Good Deal Saturday

Ok,  so maybe it wasn’t such a good deal at Weight Watchers…:-(  Hopped happily on the scale feeling positive as always for a good result…I gained 3/4 of a pound or .8 in WW terms.  When I was still working for WW I had a hard time when we went from calculating member’s weights in fractions to .2, .4, .6, .8.  I had to use a calculator anyway to figure it all…that’s right, I am Not a Math Whiz.

It cracks me up how my friends at WW determine what’s good about their loss or gain.  Both .4 and .6 are one half pound by WW reckoning.  If my friend Debbie gains .4 it’s a low half pound, if she gains .6 it’s a high half pound.  However if she loses either of those amounts…it a half pound!!  I think that all of us who are trying to lose or maintain our weight can drive ourselves a little crazy with this stuff.

I believe I know what caused my gain.  I said I thought I had my night-time snacking under control.  I’ve been snacking on saltines Way Too Often.  I have to get out of that and I think I will see a positive result.  My fingers are crossed!

On to the deals!  I had mentioned how I was seriously enjoying the Shoprite brand Greek yogurt and that it compared well to Chobani.  When I went there Saturday both Chobani and the store brand were on sale 10 for $10.  Guess which I bought?!

Same price, Bigger savings, right?!  I was excited.  Good thing is that it seems to last in the fridge.  If I had more room in the fridge, I might have doubled it.  I’m excited.  I also got the Chobani because it has plain yogurt in the small container and I’ve been wanting to experiment with yogurt in my home-made dressing.  Yay!!

I also made a stop at Dollar General.  What did I find??

Now here’s the deal…On the shelf with the regular canned goods, these were $1 each.  I decided that I use them enough that it was worth it and picked up a couple.  I then found their Last Chance shelf where they have things reduced.  Found them there for 50 cents each!! Very exciting.  I love that store!

I must confess that after this I got sucked into going to Goodwill.  I had a few things to drop off, things I didn’t want to save for my yard sale…more on that soon…I bet no one had to sprain their brain to figure out what I bought…

 Ok, I can’t stop myself…they’re only 49 cents for the paperbacks and 99 cents for the hard back, AND I’ve already read 18 books this year, not like I’m wasting the money! AND I can sell the ones I don’t want to keep at my yard sale!  I’ve never read Neil Gaiman.  I got another of his a week or so ago at Goodwill.  They sound interesting and I think I’ve heard some other people talk about him.  Has anyone read him?  I’d be interested in your opinion since I’ve invested a whopping $1.48 in him! 😉

I found this on Book Riot and I think it accurately and painfully describes me…

Sad but true.  Not really!

So, not sure what the day will hold.  It looks like yesterday’s dreary has come to visit again today. Blah, Blah, Blah.  Guess I’ll just have to get some reading done…  😉

Happy Sunday!

6 responses to “Good Deal Saturday

  1. I really don’t understand the scale sometimes Fran. Hopefully, it pays you back next week! Lol!

  2. i’m loving the greek yogurts! i think i bought 6 of them yesterday. so good! they help me stay on track with eating healthy. i’ve been having them in overnight oats with almond milk and chia seeds. 🙂

  3. Weighting For 50

    Hi Fran. WOW…that is quite the score on the yogurt!!!!! Yay for goodwill books. I LOVE thrift store books….not much of an investment, then just give ’em back or pass them on to friends. Hope your week goes well.

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