What Headache?!

Ok, I’m a big girl and I’ve heard in the past that caffeine withdrawal can leave you with a bad headache.  However, I would have thought that it would take more than one day for it to show up.  Thursday, as soon as I got some coffee into my system, the headache was gone and I was quickly feeling better.  I have periodically thought about giving up coffee, now I’m not too sure.  At least not this week… 😉

Ralph and I decided we felt like getting out for lunch.  We decided to go to In A Pickle.  This is such a fun little restaurant.  It’s small but they have quite a large menu.

I usually go with a salad but I felt the need for something more substantial this time.

I ordered the tomato and mozzarella panini.  It came with a small bag of chips but of course, I passed on them and Ralph got to enjoy them.  As always, we stocked up on the bread and butter pickles from the pickle bar.  It’s so great that you can go up, choose your pickles and get refills if you’re interested.  I’ve had this panini before and it’s very good.  I’m always amazed and pleased by the fact that it is not in the least bit greasy.  It’s really tasty too.

Ralph had their soup of the day which was cream of tomato with crab and said it was delicious.  I again voiced my disappointment to them that their soups are always made with chicken stock rather than vegetable stock and being vegetarian, I can’t eat them.  I figure if I mention it every time I go in, maybe I’ll wear them down.  Maybe I should volunteer to come in and make them some soups with veggie broth so they’ll know they’re just as tasty!  That might be fun…It would certainly be an interesting post for BCDC!! 😉

As always, Ralph did some art work for the ladies who work there.

The art work is always “pickle” themed and they have them all hanging on their bulletin board. Yes…that says Peter Cotton Pickle.  I take no responsibility for his crazy sense of humor!

Lucky for me, dinner was partially made for me.

Ralph had stopped at WaWa and picked up a garden salad for me.  These salads are really pretty good.  They even have the chick peas and egg to add some protein!

I added a red bell pepper, home-made black beans and shredded 2% cheese to the mix.  I really need a trip to the produce market, because I would have added more, but that’s all I had!  It was great though and quick because it was half way made!

Today’s agenda includes dinner with some of the wonderful ladies I used to work with.  We’ll be going to Olive Garden and I need to go on-line to look up the directions and the Points values of some of their entrees.  Heaven only knows what kind of effect this will have on tomorrow’s weigh in.  I’ll do my best!

Happy Friday!!

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10 responses to “What Headache?!

  1. Headaches are the worst! If you still need a hot drink in the morning I highly recommend Pero. It is a natural milled barley drink and I love it.

  2. I tried going without coffee and after a few days, I went right back, and there are more studies pointing out the benefits of coffee.

  3. That picture of the Peter Cotton Pickle brought a tear to my eye – it looks exactly like something my Dad would have drawn! He was an artist too – and passed away too young. 😦


    I love pickles – have never been to a place that had a pickle bar!!

    • Hi Biz! Sorry to hear about your Dad. My Dad also died too young. I’m glad you like the drawing though. Ralph has a real gift for that kind of thing and I like to share his work. Thanks for stopping by, please visit often!

  4. Haha – I love that drawing – Ralph is very talented. It’s a shame that they use chicken stock, because there’s no need really.

  5. I always love Ralph’s drawings! That one is too cute–while also being a little creepy. And I like the sound of a restaurant with a pickle bar, because pickles are amazing–I don’t understand how some people don’t like them!

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