WIAW~Not A Single Day

I Love participating in What I Ate Wednesday! You know about that, right, the Fun Food Fest thunk up by the lovely Jenn over at Peas&Crayons. It’s the most fun you can have on your computer…no seriously…it’s more fun than THAT stuff! We all join in and when you finish here at BCDC, be sure to travel over to P & C to look around, get some ideas and comment!

Peas and Crayons

So my title refers to the fact that the food I’ll be sharing doesn’t all come from one day.  Actually, I can’t in truth remember what days it comes fun.  Suffice it to say…it’s here for you to enjoy.  Here goes!

Not so attractive, but this was lunch at Taco Bell. Two soft tacos, fresco style with beans instead of meat.  Try to find a cheaper lunch!

I ate half of one rice cake before I remembered I’d bought a new peanut butter-it’s a Target brand and it’s natural.  Very tasty!

It wouldn’t be WIAW without an appearance of the Big Purple Bowl with your basic major salad!  I just love these.  It reminds me…must buy beans…must cook them in crock pot…make Fran happy!!

Saturday, after a bit of recovery from the Relay for Life, we headed to the spot sure to make Everyone happy…Dunkin’ Donuts for a veggie flatbread omelette and an iced coffee…it couldn’t get any better!

The crazy people you find at DD…Ralph, Mikey and Ele!

A Greek omelette (spinach, tomatoes, onions and Feta cheese!) with sliced tomatoes when we celebrated Ele’s birthday. Major Yum!

Ice cream for more birthday celebration.  Mine was key lime pie…Yum.  I know I used this photo before, but I think it’s just too cute!

Should have ended with the ice cream but…How about some Greek yogurt?  This is the brand I get from Aldi…peach…delicious and so much less expensive than the other stores.

That’s many meals from many different days. I haven’t been doing much cooking lately but I’ll be getting back to it.  I’m not telling you about the jar of Biscoff Crunchy that’s gotten the better of me.  I’ll tell you about that next week!!  😉 Don’t forget…visit Peas & Crayons and see what’s cooking over there!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!

26 responses to “WIAW~Not A Single Day

  1. yup, you could pretty much post that picture of m with the ice cream every day, fran, it is that cute!!
    thanks for sharing your highlights! i look forward to seeing each week what “the big purple bowl” will hold this time! i love beans on salads!
    never tried taco bell, can you believe it?? it’d be in for trying a vegetarian option!
    target is going to arrive in canada in 2013…i am so excited. for the groceries and the fashion finds!!!
    have a great day!

    • I love Target! They have great things in most departments. Gail and I love them because the have the Morningstar Farms veggie burgers cheaper than the regular grocery stores! Yes, I do love that photo of my little Monkey Man. He is the best!

  2. Target is my favorite. Every time I visit my family in Daytona I make SURE to get my “tar-jay” fix. Can’t wait for it to come to Canada!!
    I’ve never thought to make a Greek-themed omelette before. I love greek salads and I have eggs tomatoes feta and onion at home… I’m sensing dinner!

  3. Love the ice cream picture – there isn’t much better in life than a happy kid with ice cream.

  4. I haven’t had Taco Bell in ages–and it actually looks pretty darn good there! I know it gets a bad rap, but that looks like a healthy/quick/cheap option for a meal. But yeah, no, doesn’t look quite as good as that ice cream ;D

  5. Taco Bell is my most favorite indulgence! I’m glad the one nearest me is in an area I don’t travel to often because I swear my car just ends up in the parking lot by itself!! 😉

  6. The key lime pie ice cream sounds so good, love all the food!

  7. those pictures totally made me hungry!

  8. Rice crackers with peanut butter are my favorite snack! I could eat them for breakfast lunch or dinner too- can’t get enough. 🙂

  9. mmm! my eats weren’t a full day this wiaw, either. they all look delicious though. and you remind me I should go back to aldi’s again.

    still need some ice cream kids in my life this summer! maybe we should introduce EP to it.

  10. I always get hungry for a salad when I see your big purple bowl. One of these days, I’ll stop being lazy and make one. 🙂

    • It’s just my favorite thing Dana! I made one last night with just the barest of ingredients. I put several kinds of peppers, celery, tomatoes and not much romaine lettuce. Added some veggie burgers, shredded cheese and home made dressing. It took me 45 minutes to eat it. I love that because then I’m not looking for a snack right away!

  11. Alyssa (pb and oatmeal)

    Yummy everything looks so good! I love beans!

  12. Happy WIAW! The greek omelette looks fantastic. 🙂

  13. yummmm I love beans on a salad!! and I love fresco TB tacos!!

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