Another Happy Birthday!

It seems like we have a lot of birthday celebrations in our family.  That’s a good thing, actually!  It’s great to get together with family with a reason to celebrate.

Although I’ve titled this Another Happy Birthday, I came close to using the title of Crappy Birthday.  I have really not been feeling well the last few days.  Nothing I can put my finger on.  It feels like there a war zone in my abdomen!  Loud noises and things moving around.  Very spooky…I was afraid I was in a new sequel to Aliens!  I had to make the effort to go to our planned lunch but boy I didn’t feel like it.

A big cup of mint tea usually helps when I’m having this kind of discomfort.  It actually reminded me of the upset stomach I used to get when I was still working and people were driving me crazy.  The tea did a lot to make me feel better.  We were set to meet everyone at 1pm.  I didn’t take a lot of photos because I wasn’t really on my game.  I wasn’t sure what I’d choose to eat either.

You’ve got to have balloons for a party!

My wonderful Sister-In-Law Maddie and her husband, George…the man of mystery behind his Foster-Grants! It was George’s birthday we were here to celebrate.

My lunch was what was called a specialty vegetarian panini.  Mozzarella cheese, Portobello mushroom, roasted red peppers, tomatoes and balsamic vinaigrette.  There was a little too much of the vinaigrette, it made the sandwich a little soggy. It would probably have been tasty if I had felt better.  I ate about a third of the fries.   Not because I wanted them, but because they were there.  A good reason to ask for them left off the plate, but again, I wasn’t really thinking that way.  Seltzer with lime in the background in hopes of settling my raging tummy!

The Birthday Boy blowing out the candle on his cake.  I don’t know why I think this photo is so cute, I just do!  George is such a sweetheart!

My little piece of cake that looks much larger in this photo than it actually was!  Now this actually tasted good!

We had a great time together, I just wish I’d been feeling better.  However as we said our goodbyes and were walking to our cars we noticed a beautiful sight.  The rose bushes along the side of the building were all in various stages of bloom.

So pretty!  It’s been a beautiful spring with all of the flowering trees and I haven’t gotten any good photos. I’m glad I caught these beauties to share with you.

We’ve got an annual doctor’s appointment for Ralph this afternoon.  Before and after that, I’m just going to be resting and trying to feel better.  I’d almost rather be Really sick than Semi sick.  Good excuse to finish The Shadow of the Wind.  It is so good.  I know I’m going to be sorry when I’m finished.  Love it when a book is that good that I miss it when it’s over.

Happy (or Semi-Crappy) Thursday!

24 responses to “Another Happy Birthday!

  1. oh, i hope you feel better soon, fran. yes: tea and reading should be on your agenda in order to speed recovery!
    happy bday to george! i am glad you could all get together to celebrate. may is big for bdays in our family, too – to be honest, i wish MY birthday was in may!…or any warm month!
    those are lovely photos of the roses – glad you stopped to notice the flowers!

  2. I love mint tea, roses, and ballons make every birthday better!

  3. Peppermint is supposed to be a stomach settler. Personally, Pepto Bismol is my drug of choice. Never leave home without it because I NEVER want to miss a meal. LOL
    Feel better soon!

  4. Hope you’re feeling better soon. I was sick last week and it was horrible. Lucky for me my kids are capable and did their homework and got themselves dinner 2 nights in a row. All I wanted to do was sleep and eat toast.

  5. Fran, most likely I won’t figure out how to log into WordPress so know that Brutus & I are interchangable 🙂

  6. I hope you’re feeling better. Those roses are gorgeous and make me want to plant rosebushes one of these days…

    I wanted to let you know that several days ago, I had a not-so-nice anonymous poster, so I turned off the ability for people to post anonymously. I turned it back on today. Again, I don’t know if that’s an issue for you or not, but I know you had trouble posting before, so I thought I’d let you know. I’ve been trying to spread the word that I’m back in business! 🙂

    • Thanks, Dana. I tried very early this morning and it didn’t work so I’ll try again now. I’ll let you know if it still doesn’t work. I’m feeling about the same, but I’m so happy everyone is enjoying the roses!

  7. I love the rose! I hope you feel better.

  8. I’m with you–with really sick, you at least get it over with and out of the way! Sort of sick just lingers and leaves you feeling not your best. But glad you got out to the b’day party! (And had a chance to do some more reading 😀 )

  9. I LOVE birthday celebrations! I’m flying home to Ohio tomorrow, to celebrate my dad’s birthday AND my friends birthday 🙂 Two cakes in one trip? deal 😉

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