Just As I Thought

As expected, Saturday was a bit of a whirlwind.

My results at Weight Watchers were about what I expected I gain 1.8 pounds.  I knew I was off track and I now I get to work on fixing it!  I was disappointed, but it’s much easier to accept a gain when you have an idea that it will happen.  I get frustrated on the weeks when I’ve been SO good and I get a gain.  Hey, it gives me another project to work on…Like I need another!! 😉

After WW, Gail, Alice and I headed to breakfast, our last one for quite some time. They’re off to Maine early this morning and won’t be home until October.  Thank goodness we’ve gotten the whole Skype thing worked out.  We’re trying to figure out a way for me to get a short visit up there at some point, but it’s still a work in progress.

Breakfast was very satisfying…

Big old bowl of oatmeal at the diner.  I asked for cinnamon.  Unfortunately they gave me cinnamon sugar.  Guess I need to be more specific.  It was good anyway!

Lunch was planned as a birthday celebration  (another one?!) for Ralph’s Aunt Marie.

Isn’t she beautiful!!  She is such a sweetheart, too.  I keep telling Ralph that when I got him, I got a pretty terrific family to go along with him.  Great gift!

Family shot…Ralph, Maddie, Me, George and Aunt Marie in the seat of honor!

Oh yes, the food…Finally found something I really like at this restaurant…the Greek Salad.

So delicious.  I love that I figured out to ask for grilled Portobello mushroom on it. This was huge.  I actually had to take part home. (That may have been due to the 2 pieces of bread I had while waiting…)  I didn’t take a photo of my piece of birthday cake, but that was because I forgot, not because I was hiding it.

Late afternoon we went to a barbecue to see some friends.  It was a very nice time, mainly because there weren’t a lot of people there.  Some we knew and a few new people. Got some of the lowdown on the wedding we’ll be going to in August.  Not being a huge crowd, we actually got to get to know the new people.  I like that.  There were actually connections to other people we know.  Truly a small world.  We sat and talked until about 10pm.  I never ate a thing…still too full from lunch, just kept the iced tea coming.  A very enjoyable evening.

It’s a drizzly Sunday Morning now…Not sure what the day will hold.  Got my fingers on a book I’ve been wanting to read…Snagged it from Kristen

Uglies (Uglies, #1)

Kristen is becoming my Young Adult fiction book connection.  She’s the reason I got to read The Hunger Games.  Thanks, Kristen! 😉

On such a dreary day, I’d like to snuggle with my book and a cup of tea.  That won’t likely happen, but hopefully I’ll get some reading in.

Happy Sunday!




12 responses to “Just As I Thought

  1. I love Greek salads–that one looks fabulous!

    I hope you’re able to get some reading done today. Have a great Sunday!

  2. I know what you mean about knowing you’ll have eating challenges. My eating on my vacation was so different from how I normally eat that even if I didn’t put on weight, I’d like to try to not just pile on the junk because I’m on vacation….after a few days, I just start to feel bad physically. Now that I’m home I feel better…so I have to figure out how to balance some treat eating with my regular eating when I go away.

    • Zo, I think as long as you keep that awareness, you’ll be ok on vacation. We’re looking a very long road trip this summer and it can be very tricky to stay aware. I’m going to do my best. That’s all we can do.

  3. hahaha glad to be of service, miss. I’ve been wrapped up in young adult novels for so long, it’s weird trying to read a grown-up book again. I’m just biding my time until pretties is ordered.

    looks like the day might be turning nice after all! I’ve refused to leave my bedroom yet. maybe I’ll get in some exercise window shopping this afternoon. :p

  4. Sorry about the WW meeting…I think weekends and summers make it difficult to keep the desserts under control. Or for me at least!

    Happy Sunday Fran! Hope you have a great day with a good book. I’m reading “Still Alice.” I think you might like it!

  5. i hope you get in some reading time, fran! we have a humid aft here…the rain may roll in, i hope i get my errands done first!
    wow, what a fun saturday!! i LOVE how you enjoy all these birthday celebrations. and glad you got to meet some new people at the bbq.
    at least you had mentally prepared for ww…and a new week now begins!

  6. Scott Westerfeld is a WONDERFUL writer. The entire series is mind blowing. I read it then read it again. There’s also an excellent book about the series called Mind Rain.

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