Sisters, Sisters…There Were Never Such Devoted…

That’s one of my all time Favorite songs from one of my all time favorite movies, White Christmas.  But to me, it’s all about my sister, Ele. Someone recently asked me how you say her name. I never thought about it, but that’s a valid question.  It’s pronounced like “Ellie” but Ele chose to spell it Ele…it’s her name she can spell it how she likes!

During the Blogging A to Z challenge, when I got to the Letter E, it was easy to decide what to talk about…Ele, of course!  Sunday was Ele’s birthday and in spite of how tired we were from the Relay for Life, we had to Celebrate!

Breakfast came first and while we waited, we had fun with little Michael and the mirror in the diner.

He’s too cute and I wouldn’t mind having more of him!

Michael and Uncle Ralph.

Sisters, Sisters…

Aunt Fran, Michael and Grummy!

After breakfast we headed home for a short break, but we knew what was in our future…

Ice Cream!

Ele splurged and got a banana boat…Well, it Was her birthday after all! 😉  Mikey got a big cone of mint chocolate chip!

Going with the green theme (and somewhat jealous of Mikey’s cone) I got the key lime pie ice cream…So Good!!

Ralph and the Birthday Girl!

Speaking of the Birthday Girl, Ralph couldn’t resist some art work.

That was this week’s creation, but we had given her cards last week for her birthday also.

With Mikey…

And we’re back to Sisters…Sisters…

I hate to break it to all of you…But I got the BEST SISTER IN THE WORLD, and don’t even try to argue the point.  It’s All True!  Happy Birthday, Ele!  Hope it was a good day!

Happy Monday!

16 responses to “Sisters, Sisters…There Were Never Such Devoted…

  1. the best birthday week ever! Full of food fun and love. What more could a girl ask for!

  2. looks like a wonderful day – so glad you could all be together!
    michael IS adorable! what a cutie. and i love ralph’s artwork.
    thanks for sharing your day, fran, and i am so glad you and ele are so close. family is the best!
    (i know you had said before that ELE is pronounced “ellie,” but in my mind, i always say “elle” – i need to work on that!).
    have a great day – it’s a holiday here, and the sun is out – yahoo!

  3. hehehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ELE!!! sorry i missed it on the day. her banana boat looks stupendous. and i still love those glasses, fran.

  4. No worries, I won’t try to argue–you guys do seem like the perfect sisters! Happy birthday to Ele!

  5. Happy Monday, Fran, and Happy birthday to your sister!

  6. Happy birthday to Ele! Lovely pictures of you, her and Michael (and I agree, he’s gorgeous) love the cards too, Ralph’s so talented 🙂

  7. Weighting For 50

    BIG Happy birthday to Ele. Wow…Ralph is a great artist. Hope you have a great week Fran.

  8. Happy Birthday Ele! Hope it was a great day.

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