Thrifty Splurge

There has always been something of an unwriten rule, or perhaps more of a tradition for Weight Watchers members regarding the day you weigh in.  Ok, so I weighed in and I got whatever result I got from the scale so now I can be a little   F-L-E-X-I-B-L-E… In years past, I used to really allow myself to get carried away.  Back when I was still eating chips or wasn’t actually following the Program very faithfully, I could do lots of damage! 😉  I try to be a bit more restrained now, but I can enjoy myself nonetheless.

Ralph and I are trying to stay on somewhat of a budget lately.  We’re not going out to eat nearly as often as we used to and we try to go places that are more reasonably priced.  He asked me where I wanted to eat and I said The Gateway Diner.  They have something there that I love and if I was splurging, I wanted the Veggie Gyro.

It starts you out with a small Greek Salad.  Of course, I requested dressing on the side.

I’m not sure if it was just because I was really hungry, but this was the best Greek salad I’ve had in a long time.  Could be because they use Romaine lettuce rather than iceberg.  That’s always a winner for me.

The gyro itself comes with a side of fries or potato salad and tzatziki sauce.  I picked the potato salad, but I only ate a few bites of it.  Very tasty.

Oh, yes, coleslaw and a pickle too. The stuffing of the Gyro is mushrooms, lettuce,spinach, onions, peppers, tomatoes and cheese.

Closeup!  It does tend to be a little (very) messy.  It comes wrapped in the paper you see in the first photo.  I’ve always thought I should ask the server if I could have some aluminum foil to wrap it in order to make it easier to eat.  I did that this time and it was so much easier.  Still delicious and worth every bit of the $6.49 that they charge you!  The pita that wraps it is fluffy and tasty.  It’s really my favorite thing on their menu.

Since it was Saturday and since I’d been thinking about this for Weeks and hadn’t acted on my desire I suggested a treat to Ralph.  Big Spenders…uh…Thrifty People that we are I suggested we go to McDonald’s for ice cream.

I got the plain vanilla cone, Ralph got the hot fudge sundae.  There may or may not have been yummy oatmeal raisin cookies in that little McD’s bag. 😉  Their ice cream is so good and the cone only counts for 4 Points on Weight Watchers so it’s not that I wasn’t paying attention.  The cost…$1 each!  Excellent!

That was our Saturday Splurge!  Any vegetarians in the area really need to try the Veggie Gyro at Gateway Diner.  It is the best.

Not sure what Monday will hold.  I’ve got a few projects in mind and I’ve been finding if I think small, I can get more done than I expect, because one project always seems to lead me into another.  I just have to get myself started!

Happy Monday!

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10 responses to “Thrifty Splurge

  1. I’ve never had a gyro, but it looks absolutely delicious! And McDonalds cones are one of the best deals around as far as getting ice cream out. I think I’ve taken the kids to Coldstone twice, both times with a coupon and still too pricey.

  2. That gyro DOES look good! None of my favorite Greek places here offer veggie gyros, I didn’t even know it was an option! I always go for falafel–yummm. And yeah, I’m all about romaine over iceberg. Romaine just tastes so fresh and has that great crunch.

  3. I love greek salad and that one looks so delicious, now it’s going to be on my mind until I get one. The gyro looks really yummy too, and tzatziki sauce, oh love that too!! I am seeing greek in the near future!

  4. Oh. I LOVE McDonald’s ice cream. So worth it. And love that it’s $1!!!

  5. Diner meals are the best aren’t they? And they are usually happy to make substitutions, which is awesome.
    My husband loves the hot fudge sundae at MickeyD’s too. Sometimes we’ll stop there just so he can get the fries and the ice cream!

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