Disco Days~

I suppose that one of the things I’ve never discussed on BCDC would seem a little embarrassing to some people.  It’ll make some people cringe.  It’ll show my age…

I love Disco…and I’m sad.

I realized that in less than a week’s time two people who shaped my musical youth are gone.

Donna Summer…

As a true Disco Diva…I had hair like Donna.  Lucky for all of you, I can’t put my fingers on any of the photos.

Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees…

Who could resist tight shiny pants, hairy chests and British/Australian accents?

I’m being funny, because I am really sad.  Because it’s the music I love.  As I’m writing this, I’m listening to Donna Summer sing No More Tears (Enough is Enough) a duet she did with Barbara Streisand.  Of course it’s Donna who shines in the song.  If you’ve never tried it…it is the Best song in the world for working out.  It builds slowly, but as you go through the almost 5 minutes of the song, it builds and builds until Enough is truly Enough!  Try it.

I thought about playing some Bee Gees but then I would be in tears.  I was a Bee Gees fan long before Saturday Night Fever when they burst into everyone’s consciousness and helped make John Travolta a star.  It wasn’t him, it was how he walked when Their music was playing.

Bee Gees Best of Album Cover

This was the first album I had and I played it so many times, I think my Dad was ready to strangle me.  I just loved them. I don’t remember who that scary fourth guy is hiding in the background.

The voices dug deep inside me and carried me away.  It made me proud when their voices launched the phenomenon of SNF. Even as they got older their voices never betrayed them.  They were always pure and clear.

Their younger brother, Andy died in 1988.  Maurice was the first from the group to pass away in 2003, how awful it must have been for Robin to lose his twin.  But Barry and Robin carried on.  Then Robin’s illness took him.  Now I sadly think of Barry all alone.

I prefer to think of them like this…

Young and vital and hitting those high notes like no others.

Strangely enough I had a somewhat humourous “Disco Flashback” yesterday.

I was in K-Mart with my friends Gail and Alice.  There was music playing on the PA system.   Is it still called that?!  They were playing Heart of Glass by Blondie…perhaps a little more New Wave than Disco, but it still felt Disco.  I started dancing down the aisle to the music thinking nothing of it, being taken in by the music.  I expected to hear Gail make some smart comment about my dancing.  Instead I hear a man’s voice say, “You go, Girl!”  I turned around and there was an older bearded man smiling and bobbing his head in time with the music in an appreciative way.  I just smiled…

Thank you, Donna…Thank you, Bee Gees…You brought me joy and got me up and “Dancin’, Yeah!!”  For me, Disco will never be Dead!   Give me a glass of wine and I’ll tell you about my nights at Emerald City…maybe that’s a post for another day…

Enough will never be Enough…Happy Thursday!



26 responses to “Disco Days~

  1. I am sad too! We are similar in age because that’s the stuff I grew up with as well. Loved the disco, mirror balls, the whole bit. RIP.

    • Hi Stacie! Thanks for stopping by and making me feel not so old or alone in this. If I’d had more money, I would have been out dancing every night…it was the best. Pleae come back to visit again!

  2. you were always the dancer in the family! And as much as I made fun of you, I liked the Bee Gees, too. It was a time for the ages!

  3. It IS sad to see the icons we loved pass on. I too loved the Bee Gees. I felt the same way about losing Whitney too. Makes me feel old to see all these artists gone!

  4. ah, thanks for sharing your trip down the disco memory lane, fran! and i love your kmart moment from yesterday – isn’t it great when we just enjoy a moment.
    i HAVE to show you a picture some day of one of my favourite tshirts – it says “disco fever” on the front and i got it for a song at old navy years ago. love it – because i, too, enjoy disco! now, i missed the 70s because i was a bit too young, but it was a fun musical era!!!

  5. If I hear Blondie I am transported back to being a kid, my older sisters loved her. Also the Bee Gees were a staple of course, I love them. Their music is so pure and their voices so sweet. I have their CD and it just puts a smile on my face every single time I listen to it.

    • Marie, Ralph bought me a Greatest Hits double cd for the Bee Gees. We were playing it on a long road trip. I couldn’t believe it, but I knew almost every word to every song. I’ was proud of myself!

  6. Happy Thursday!

    I felt the same way when some of the legends of my growing-up years died, like Whitney Houston. It reminds me of my own mortality…

  7. You don’t have to be a product of the time to appreciate the music. I have always enjoyed Donna Summer and was quite sad to hear she passed.

    It has been quite a sad week for music. Hopefully this will be it for awhile.

    A nice trip down memory lane Fran. Thanks for taking us!

  8. I agree with Marie…Blondie will always have a special place in my heart.

    So sad to see all these superstars are no longer with us. It seems like too many in too short of a time.

  9. I used to listen to the beegees with my mama. the “you go girl” is priceless! and obviously, I love the hair.

  10. It’s sad to see pop culture icons go, they represent so much and are associated with so many memories and good times. I may be a slightly different generation, but I still love disco! And bomber jackets with no shirts underneath. And hair of a volume, smoothness and shininess that I will never be able to achieve–I’d love to see one of these pictures of you with Donna Summer hair…

  11. What a sweet post…I was a little kid when disco reigned and remember all those people as being part of my childhood. I had a little bit of a crush on Andy Gibb at one point!

  12. I lived through the disco era too. This was a great post that made me remember those times!

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