyway as the basis for my veggie concoction.

A tablespoon of olive oil, garlic, onion, yellow squash, green bell pepper and tomatoes all sautéed up, and spiced up with various things which I actually forget at the moment!  I should pay more attention to what I’m pulling out of the spice cabinet! 😉

This is how it turned out.  Really tasty and filling topped with shredded cheese made with 2 % milk and as always, sriracha sauce!

I didn’t take a photo of the pastry I ate, not because I was ashamed, I just forgot.  I was brave enough to photograph what I ate yesterday, so I’m not trying to fool you.

So on to a new day.  I’m going to try to get some exercise in today.  I’m ready!  Then I have to get back to Catching Fire!! 😉

Happy Monday!!

12 responses to “Trying And Succeeding

  1. How was book one of the Hunger Games? I love my crock pot but I lost the cook book that came with it, so I only make roasts.

    • I loved the Hunger Games and I’m really enjoying Catching Fire so far. You can look up lots of crock pot recipes on line. On facebook there’s one called Fix it and Forget it. Make friends with them and you’ll find lots of stuff on there. I just took black beans out of the crock pot. It’s so cheap and they taste better. Great for soups or stir fries or salads.

  2. I finished Hunger Games months ago and have the 2nd one on my shelf but haven’t started it because I am in the middle of a different book, but now I want to.

    I also used my crock pot yesterday. I love meat cooked in it. It always turns out so tender.

    • Ralph was thrilled with it! Now that I’m feeling a little more comfortable cooking meat in there, I think it will be my new best friend! I was lucky enough to borrow them from a young friend of mine. She’s finishing the last one Mockingjay and I hope to have that by the weekend. Get on it, Girlie!!

  3. The weekends are really SO much harder than weekdays. I actually consider Monday a total detox day for me and for my 6-year-old!

    I’m reading Catching Fire right now too. Love it so far.

  4. It sounds like you’re doing well with staying on track. It is a struggle sometimes, but you’ve been maintaining so long that I’m confident that you know what you’re doing. Onwards and upwards for next week!

  5. YAY! I love when experiments turn out well 🙂

  6. I always love your veggie meals, they seem so quick, simple and still tasty. And so glad you’re getting into the Hunger Games! I loved the first book and was okay with the second two–excited to see how the movie comes out.

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