Remembering Memorial Day

A few years ago, it started to occur to me that we as a nation were not giving Memorial Day the honor and courtesy it deserved.

As a child, there was always a Memorial Day parade.  Bands played and school children marched and veteran’s organizations carried their banners and their flags with solemn pride.  We always attended and thanks to Gram and Pop, we always had tiny American flags to wave as the participants passed before us.

Times have changed.  I know that in our small town, there’s a financial reason why there is no parade.  There is no money for it.  Sadly, the town hasn’t been able to raise enough money for a Fourth of July parade this year.  If they can’t do that, there certainly isn’t going to be a Memorial Day parade.

But we don’t need a parade to Remember and Thank those who served.  I know that originally it was called Decoration Day and it’s intention was to honor the military dead.  I think it’s just as important to honor those who served and returned to us.

Today, I honor my Military Man.

This is Ralph, many long years before I knew him.  Sister in law Kathy has marked this as Sergeant which means it was probably around 1967 or 1968.  I wish I had known Ralph then…I LOVE a man in uniform!!

I know I would have been proud to see him enlist, go through officer candidate school and then become part of the 23rd Military Police Company.  I’m not sure how I would have handled him going to Vietnam for a year.  It had to have been very hard.  Just as hard as it is today for families to see their husbands and their sons go to Iraq and Afghanistan. 

But our men and women are brave and they serve the country that they love to keep it safe for the families that they love. 

We have no real way to repay them for that.  But we need to remember to Thank Them.

My heartfelt, though inadequate Thank You to all of our Military Men and Women who serve or have served.  You’ve kept our country Free and Strong.

I personally Thank Ralph, Uncle Joe, Ma and Pop Hancock, Brian and all of the wonderful men of the Americal Division and the 23rd MP Company who I have come to know and who hold a special place in my heart.  Thank You All.

A Grateful Memorial Day to You All.

18 responses to “Remembering Memorial Day

  1. Bravo!!! Well said!

  2. fran, what a wonderful, heartfelt thank you. so often with holidays (christmas, easter etc) we glory in having time off and forget WHY we have the day off of work/regular duties. i really appreciate reading your thoughts today.
    that is a mighty fine photo of your ralph! thank you for sharing about his involvement in vietnam and the military police company. what an interesting life chapter for him.
    enjoy your day, although a parade WOULD have been great!

  3. That’s a wonderful message and reminder. Thank you.

  4. Wonderfully said, Fran. And Ralph–Thank you.

  5. Yep, I”m with you. I posted a picture of my husband today too…along with the pic of a young airman I know today. There IS something about that uniform! God bless ALL who have served!

  6. Fran, that’s just lovely…
    I remember going to the Memorial Day parade in my hometown…I wonder if they still have it, or if it’s gone the way of so many others.

  7. I hadn’t known Ralph served. he is so dashing in his uniform!! wow. 🙂 it is an amazing thing to celebrate and honor. you’re right that we can repay them for it, but we can show our thanks.

  8. Bravo Fran, here here! But seriously, very powerful words here, thank you for the reminder!

  9. Weighting For 50

    Lovely post Fran. And wow, what a fantastic photo of your Ralph. Thank you for sharing that with us.

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