The Celebrations Continue

Today is our planned day off from Blogging A to Z.  I’ll be back with the letter N tomorrow!

For today I want to share some of the continuing celebrations for Ralph’s birthday.

It all started last Saturday with the duel birthday for Ralph and Jim which was great fun.

Friday, Ralph’s sisters, their husbands and two of his cousins took us out for Ralph’s Birthday.  Their favorite choice is Adelphia in Deptford.  I must say that the staff there is wonderful and our waiter this day was especially attentive and fun.

Happy Birthday Balloons!

I’ve learned that my best choice at Adelphia is their Greek salad.  I asked for a grilled Portobello mushroom on it and that really added to my enjoyment.

Their dressing is very light and delicious.  I have to remember to ask for them to leave off the anchovies.  I always forget.  Regardless it was very tasty and after removing the anchovies I finished every drop!  I even got compliments on that!

Our waiter, Moe had some fun with the candles we brought and reversed the numbers.  Interesting, todays’ cake was brown and blue and so was the one last Saturday!

Ralph and Me!

Ralph with his sisters Kathy and Maddie.

And with his cousins Lynn (who gave me her cheesecake recipe!!) and Kathie.

My slightly mutilated slice of cake.  Not too sweet, but very chocolate-y.  We always bring our cakes with us.  I can’t remember where this came from but it was tasty!

It was a lovely afternoon and we all enjoyed ourselves.  The folks at Adelphia couldn’t have been nicer!  More Birthday celebrations to come soon!

I have to share a pretty shot of the azaleas in my front yard.

Today is actually Ralph’s birthday.  We’re off to celebrate again today!

Happy Sunday!  Happy Birthday, Ralph!

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12 responses to “The Celebrations Continue

  1. Looks like a lovely time–and the azaleas are gorgeous!

  2. Happy birthday to Ralph and Jim! That looks like a great party and oh, that cake 😉
    It’s weird; I used to live near somewhere called Deptford but as it’s a really run-down horrible part of south London, I’m guessing this wasn’t the same place…!

  3. Happy Birthday to Ralph and Jim… what a fun time you guys all had 🙂 And that cake, yum… seriously those kinds of cakes are the BEST, the frosting is always extra sugary 🙂

  4. Wow…that cake looks good to me…and I just got back from a weekend in Cape May where all I did was eat…and I should not want to eat anything but vegetables for the next week. But, that cake looks yummy!

  5. happy birthday to ralph!
    multiday celebratons are the best!!

  6. Happy birthday to Ralph! And I love the idea of adding grilled portabello to a greek salad, that would be a tasty combo!

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