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Q Is For Question, Maybe?

I am participating in the Blogging A to Z Challenge and I’m enjoying it.  However I’m learning my limitations.  I admit I’m not perfect.  So the Q today is for Question.  And the question is…What The Heck Happened To “Q” Yesterday?!?!  The answer is…I Don’t Know!  I’ll allow my excuse to be the fact that I was so excited about getting to R for Ralph that I jumped the gun, you should excuse the expression.

Anyway, I’m here today with Q and not totally sure where to go with it.  Since I got to read other A to Z bloggers posts yesterday, I must share one thing with you from my new-found friend Jayne over at Ach du Lieber, Jayne!  New found friend thanks to the A to Z Challenge!  She’s been having fun with words, a Lot of fun.  After realizing my alphabetical faux pas, I was reading her post and found a word that perfectly described me.

Quasidodo       [kwaz-ee-doh-doh] Noun 1.  Someone who resembles an idiot, but may or may not actually be one. “Doug’s ridiculous antics and chronic stupidity made Sheila’s uncle wonder why she would be interested in such a quasidodo, when she could have her pick of (complete dodos) successful men in town. ”

After telling Ralph about my mistake and Jayne’s word, we of course spent the day saying we were “quasidodos” and smacking our foreheads with our palms.  Thanks, Jayne for keeping the old people amused! 😉

But I do have Questions.

1. Why do I have all of this stuff in my house?  I spent yesterday working dutifully on my Kickstart.  Part of my “stuff” is actually someone else’s stuff which I inherited.  Within that stuff is stuff I really need to send to other people so it can be Their stuff.  I got 3 sets of stuff gathered together to be mailed out.  Just have to get the envelopes and get them to the Post Office.  Good for Me!

2. Why did opening one box give me so much extra work?  There was an even bigger project awaiting me in that box.  It contained many, many photos that I’m now having to sort.  The alumni from the college I attended (Glassboro State College, now Rowan University) is putting together photos from productions (I was a theatre major) we had done.  I found a treasure trove among my souvenirs.  I’ve come up with a fairly clever way of handling them.  I’ll post photos when I’m finished.

3. Do I really have to Keep all of this other stuff that wasn’t mine?  This is a frustrating and sometimes heart breaking decision.  I can’t keep everything so what do I keep?  That’s why this box has been sitting here so long.  To add to the frustration there are quite a few more boxes like this at my sister Ele’s house with all of the boxes that came from my old storage unit. Heavy Sigh.  I’ll have to figure it out.

4. Where’s Harry Potter when I need him?  Sweet little Harry could just wave his magic wand and all of this would be taken care of.  Or even Mrs. Weasley…SHE’D  know what to do.  She’d have this place whipped into shape in no time.  I need a magic wand or a Mrs. Weasley.  Anyone have one I can borrow?

5. What happened to the letter “Q’?  I still have a lot of questions and haven’t answered that one!  Maybe I need to ask questions more often here at BCDC.  Maybe I’d come up with some answers!

I’ll be back on track tomorrow!  “S”omething good will happen!

Happy Friday!  Quasidodo signing off!!



R is for Ralph

The Blogging A to Z Challenge today is brought to you by the letter R.

I didn’t have to think long or hard to decide what would be my subject for the letter R.  I’ve been using a lot of the letters in the Challenge to talk about family members.  So you know that R needs to stand for Ralph.

Those of you who have been reading BCDC for a while know that Ralph is my wonderful husband of almost 12 years.  He’s been in my life for almost 21 years.  We’ve been through a lot together and intend to keep going.  One of the first evenings Ralph and I spent together talking and getting to know each other, he told me that he wanted to spend our 50th anniversary together.  He doesn’t remember that of course.  It could happen.  Why do you think I eat all of this healthy food?! 😉

I’ll start with little Ralph.  He was known as Micky to his family back then.  But don’t tell him I told you that!  Isn’t he Cute?!

The comment on the back of this photo, carefully written by his Mom says that he is 6 years old.  Hard to think of a cuter child.  His grandson Patrick looks so much like him back then.

Thought I’d give you all a few laughs with some of these photos.

This is us, early 90’s at the wedding of our friends Karin and Charlie.

This is us, Thanksgiving 1993.  How do I know that?  Not because I was smart enough to write it on the back of the photo.  While going through boxes, my sister Ele recently found a video from that Thanksgiving and in the video you can actually see this photo being taken.  It’s actually a little spooky.  This is one of my favorite photos of us.

I haven’t really said that much about Ralph.  I don’t really know where to start.  He is a kind, considerate, caring man.  In the years I have known him, he has been so good to me and my Family in ways I can’t even begin to recount.

This is us the day we got married…October 1, 2000. You can read all about it here.   Suffice it to say, I’m a very lucky woman.

As much as I love Ralph, I love what we’re hoping to have together even more.   It won’t happen as soon as I’d like, but we’ll be moving to New Mexico.

Here we are on the deck of our home.  Love the mountain view!

I’ve used this photo before, but it is one of my favorites.  I can’t wait to be there and I want to be there with this Guy.  When Ralph’s Mom was still with us I used to thank her every time I saw her for the Wonderful gift she had given me.  She would just smile at me.  She knew what a great guy he is.  I love you Ralph.  Thank you for Everything!

Happy Thursday!  “S”omething interesting coming up tomorrow. (I Hope!)

P is for Private Party Plus What I Ate Wednesday.

The Blogging A to Z Challenge letter of the day is P.  This is also What I Ate Wednesday sponsored by the lovely Jenn at Peas & Crayons.

Peas and Crayons

When you’re finished here, please be sure to use both of the links to check out the other blogs and leave some comments, that’s why we’re here!

So my “P” for today is Private Party.  You’ve already seen several birthday celebrations for Ralph.  Sunday was his actual birthday.  Yes, he IS a tax day baby.  Luckily our taxes were all tidied up weeks ago.  For once, we got something done ahead of time! 😉

I decided that I wanted to take him some place special.  I was looking for a brunch somewhere but then I remembered the Riverwinds Restaurant.  We’ve been there several times before and always enjoyed it.  Best part was…it’s only  5 minutes from our house.

I should have taken a photo of the view of Philadelphia, but because of where our table was, I couldn’t get a good angle.  So I’ll show you a handsome man with his lunch…

He had an Angus cheeseburger on a brioche roll.  He said it was really delicious.

There aren’t a lot of vegetarian choices on the menu at Riverwinds, but when I’ve been there in the past I’ve always had good luck with the pasta primavera.

You can have it with either a red sauce or white sauce.  I chose the white sauce and it tasted as if it was made with wine.  I’ve had pasta primavera in a lot of places but I have Never had it prepared better.  I even said to Ralph that the chef couldn’t have made it better if he tried.  I was Very satisfied.  Yum.

Me and Ralph after our lovely lunch.  I was very happy that we did this and I must tell you how reasonable it was.

We’ didn’t have dessert at Riverwinds because I had something else on my mind.  Where else but Ice Cream Kids.  Yes, it’s actually within walking distance so we are there quite often.  We don’t walk…perhaps we should! 😉

We had picked up sister Ele before going.  That’s her creamscicle ice cream in the rear and my key lime pie in the front.  This was delicious!

The Birthday Boy with his vanilla cone.  We had a great day!

So that’s a little insight into our private party.  I think it was a great choice for the letter “P”.

I usually have a lot more food for WIAW but I think my primavera certainly covered the mission of extra veggies.

Thanks for joining me here today.  Be sure to check out the Blogging A to Z site and Peas & Crayons to check out WIAW.  Do some reading, leave some comments.

Happy WIAW!  I’m going to have to think “Q”uick to come up with something for tomorrow!

Riverwinds Restaurant on Urbanspoon

Ice Cream Kids on Urbanspoon

Organize Me, Please!

In the Blogging A to Z Challenge, the letter for the day is O. I have to admit that yesterday afternoon I was straining my brain to come up with an “O” word.  Then like the frisbee that keeps getting closer and closer…It Hit Me!

Organize.  Now to some people, I won’t name names but…Organize is a dirty word both figuratively and literally.  But then I remembered “K” and my Kickstart.

I didn’t forget about it, but I’ve been trying to figure out how to add it into the Challenge.  I’ve been loving the Challenge, but I want to try to keep the flavor of BCDC in tact as I progress through it.  I think I’ve been doing Ok so far.  I promised an update on Kickstart and I’m taking responsibility for that.

I actually started last Thursday after posting about it.  I promised photos when possible.

This disastrous pile of “stuff” ( to be as polite about this as Possible…)

Turned into this far more orderly collection…

Far neater and awaiting a permanent home, but I know what is where and can find things if I need to.  The box of books is destined for my yard sale in June and yes the floor could use a vacuum but you see, I couldn’t even Tell that before!  My shredder receptacle is Full because of everything I sorted through and got rid of.

This past weekend was filled with birthday celebrations so I didn’t get to my project per day which is why I said I wouldn’t start it until Monday.  Monday’s project was full of paperwork.  Filling out and copying lots of insurance-y type forms and getting them mailed out.  (Then remembering in the middle of the night that I forgot to put Attn: Person to Whose Attention It Goes on the front of one of the envelopes! 😦  That’s Ok, it’s only the copy I’m sending to Ralph’s former employers.  I can call to see it was received by the right person and resend the copies if necessary.  (Luckily I made an extra copy!)

Today is Haircut day (Hallelujah!!) and then more paperwork.  But I’m accomplishing something every day.  I try to have a plan at least a day ahead which is good.  Then I can feel very dejected if I don’t get it done.  I should be charting on my calender what I do each day so if I feel like I haven’t done anything, I won’t forget what I’ve done.  Oh…I thought that’s what BCDC was for… 😉

As I type this, I look at my desk and think that perhaps It should be the next recipient of Operation Kickstart attention.  Hey!  There we go…Another “O”!

I’ll keep you up to date on my progress as I’ve said.

AND  Monday was free iced coffee day!  What could be bad about that?!

Happy Tuesday!  Let’s see what “P” culiar things I can come up with Tomorrow!!


N is for Nephew

In the Blogging A to Z Challenge today the letter is N.  The word is Nephew.

This is the story of Michael.  Michael is my great-nephew but it’s just easier for me to call him my nephew.  Regardless of the word you want to use…he’s Mine.

I can’t put my fingers on any tiny baby pictures of him at the moment.  Suffice it to say that on the day he was born when visiting the hospital, Uncle Ralph was going up and down the hall calling strangers into the room for them to see the most beautiful baby ever born.  Ok, so I guess he’s Ralph’s too!

This is chubby little Michael at about 2 I would guess in the traditional Christmas picture.  Too cute.

In spite of everything, he’s always cheerful.

He’s about to throw a ball here, but he’s really more into hockey these days.  He plays on a team and is very talented.  Not that I understand anything when he plays.

He’s 9 years old now and he can be a bit of a teaser as in this photo!

He made an appearance on my very first post on BCDC…

Still one of my favorite photos.

He is smart and sensitive and talented and kind-hearted.  He is the best thing that has happened to our family in a long time.

Michael with his beautiful mother, Mary.  We don’t have her any longer, but we have him and it is truly scary how much like her he is.  He is the best.

If I could have chosen a Nephew, I couldn’t have  chosen better.  I love it when he guest stars on BCDC and so does he.  We don’t see him as much as we used to, but I try to include him whenever I can.  He is simply the best.

Happy Monday!!  “O”, I wonder what we’ll do tomorrow?!

The Celebrations Continue

Today is our planned day off from Blogging A to Z.  I’ll be back with the letter N tomorrow!

For today I want to share some of the continuing celebrations for Ralph’s birthday.

It all started last Saturday with the duel birthday for Ralph and Jim which was great fun.

Friday, Ralph’s sisters, their husbands and two of his cousins took us out for Ralph’s Birthday.  Their favorite choice is Adelphia in Deptford.  I must say that the staff there is wonderful and our waiter this day was especially attentive and fun.

Happy Birthday Balloons!

I’ve learned that my best choice at Adelphia is their Greek salad.  I asked for a grilled Portobello mushroom on it and that really added to my enjoyment.

Their dressing is very light and delicious.  I have to remember to ask for them to leave off the anchovies.  I always forget.  Regardless it was very tasty and after removing the anchovies I finished every drop!  I even got compliments on that!

Our waiter, Moe had some fun with the candles we brought and reversed the numbers.  Interesting, todays’ cake was brown and blue and so was the one last Saturday!

Ralph and Me!

Ralph with his sisters Kathy and Maddie.

And with his cousins Lynn (who gave me her cheesecake recipe!!) and Kathie.

My slightly mutilated slice of cake.  Not too sweet, but very chocolate-y.  We always bring our cakes with us.  I can’t remember where this came from but it was tasty!

It was a lovely afternoon and we all enjoyed ourselves.  The folks at Adelphia couldn’t have been nicer!  More Birthday celebrations to come soon!

I have to share a pretty shot of the azaleas in my front yard.

Today is actually Ralph’s birthday.  We’re off to celebrate again today!

Happy Sunday!  Happy Birthday, Ralph!

Adelphia on Urbanspoon

M is for Madeleine

The Blogging A to Z Challenge today brings us to the letter M.

I wasn’t sure where to go with the letter M.  I thought of Men, I thought of Money, I even thought of Makeup.  None of them were right.

Today Ralph’s sisters and cousins had a birthday luncheon for him.  I got to spend time with my Wonderful Sister-In-Law Madeleine and I knew what I should talk about.

From the first, Maddie and I have been fast friends.  I don’t remember when I actually first met her, but if I had to choose another sister to add to my fun with my sister, Ele…it would be Maddie.

She is the sweetest, kindest, most sincere person you’ll ever meet.  She’s honest and you’ll always know where you stand with Maddie.  Lucky for me, she’s very happy that I’m with her brother.  She likes to tell me I’m the best thing that’s ever happened to him.  I say that he’s lucky to have her as a sister and that she’s one of the best things that’s happened to me.   She has a heart as big as they come and would do anything for her friends and family.

That’s Maddie with her wonderful husband, George.  He’s lucky to have her too, but then he knows it.

Ralph was lucky to always have Maddie in his corner.

Now I’m just as lucky.  Thanks, Maddie…pretty good gift I got for no extra charge when I got Ralph!

Happy Saturday!!

L is for Love

The Blogging A to Z Challenge today brings us to the letter L.

L is for Love.

How can you Not love a man who leaves things like this on your kitchen counter for you to find in the morning?

I have nothing else to say.

Happy Friday the 13th!

K is for Kickstart

K is the order of the day for the Blogging A to Z Challenge.  That sort of rhymes and therefore haunts me.  I have chosen Kickstart for the letter K.  I think it is probably two words but for my purposes today, we’ll keep it as one.

Kickstart is what I need to do to myself.  I need to get myself going with many things in my life.  I said that the idea of a rhyme haunted me.  I am a poet but I have not written anything in a very long time.  So long that perhaps I can’t even call myself a poet any longer.  Maybe I just figured out what the letter “P” will be.  Ok, another rhyme, I didn’t do that on purpose.  Perhaps this is a sign.

The real Kickstart I wanted to talk about was getting our house cleaned out and organized in an effort to actually make our move to New Mexico.  I know I talk about it all the time, but I’m dragging my feet.  Probably because Ralph is dragging his feet and it’s becoming contagious.

I don’t like that at all.  I’ve decided that starting on Monday, I’m going to state to all of you one project that I’ve accomplished the previous day toward that goal.  Owning up to what I do with food here on BCDC has helped me.  Perhaps if I use BCDC as a forum (confessional?) it will get me going and keep me going on this project as well.

I actually hope to accomplish some things over the weekend, so that will allow me to start off Monday with something to share with you.  I also need to figure out how I’ll share the info with you each day.  Do you need a photo every day?  Maybe a before and after?  The way things are right now, I’m not sure if one project will even allow you to tell the before from the after!

Regardless…that is my mission.  I’ve failed miserably in most of my January 1 Missions.  Reading is the only one I’ve kept up with.  I hit book 24 for the year yesterday!  Goodreads counts it as 25 because I was reading one on the first of January, but when I complete the current book, it will be 25 which was my goal for the Goodreads challenge.  I’m going to keep going just to see how far I can go.  I’m excited about that.

But back to Kickstart.  I like this idea and I plan to stick with it.  It may not be a big project each day, but it will be a project.  If I don’t do this, how will I ever get to wake up to this each morning?

Talk about incentive!

Happy Thursday!! I’m “L”ooking forward to tomorrow!

J is for Joy and WIAW

Moving along with Blogging A to Z we have come to the letter J.  I chose Joy.  For me Joy is so many things but of course, since it’s Wednesday we’re going to talk about the Joy of food and What I Ate Wednesday!  When you’re finished here, be sure to make your way to the A to Z site and Peas & Crayons to check out what’s happening there.  Thanks to Jenn as always for being our lovely WIAW hostess!!

One of my favorite food combos is Fiber One combined with Greek yogurt.  It’s a Joy for breakfast…

Or for lunch…

Speaking of Breakfast…there’s no Joy like a diner omelette…

This one was mushroom and cheese with a side order of cottage cheese in place of home fries.  So Good!!

Easter leftovers…mac n’ cheese and salad.  The Joy of the perfect combo!!

The Joy of a perfect cup of Dunkin’ Donuts coffee accompanied by a veggie flatbread sandwich.  Yum!!

I don’t really crave things, but I really was thinking hard about this next dish for a while and I made it with a twist.

The fixin’s…

Whole wheat pasta, olive oil, garlic powder, crushed red pepper flakes, pecorino romano cheese and snow peas.  The addition of the snow peas was new and I was trying to up my veggies.  I cooked the pasta and added the snow peas with just about 3 minutes left.  Tossed everything with 2 Tbsp of olive oil, liberal sprinkling of garlic powder, crushed red pepper and the cheese.

It was So good…

I could have eaten it all over again when I was finished!

That’s the Joy of cooking for yourself…you can make what you want and adjust for the things that happen to be in your fridge or cupboard.  This was one of my favorites!

So that it’s for me today.  Remember to look for Joy in your life, especially in your food!  Go check out what’s going on at Blogging A to Z and make yourself hungry at WIAW!! Be sure to leave comments at both spots after your visit.

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!  I’ll see you all tomorrow…”K?”