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Don’t Drink The Coffee

On Saturday, Ralph and I will be attending our grandson Patrick’s graduation from ROTC leadership training at Fort Dix, New Jersey.  He did this two years ago and was selected again this year.  We’re pretty proud of him! Because of that, I won’t be able to go to my regular Weight Watchers meeting.

Instead I went on Friday.  There is only a weigh-in, not a meeting which I missed.  Because it’s later in the day than my usual meeting, I really needed my coffee, but I didn’t eat breakfast.  I probably should have held off with the coffee because I gained a half pound.  On a regular Saturday, I have Nothing before weigh-in.  I’m not letting it worry me, I know I’ve been on track this week and I will continue to be on track next week.  I feel strong and confident now and that’s a good thing to hold on to. 🙂

I had a wonderful home-made egg salad sandwich for lunch on Thursday.

Not very colorful, but very tasty on a toasted sandwich thin.

Tried something a little different for dinner.

Sautéed up an onion and garlic, then added the rainbow salad I had gotten at the produce market last weekend.  The blend was carrots, red cabbage, cauliflower and broccoli.  Added a chopped tomato, veggie broth, crock pot black-eyed peas, some various spices (need to remember to write these down!)  I served it over bulgur.  I love making bulgur.  This time I boiled the water (2 cups) in the microwave and then just added the bulgur (1 cup) to it.  So easy!  I let it sit in the warm microwave until it was all plumped up and perfect.

It was delicious and filling and you KNOW those are 2 of my favorite things!

For a snack later, I finally remembered I had cooked up pears and apples in the crock pot earlier in the week.

Topped with fat-free vanilla yogurt…absolutely delicous!

I am looking forward and Not looking forward to this trip on Saturday.  We are so proud of Patrick for everything he’s accomplished.  However, the temperature is expected to go over 100 and we’ll be out in an open field.  I think I’m taking an umbrella and a hat with me to avoid the sun.  I’ll pretend I’m as Southern lady.  I’ll say “y’all” a lot.  No one will notice… 😉

Happy Saturday!  Pray I don’t succumb to sun stroke!!


Magazinus Interupptus

I don’t buy magazines.  I used to but they would pile up around the house waiting to be read.  I then had to gather them up, actually read them, then decide if I would keep them or recycle.  Then I decided that I didn’t read enough of them (except Vanity Fair when I was on a plane…then it was cover to cover) to justify the expense.  I stopped buying them.  That can not be said for the other person living in this house who buys them and will NEVER, EVER allow me to recycle them.  It’s one of the biggest issues I have with our eventual move.  If I have to give things up…these magazines Have To Go!  That is however a conversation for another day.

Today’s topic is about waiting… and starting to read a magazine…being interuppted to wait again…coming back and someone else has that magazine…

I had gone on Tuesday for my annual mammogram.  Got a call yesterday that there was something wrong with a couple of the views and the radiologist would like a repeat.  Not worried, I said ok, let’s schedule.  My appointment was for 10:20 today. 

So I go back in, get to sit in the lovely orange robe and wait.  I go in and for whatever reason It Really Hurt!  She couldn’t get a “good view” of the spot that concerned the radiologist.  CONCERNED the radiologist?!? No one said that.  So she keep squeezing and I keep grimacing.  Are you ok, she asks me?  Oh, just fine I say through clenched teeth while holding my breath.

After much painful pressing, the radiologist decides I need an ultrasound.  Then comes the fun of trying to get my doctor’s office to authorize it.  They leave 2 messages and no one is getting back so they ask me to call.  I call and pretty soon, I have the pleasure of getting slimed and prodded.  This is much less painful than the pressing but still not my favorite thing. The young lady says she’ll be back, she’ll show the results to the “imaging specialist.”   Then after about 10 minutes, they both come back in…the “imaging specialist” does the test again.

By this time, I’m getting pretty nervous, frustrated and I know Ralph is in the waiting room with no clue what’s going on.  The specialist then tells me that I have “dense tissue.”  Is that a compliment?  I’m not sure.  It just means that there are times when tests have to be repeated to get a clear view.  I should be, and I am, grateful that they are so thorough in doing this.  I’ll stand there all day to get a clear picture if that’s what they ask to get a good outcome.

In one of the magazines I read while waiting there was a “gadgets for sale” section.  Offered for sale was something called a “booby buddy” intended to separate things when you sleep on your side and meant to prevent “age wrinkles” from occurring.  I was going to look this up on-line to see if I could find a photo, but I’m a little afraid of what I might find.   Some years ago, I made the mistake of looking up “men in black.”   Age wrinkles or not, after all of today’s squeezing, I think I need a booby buddy.

Happy Friday! Please don’t Squeeze!

The Productive Day (With Too Much Eating Out!)

Tuesday was a busy day as I mentioned it would be and a productive one as well.  I had my mammogram appointment at 12:15 (ouch…) and that went well.  We had to go to Ralph’s former department to get some reimbursements handled and ask a few pieces of info about our new insurance.  That was all handled well.  It sounds like I’m coming up on a big “BUT…”  I’m not everything went well.

After my appointment, we had some time to wait before we could head to the township building so we went for breakfast/lunch.

Had a Greek omelette with cottage cheese on the side.  This was not as good as others I’ve had but it was tasty.  Also not happy about the fact that they charged me $2.99 for a side of cottage cheese instead of home fries.  Other restaurants just make the switch for you.  Oh, well…

After our second appointment and a stop at the bank, we headed home.  However after doing a few things around the house, Ralph said he wanted to go out to eat!  I’m not that big a fan of eating out twice in one day.  First of all…it’s Expensive! Secondly, it tends to lead me off track.  I said Ok because I couldn’t handle the moping face.  You’ve seen the moping face, haven’t you?!

This was very tasty, but way more Points than I wanted to use.  Romaine lettuce, mandarin oranges, avocado, dried cranberries, red grapes, walnuts and gorgonzola cheese.  I picked a lime chipotle dressing which was very tasty, but I could tell it was high in points.  I did my dip the fork in the dressing and then in the salad trick.  That helps.  It was very good. 700 Points?  Sounds about right!!

I want to share with all of you a new blog.  It’s called moms-retreat. It’s written by three young Moms, one of whom I know very well, the other two are her friends. Sue was the best friend of my niece Mary who passed away.  Sue is a wonderful girl (still a girl to me) Mom to 5 beautiful children and wife of a (to use her words) “smokin’ hot husband.”  She’s been cracking me up with her Facebook posts and I’ve been suggesting she start a blog.  I don’t know if my nudging had anything to do with moms-retreat coming to reality, but I like to think that it did. Please take a look.  There’s a lot about life and love and young motherhood.  I think it’s worth the read.

Not sure what’s on tap for today.  Just trying to keep my head above water.

Question for the Universe: Why do some men insist that the hard way to do things is the way things should be done even when the easy way has been offered?  I was able to convince one of these men that the easy way was in fact the easy way.  I feel very fulfilled right now.  I’m so impressed with myself sometimes! 😉

Happy Thursday!!  Go read moms-retreat!

WIAW~Parties and Real Life

I’d like to say…Ok…it’s What I Ate Wednesday!  Whether it’s a full week or a slow week, filled with parties or just real life, Wednesday means one thing, the fantastic party hostessed by Jenn at Peas & Crayons!  After feasting your eyes here…hop over there to drool and leave a few comments.  It is the best fun.

What I Ate Wednesday Sensible Snacking

Again, we’re supposed to be talking about sensible snacking.  I think I’m failing again although, I have been making overall good choices.  I think if I think too much about snacks, then I want them so here’s this week for me.

Favorite new snack…sunbutter on caramel corn rice cakes…Yum!  Filling, too.

My Sunday ice cream, much smaller this week for which I am proud of myself.  A small cup of coffee and butter almond…my two favorites!

This could be a lunch or snack…it was in that mid part of the day…pineapple Greek yogurt, Fiber One and a good book.  Great combo in my opinion!

It’s great when you make a Mega Salad for a party, then get to bring home the leftovers…

Add a Morningstar Farms tomato basil pizza burger to it and it couldn’t be better.  I now have bottled dressing to finish up before I start back to making my own again.  This is pretty good and only 1 gram of fat per serving.

The very last of the salad with sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds and crock pot black-eyed peas added.

The Big Purple Bowl is getting a work out!  Shredded cheese added-Aldi has their 2% cheese available again, Hooray!  A combo mixture of light balsamic and lite catalina…Tangy and Tangy!

So that’s What I Ate Wednesday for this week.  Nothing really unique or out of the ordinary.  Still it feels like a pretty good week so far.  I’m still trying hard to stay on track for Weight Watchers.  I think after my good loss on Saturday, my momentum is up and running.  Too bad I’m not up and running!  😉

Be sure to head over to Peas & Crayons, look around, leave some comments, have some fun.  That’s what this is all about!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!! 🙂  🙂


I Love A Deal and The Busy Day

I love all the comments I’ve been receiving regarding my Summer Reading List.  Everyone seems to have an opinion and I love that.  Also appreciate recommendations so keep them coming.

Monday was a very busy day. Up early, the first task on my list was crock pot beans. 

Black eyed peas that I’d gotten for $1 at Dollar General, soaked overnight then spent their time in the crock pot jacuzzi.  I’ve got some interesting ideas for these which I’ll share as I come up with them.!

I ran out to Aldi for a few things.  When I got home the beans were finished and I put them in a container to cool.  Then I got started on a batch of egg salad which went unphotographed but which will be good for lunches.  Both Ralph and I love egg salad.

Did several loads of laundry which I realized was mandatory when I looked in Ralph’s underwear drawer and all I found was a Ted Bell novel and a mateless sock.  Took care of that and felt good about it!

Now on to the deals.  I showed you Monday the book deal I’d gotten from Goodwill on Sunday.  I’m going to save the best for last and the reason I went in the first place. 

I did buy myself a treat and something a little expensive for Goodwill.

I got this great straw bag which is new and roomy enough to use on our trip- it’ll hold a book, my travel journal, cameras and other regular necessities.  Can you say $7.00!!  It’ll be perfect and it’s actually more colorful than it looks in the photo.  Love it!

The real deal is something I’ve been looking for.  Gail has one and keeps telling me how handy it is.

It’s a George Foreman Contact Roaster.  Here are the innards…

For once it was Too sunny for the photo…oh well…you get the idea.  You can roast a small chicken in here or other types of meats and fishes.  It can be tricky when you’re cooking meat for one so this will be a help.  You can make corn on the cop in the pan on the right and even make cakes!  I was able to find and down load the manual.  It looks brand new.  It was marked $5.99 but it had a white tag and white tags were 50% off so I paid $3.oo!!! I looked on-line and the price ranges from $70 up to $125 depending on where you look.  I couldn’t be happier! 

My friend Alice had seen it at a Goodwill that’s a little farther away than our usual one and she saw it there on Thursday but she didn’t know I wanted one.  When she told Gail, she called me first thing on Sunday morning to tell me.  I had thought about waiting until today, but I’m sure glad I didn’t.  I look forward to working with this.  Another gadget!

So that’s it for today.  Ralph and I have various appointments on our schedule so not sure what the day will hold beyond that.  Whatever it holds…we’ll handle it!

Happy Tuesday!!

Warning: Tower of Books!

I have to warn you all, I think you might be hearing a lot about books this week.  I tried to get organized and make a list for summer reading.  I got the idea from my great friend, Cathy over at 1970KikiProject.  She listed the 10 books she planned to read this summer.  I thought…I can do this!

I made a list from the tower of books I’ve gathered in recent months from foraging through Goodwill and library book sales. (I didn’t even touch the boxes labeled “To Read”)  As I write this, I remember I have a number of books in my car that didn’t make it to the tower. 😦  Regardless, that list has been blasted by the Kristen Lending Library and a trip to a Different Goodwill!   I’ll start with the list, I won’t get fancy.

SUMMER READING LIST (I’m laughing already!)

1. Digging to America-Anne Tyler -I’ve read a lot of hers and liked most, so we’ll see.

2. A Room Of One’s Own-Virginia Woolf- I hated Mrs. Dalloway but always hear that any writer needs to read this book.  Ok…

3. The Big House-George Howe Colt-I like the painting on the cover and it was 49 cents.

4. Auntie Mame-Patrick Dennis-I loved the movie, loved the musical “Mame” and I’ve had this book for years and never got around to it. It has a place in line.

5. Julie & Julia-Julie Powell-I loved the movie and there’s a long story with a copy of this book I hid in a thrift store, then couldn’t find.  49 cents-makes the list.

6. Stardust-Neil Gaiman-I hear  a lot of good things about him-Goodwill find…I’ll give him  a try.

7. Anansi Boys-Neil Gaiman-Ditto #6

8. Falling Angels-Tracy Chevalier-I’ve loved all of her books that I’ve read- 35 cents at a thrift store.  She makes the list.

9. Burning Bright-Tracy Chevalier-Ditto #8 except I had to fork out 99 cents at Goodwill….:-(

10. The Year of Magical Thinking-Joan Didion-I’ve never read her but I’ve heard a lot about this book.

11. Look Again-Lisa Scottoline-Read my first by her a month or so ago and liked it, so here she is again.

12. Flyaway Home-Jennifer Weiner-I always like her and…49 cents 😉

13.The Red Tent-Anita Diament-Ditto #10

I realize that 13 is not a great number to use if you’re superstitious…I am in some things and not in others.  But of course almost as soon as  the ink was dry on the list (if Ralph was writing it, this would be True!) I have more to add.

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver which is part of a loose trilogy set in the Southwest.  I enjoyed the other two. Unfortunately, I should have read this before the most recent one I read, Pigs in Heaven. It will be out-of-order but I think I’ll still enjoy it.  Then there’s Pretties by Scott Westerfeld which would not cooperate with keeping its cover closed which is why my hand makes  a guest appearance.  I enjoyed the first of the quartet-Uglies and I’ve put a dent in this and hope to continue denting it.  These came from the KLL (Kristen Lending Library) and happily she also has the other two books in the Uglies series.  Hope to finish these off before the trip.

At Goodwill today, along with two other wonderful treasures (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow), I found The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.  I had seen this offered in my book club, but passed on it being reluctant, as I have said lately, to spend real money on a book.  No problem today…Let’s say it altogther…”49 CENTS!”   The Gargoyle sounds interesting.

So there you have it, my summer reading list.  I’ll update as required.  If you’d like to know what I’m reading you can always click on the Goodreads link on the right side of BCDC.  Although for some reason it doesn’t update on here but you’ll see that I’ve read 38 books.  It says 40, but 2 I didn’t finish and I can’t feel I can take credit for those.  Either way…I’ve read a LOT of books and as you can see, I have my work cut out for me!  Feel free to make any suggestions!

Happy Monday!!  Read a Book!!

Party Like You’re 2-7!!

Saturday was a pretty terrific day.  Not in all ways but in quite a few.  And it was Beautiful out!

Started out with Weight Watchers and the answer is…I lost 2 & 1/2  pounds.  I felt really good about it.  Mainly because I knew I had worked for it.  It feels good when that happens.  I will continue to work at it and not end up in any more slumps…Well at least I have a positive attitude! 😉

I was joined at WW by…a special Birthday Girl…

Oh, No! The Sneakers are back!  Well it is that time of year.  Yes, the other foot belongs to my friend Kristen, my personal hero because she helped me start BCDC… AND is the aforementioned Birthday Girl!  Actually her birthday was at the beginning of the month but we both subscribe to the notion of the “Birthday Month.”  Everyone needs to celebrate all month.  That’s all there is to it.  Kristen had invited Ralph, Me and sister Ele to her party.  Unfortunately, Ralph wasn’t feeling well so it was just the girls off to the party.  But first…

As always the Big Salad must accompany me!

I found this Rainbow Salad at the produce market.  Broccoli, cauliflower, carrots and red cabbage.  I thought it would add a nice crunch to the salad and it did.

The finished product, and the leftovers live in my fridge now…a good start for the week!

A wonderful bruschetta and pizza dip…both excellent…Too excellent. 😉

Pretzel sticks… 😦  I ate 3 but that was it.  Happily, someone covered them and then I was all better.

The sneakers hanging out with the barefoot people.  Those bare feet don’t know what they’re missing!

Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da…My Bruschetta!  (sung to the tune of My Sharona…oh forget it!)

THE Plate! Black bean burger with cheese, amazing deviled egg, even more amazing pasta salad by Kristen and my Mega Salad.  There was only one plate…but there was something else to come…

In all her uniqueness…Kristen requested a Monkey Bread cake for her birthday which was so incredible that I forgot to take a picture!

The Birthday Girl in all her adorableness!!  I’m so happy to have met Kristen.  Actually, she was new to our Weight Watchers class and our leader Mary Lou introduced us because she knew we were both vegetarian.  Another thing to thank Mary Lou for!!  Kristen’s the only one I took a photo of.  Well she IS the Birthday Girl!

It was a great fun day and we were glad to be included.

It’s a beautiful day, but I may spend it with my nose in a book.  Kristen gave me Pretties by Scott Westerfeld and it’s me and the Pretties for the afternoon I think!!  More on books tomorrow!!

Happy Sunday!!


What Will The Scale Say?

First I have to say thanks to everyone for your concern regarding our plumbing issues.  Interesting that the water technician from our borough was of much greater help than the dolt sent to us from the plumbing company.  Ralph and I have decided it’s the last time for them!  The town water tech however did a great deal to help and we think we’re all back on-line.  Just have to address that washer filled with yesterday’s laundry.  That’s my next project.

I learned a good lesson today.  If I’m going to the produce market…do it at 8:30 in the morning!  Less traffic getting there, almost no one in the parking lot and almost no one in line.  The lines there can take 10 or 15 minutes to get through, but not so today.  Must remember that for the next time! 😉

I needed to pick up salad type things for the birthday party we’ll be attending tomorrow.  Yes another birthday!  We’re looking forward to it.  I’ll be making a mega salad in a few minutes.

Also had to stop at Walmart (logistically it was the closest) to pick up some dressings to take with the salad.  Since I was there and since Walmart usually has the least expensive Morningstar Farms products in the area, I went foraging.  Foraging is really the word because they had the boxes all every which way and it was difficult to find out which varieties were there.  I even told the check out lady that they need to organize it.  I’m really speaking up lately!  I think I’m proud of myself!

I was so excited because I found these…

The mushroom lover’s burger!!  I haven’t been able to find these for months, maybe even last year some time.  Trust me these will be dinner tonight! 😉  I still say that I wish Morningstar would lower their prices on these, but soon, I hope to be making my own veggie burgers!  Ummm…didn’t I say that last week?!  No this time I’ll be doing it the Right Way!!

I’m writing this on Friday afternoon and I’ll be scheduling it for Saturday morning.  When it posts I’ll be at my Weight Watchers meeting.  I’m hoping for the best and I certainly have felt as if I’ve been on track this week.  Regardless of the result, I know that I’ve been mindful of my eating and making every effort to keep myself from getting out of control on anything.

Tomorrow I’ll be telling you all about Another Birthday Party!!  Won’t that be Fun!! 😉

Happy Saturday!!  Wish me Luck!!! 🙂


Random But Focused

Is it possible to be random and focused at the same time?  I’m focused on staying on track for Weight Watchers, but this post is a bit random.  Ok, that works for me!

Yesterday I went off to get my hair cut early.  Turned out very nicely.  Short which will do well in the heat. After a quick detour to the post office I came home and never went out again.  I heard reports that the temperature was hovering around 100.  That was too much hovering for me.  Crazy Ralph still went outside to smoke his cigars.  Never have gotten the smoking thing, but it’s too hot to get on my soap box!

Planned on doing a few things around the house.  Put in a load of laundry and I was in the bedroom going through some things when I hear a weird sound from the kitchen.  I come out and the little drain thingy in the middle of the sink is dancing up and down.  I realize what the problem is.  The washer has gone into the spin cycle and the water is pumping…but it’s not going anywhere.

I rush to the basement…water is pouring out of the line under the toilet and above the washer.  Of course I turn it off right away.  I knew what it was.  This is a Very old house…hence old pipes.  Periodically (obviously not recently enough) we’ve had to have the pipe from the sewer line outside that comes into the house snaked.  We’ve been told before that “things” get into it and it eventually clogs.

Sooo….today we get a visit from the plumber man and luckily he said he’d be here between 8 and 9 am.  It won’t be too hot for him and it will be out-of-the-way.  I’m just hoping this is the problem and nothing more, otherwise someone is going  to have to adopt us if there’s a lot of repair required.

Oh yes, and there’s the small issue of the load of laundry that’s been sitting in the water in the washer since yesterday because I couldn’t restart the washer.  Yuck.  Wish us luck!

With all the frustration I was able to stay on track at least.  Didn’t take time for breakfast before I left for the hairdresser and as it got hotter, even though I was in the air conditioning, I just didn’t feel like eating.  I finally ate some veggie burgers (which went unphotographed) around 5:30pm.  Then popcorn later while watching The Big Bang Theory.  I’m proud of myself for staying in control, but not eating all day like that can sometimes backfire and you don’t lose.  Regardless, I was at least in control and I was happy for that.

I talked a month or so ago about getting back into writing poetry.  I thought of something great while riding in the car the other day.  Of course I forgot to write it down when I stopped driving and it immediately went out of my head.  That frustrates me so much.  I can’t even say that it’s because I’m getting older.  When it comes to poetry, I always had the problem if I didn’t write it right away, I’d forget it.  Sounds a little bit like Weight Watchers…;-)  Maybe if I sit and think for a while it will come back to me…put that on your Fat Chance List!

Happy Friday!!  Hope the plumber man can work his magic!!



Staying Strong~The Week So Far

I am feeling in control!  I can’t always say that  but at the moment I’m feeling pretty good about this whole staying on track thing.

The weekend was not good as I mentioned earlier in the week.  I started Monday with a good attitude but not much resolve.  Monday was definitely Rocky… 😦

But I feel that since then, I’ve been doing well.  Tuesday, I was having stomach issues again.  I do wish I could figure out what’s causing that.  Because of that, I didn’t eat much at all.  That’s one way to keep the snacking under control!  Not the right way…but a Way!!

Wednesday was my first day where I felt I was in charge.  I had an appointment for my semi-annual teeth cleaning in the morning.  Love my dentist, Love my hygenist…HATE the fluoride they put on my teeth at the end.  I always feel like I’ve been snacking on Dust Bunnies!!  And you can’t brush your teeth for 4 hours after.  Yuck.  Not a good idea to eat a salad after that, but that’s what I did.

This looked really good and So much more appetizing when it was served to me…I just forgot to take a picture.  This was a mixed cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  The vinaigrette is delicious and they always give me way too much which I always bring home with me…can’t waste it! 😉

It felt like every piece of food I ate left some debris on my teeth.  I was so excited to brush my teeth at 3pm!!

For dinner I used the last of the leftover Father’s Day salad supplemented with a little more Romaine, a plum tomato, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and shredded cheese.  Topped with the vinaigrette left over from lunch with some honey and wasabi mustard added.

Pretty much my standard salad but very tasty.  Since I was in the right mindset, very filling accompanied by some saltines.

A while after dinner, Ralph said he was going to the corner store…he wanted Cracker Jacks!  Holy cow!  He asked if I wanted anything and I said, “No.”  That was the right answer, wasn’t it?! 😉  There was nothing I could think of at that store that would NOT get me into trouble except a bottle of water and I could get that from my fridge!

The only thing I had after dinner was 3 Werther’s hard candy.  I really like them and they help to keep my Sweet Tooth under control.  I really need to calculate the Weight Watchers Points value for them.  I keep forgetting to do that.  Since I can get a bit carried away with them as well, I need to know what I’m consuming.  Knowledge is Power and I need all the power I can get at the moment.

The good news is…I’m feeling strong and I plan to stay that way.  I have a party coming up this weekend and I’m not sure what will be served (The hostess IS a WW Lifetime member so I should be ok… 😉  ) I need to get my head in the Game.  I’m feeling better about the whole thing and I welcome my weigh-in on Saturday.

That’s my week so far…I thought I’d update you all because I was doing so much whining earlier in the week.   I have to stay focused and do what I know I need to do.  How’s that for resolve!  Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.  It’s a Big help!!  I’m off to get my hair cut today.

Happy Thursday!  Try to stay cool and Stay Hydrated!