Some Days Are Just Like That

Ok, so I’ve finished my first cup of coffee and I’m just now getting to starting my post for the day.  The fog that I thought was lifting is still sitting on my head.  I feel ok…just Fogged.

Maybe I’m having trouble focusing because I’m thinking that I have to write a serious post tomorrow regarding the Relay For Life. Maybe it’s just because that’s the way life is lately.

Just got my second cup of Joe and I hope to get my brain in gear.

I’ve been feeling a little unfocused on the food front as well.  This week has the excuse that I know I won’t be going to Weight Watchers on Saturday because the Relay will be finishing up around the time I usually go to my meeting.  Of course I could go to another meeting which was my original intention but…I just don’t feel like it.   Is that a valid excuse?  Suppose so.

While waiting to be picked up to go out with Gail and Alice, I had a banana and read.  Don’t remember how I felt as a child, but in recent years I haven’t been much of a banana fan.  I keep reading how good they are for me and blah-dy blah.  I keep trying.  Ralph likes them so I buy them.  I have to say that the bananas I’ve been getting at Aldi have totally won me over.  Next time I buy them I have to take a photo.  They’re totally green when I buy them, by next morning they are perfection.  Don’t know how that happens.  The banana fairies at work, I guess.  Anyway, I am now a banana fan.  They’re a great filling snack and they don’t count for any Points on WW.  Ok by me!

Lunch ended up looking a lot like a breakfast.

Fiber One and peach Greek yogurt…Both from Aldi.  So happy that Aldi now has the Greek in peach.  They usually only have strawberry and blueberry, not my favorite.  But this is really good.  Can’t figure out why I LOVE strawberries and blueberries in their natural state but not things flavored with either.  Ok, I’m weird and I know it.

Haven’t had a veggie dinner combo in a while, so what the heck.  Let’s have one!  Some of my veggies (broccoli for instance) were getting a little wilty so I needed to use them up.  Cooking them this way can make even the wilty ones tasty. So…brocolli, yellow squash, red frying peppers, garlic, shredded cheese and crock pot black beans.

Some spices mixed in and of course a touch of sriracha sauce on top does the trick!  This was just what I needed and it kept me satisfied for the evening.  I like that in a dinner!

I think we might just have a sunny day today!  Let’s hope the weather forecast holds for Friday evening/Saturday morning.  It’s supposed to be sunny and clear.  Last year we did the Relay in the rain and it was NOT fun.  Hoping for a better outing this year. 

Not sure what the day holds yet.  Oh, yes…gotta get Ralph to sign some more paperwork and get it in the mail.  Good luck with that!!

Happy Thursday!!


14 responses to “Some Days Are Just Like That

  1. good luck with your day, fran! my fingers are crossed for GOOD WEATHER for the relay – our forecast is for a GORGEOUS long weekend, here, so i will push the sunshine your way, too!
    i do not like bananas,,,and i feel bad because they are so good for us! i did go thru a phase where i enjoyed one chopped up on all bran with milk for breakfast but that phase ended a while ago…and i am with you on liking some fruits but not fruit-flavoured yogurt – for me, blueberry yogurt is ok, but no other flavours!!
    love your huge salad!
    ok – enjoy your day and hope that coffee has kicked in!

  2. try not to be so hard on yourself. The week before Relay is always hard because it comes at the same time as losing Mary. You were the best aunt in the world and she loved you so much. Sometimes I would think that she was more your child than mine! It’s hard to get your head around what happens at the relay. So much joy, so many tears, but for me, it gives me a sense of power. We may not have been able to save Mary and Cheryl but what we do at Relay may just help other families from suffering the loss that we have. Saty strong, sister, we’ve got to hang on to each other this weekend.

    • Ok, toots. I’m really looking forward to it although I feel ill-prepared. Keeping my fingers crossed (hard to type that way 😉 ) that the weather holds. If it looks like it does right now, we’ll be OK! Thanks for saying such nice things. We are in this together and however much we miss her, we have to go on. That’s what we do day by day. I love you!! Hugs to YOU!

  3. You’re such an inspiration to me with the veggie pictures you show. I’ve definitely been fixing more salads since I started reading your blog! As far as bananas go, I’ve never been able to eat them. I think it’s a texture thing.

    Enjoy the day!

    • Glad you’re getting inspired to eat more salads, Dana! I think they are the best. I tend toward the same ingredients, but they are SO versital and so good for you! I’m having one for dinner, in fact! I’ll probably hate bananas again soon…as I said, I never was a fan before.

  4. making me hungry this morning – me thinks I need to go find a banana 🙂
    have a blessed sunny day

  5. I hope you have beautiful weather. I can imagine that it will be a really emotional weekend. Paperwork? Ugh. Paperwork is the worst. Good luck getting Ralph to do what you need him to do!

  6. You know what I realize? That sometimes its okay NOT to do something, just because you don’t feel like it. Go with it Fran!! Enjoy.

  7. valerie andruss

    Walk strong!

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