V is for Vegetarian and WIAW

The letter for the day with the Blogging A to Z Challenge is V.  It’s also What I Ate Wednesday hostessed by the lovely Jenn over at Peas & Crayons, and for the month of April we’re all adding veggies to our meals.  Be sure to travel over to the B/A-Z website to view some other bloggers and to P&C to drool over some good food.  Here…you’ll get the combo platter! Time for a veggie badge!

Peas and Crayons

Those of you who read BCDC regularly know that I am a vegetarian and have been for about 22 years.  I can’t remember exactly when it happened but that’s a decent approximation.  I did it after joining Weight Watchers 25 years ago, but that’s a story for another letter.

I’m not the kind of person to beat other people over the head about it.  I did it for health reasons and I think that overall, I’ve been proven right in that aspect.  I’m pretty healthy and take no medications.  As my friend from college, Valerie likes to say, I’m not an annoying vegetarian.  Although I’m happy to share my knowledge with you, I won’t try to reform you.

One of the tricky things about being vegetarian though, is that it’s not always easy to get food prepared the way I want it in certain restaurants.  This past weekend I had a very good experience.

We were heading out to celebrate our friend Judy’s birthday.  Her choice was Don Pablo’s. I hadn’t been there for a long time and didn’t really remember what their choices were like.  Mexican food is sometimes easy for me but sometimes not.  This worked out well.

We started with tasty cheese quesadilla for appetizer.  Can’t go wrong there!

Lots of chips for the others but of course, No Chips For Me!

They offered fajitas which is usually a good choice but I noticed they also had a fajita salad.  The regular fajitas had Portobello mushroom as an option but the salad did not.  I asked our server if I could combine it and she was happy to do that for me.  I was SO pleased with what they served me…

So many mushrooms!  Yum!!

All mixed together with the honey lime dressing…I’ve got to try to re-create this dressing…So Good!  It was a wonderful dinner and I couldn’t have been more happy with Don Pablo’s!  We were seated quickly, our server was very friendly and helpful and I got what I wanted!  Who can ask for more than that!

It was cold and rainy outside, but inside Don Pablo’s, we had a great time!

Consider making more vegetarian choices when you go out to eat and when you prepare your foods at home.  I don’t think anyone would have been disappointed with this dinner and it’s just good for you.  But don’t worry, I won’t be too annoying about it!

Remember to head over to the Blogging A to Z Challenge  and to Peas & Crayons to see what’s going on for WIAW.  Read some, comment some and have a Very Veggie Day!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

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26 responses to “V is for Vegetarian and WIAW

  1. wow, you have been a vegetarian for a long time, fran! very cool, i don’t think i realized that fact. that is great that this way of eating is working for you and you are med-free and enjoying yourself!
    i love mushrooms, too – so glad you had such a good outing to the restaurant on every level: the food, the service, the company.
    see you tomorrow for W!

  2. I’ve never been there, but after this post, I would like to try the place

  3. I think its so much better to be a ‘non annoying veggie’ – much better way to show people how good a veggie diet is rather than bashing them about their meat eating!

  4. I love how Raph always complains that you should tell the server that you are a vegetarian. But I tried to explain to him that not only are you not an annoying vegetarian you are also a polite vegetarian…And that is not a religious sect are Ralphie seems to think! But you could have mentioned that you sister was intending to have the burger until she saw the veggie fajita and even the meatasaurs were looking at it longingly!

  5. Because of my religion I actually eat as a vegan for 80 days of the year because of that I have a very open mind about veggie options and appreciate and cook vegetarian food!

  6. I’m a veggie to and love it. The carnivores of the world do make it a little tricky though. I enjoyed your U day as well. I have trouble tossing my holey undies as well! Just became a follower. I like your writing.

  7. Veggie fajitas are my favorite thing to get at Mexican restaurants! They’re so easily veganizable, if not already, plus YUM, I love when they come with portobellas!

  8. Holy moly, please tell me your secret for keeping your hands outta the chip basket…because I have NO restraint when it comes to chips & salsa!!

  9. !!!! I love don pablo’s. I hadn’t ever been there, but I discovered it a month or so ago with EP. it is stupendous. we end up eating too much and not feeling great, but the chips probably contribute to that.

    guess what MY favorite is?? the fajita salad. haha. I asked for it without chicken, and the waitress offered beans. so I get it with a big skillet of grilled veggies, a side of refried beans, and salsa as my dressing. 🙂 nom.

  10. That salad looks great. I eat vegetarian most of the time. I stopped eating red meat when I was on weight watchers more than 20 years ago! I’ve never missed it.

    • Hey, Zo! I truly believe that I am healthier than I would be if I didn’t eat this way, and I really don’t miss meat, except maybe Italian sausage and lebanon bologna and maybe liverwurst…How WEIRD!!

  11. I just ate, but I’m so hungry right now! Mexican food is my favorite.

  12. Jamie @ Thrifty Veggie Mama

    I haven’t been to Don Pablos in so long! I used to love that place.

  13. OMG, I miss Don Pablos so much. We used to have one in the next burb over. That one closed, and now the closest one is a good 45 minutes away across the Cities. Grrrr.

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