N is for Nephew

In the Blogging A to Z Challenge today the letter is N.  The word is Nephew.

This is the story of Michael.  Michael is my great-nephew but it’s just easier for me to call him my nephew.  Regardless of the word you want to use…he’s Mine.

I can’t put my fingers on any tiny baby pictures of him at the moment.  Suffice it to say that on the day he was born when visiting the hospital, Uncle Ralph was going up and down the hall calling strangers into the room for them to see the most beautiful baby ever born.  Ok, so I guess he’s Ralph’s too!

This is chubby little Michael at about 2 I would guess in the traditional Christmas picture.  Too cute.

In spite of everything, he’s always cheerful.

He’s about to throw a ball here, but he’s really more into hockey these days.  He plays on a team and is very talented.  Not that I understand anything when he plays.

He’s 9 years old now and he can be a bit of a teaser as in this photo!

He made an appearance on my very first post on BCDC…

Still one of my favorite photos.

He is smart and sensitive and talented and kind-hearted.  He is the best thing that has happened to our family in a long time.

Michael with his beautiful mother, Mary.  We don’t have her any longer, but we have him and it is truly scary how much like her he is.  He is the best.

If I could have chosen a Nephew, I couldn’t have  chosen better.  I love it when he guest stars on BCDC and so does he.  We don’t see him as much as we used to, but I try to include him whenever I can.  He is simply the best.

Happy Monday!!  “O”, I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow?!

22 responses to “N is for Nephew

  1. simply perfect, Fran.

  2. fran, your love for michael comes through so clearly in this post. thanks for sharing about your special (grand)nephew. i am loving his sweater in that very first 2 year old photo, and yes, that is a truly wonderful picture of you and michael together.
    hey- an a-z challenge featuring family as a central theme would be cool!! i bet you could do it!!!

  3. Aww this is so nice… what a cutey he is and it’s lovely that you two are so close!

  4. So sweet 🙂

  5. Yes I remember him making an appearance. So sad that his mother died, would love to hear more of his story if you want to open up.

    Loving your a-z posts. Have a fabulous Monday.

  6. He is adorable…and is super lucky to have someone like you in his life.

    Happy Monday Fran…hope this week is a great one for you.

  7. Too cute! I have an awesome great-aunt that I just refer to as “aunt”–it definitely is easier than trying to get all specific with the connections and correct titles.

  8. Your nephew is adorable. What a beautiful post!

  9. Aww…nephews are awesome. And so is being an auntie!

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