Rummage on My Mind

I looked up Rummage on and found this…

“verb (used with object) 1. to search thoroughly or actively through (a place, receptacle, etc.), especially by moving around, turning over, or looking through contents.”

I’m always searching through things to find something special.  Sometimes it works!

Started out my Saturday with my weekly Weight Watchers meeting.  Not thrilled with the results, I had a gain  1.2 pounds.  It’s so strange the way they weigh you now…I was used to quarter and half pounds.  Now I get to be frustrated two tenths of a pound at a time.  But I expected it and considering the week I had with compulsive eating, it wasn’t too bad.  I’m back on track today.

But now to the fun stuff.  Saturday was the monthly Rummage Sale at my sister, Ele’s church.  They are trying hard to raise money for the church and I love to help.  We’ve been so lucky that so many people are contributing treasures for the sale.  We’re also lucky that the church has space available in what used to be a nursery school, to keep everything set up and not have to pack everything up after each sale.  If we could only do it more often, that would be great, but it would be against town ordinances so once a month it is.

I love helping Ele and I love helping the church.  But what I love most is getting first look at all of the goodies.  Sometimes I find great things!

Two books and a CD (Yes, I controlled myself…only 2 books!)  The CD is actually to help you sleep, but it will probably be nice to play while I’m reading.   I’ve been trying to play music rather than have the TV on when I read.  The books look interesting.

This wonderful yellow bowl was actually in one of the Free boxes!!  I put my hand in for perspective.  Otherwise it might look like a big coffee or tea mug.  It’ll be a great size for a small salad or a big bowl of soup.  I almost didn’t see it, but then found it late in the day.  Free is a good price, right?! 😉

This next find is my favorite for the day I think.

It’s a little hard to see in the packaging, but I didn’t want to unwrap it.  I thought it would be safer for moving purposes if I left it this way.  It’s a platter and three little dishes that look like cabbages.  It will probably work well for putting out chopped up veggies and dips.  The coolest thing is the cabbage component.  The first week that I went to work at the Rummage Sale, over a year ago now, I got a teapot that looks like a cabbage!  Being a vegetarian, I always think it’s cool to find veggie related dishes or kitchen gadgets.  I think this will work well.  I’ll probably pack this in my suitcase when we head to New Mexico so it can get to its new home ahead of all the other veggies!

So that was Saturday. Only thing I left out was this…

It was all Ralph’s idea and we really had not had pizza in a while.  Can you tell which half is Mine and which is Ralph’s?!  I bet you can! 😉  It was very tasty. Now I Really have to be good the rest of the week!!  Won’t be hard to be more on track than this!!

Happy Sunday!  I missed the Super Moon last night… 😦   Hopefully we’ll see some sun today!!


10 responses to “Rummage on My Mind

  1. I love the cabbage bowls too. Those are really cute! It IS sad that we get anxiety over 1.2 pounds, isn’t it?! Weight is such a burden…the pizza looks great, and I’m betting you’re the veggie half That would be me too. 🙂

  2. I have no problem getting on track Monday mornings…especially after eating something crappy on the weekend. I feel your pain. And wish you loads of luck this week!

    And kudos to you for controlling your book purchases…I find that VERY hard to do!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  3. I really love that yellow bowl! I have two like it that are green and go well with our apple-motif kitchen.

    Can you guess how much I want pizza right now? 🙂

    Happy Sunday!

  4. “Rummage” is a brilliant word – and I love the yellow bowl/cup; such a lovely colour!
    I’d much rather have your half of the pizza than Ralph’s – I’m not a vegetarian but would always rather have a veggie option for that sort of thing. Don’t be down about WW; 1.2lb’s nothing and like you said, you’re back on track now x

  5. hope you got the same sunshine we had today, fran! it was simply a glorious day!
    love that yellow bowl. and yes, free is the best price!
    only two books?! wow – way to go! i’d say the move to new mexico is motivating you to not stock up all too much?!
    the rummage sale sounds fun – you just never know what you’ll find when you show up!

    • Cathy, I just love thrift stores and rummage sales. You find the best stuff. When I visit my 2 friends in Florida there are SO many thrift stores. We truly go to at Least one a day, sometimes more if it’s an actual “thrifting” day!! Didn’t really get any sun yesterday. Let’s have good thoughts for tomorrow!

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