Its Own Reward

I must say that I was thrilled with my success at Weight Watchers yesterday.  Down 3 pounds is nothing to sneeze at.  I’m under my WW goal and only 2 pounds from my personal goal, so I’m pretty happy.  I was able to get back to my goal last summer and I should be able to again. 

I’m pretty sure it’s the salads that are helping me so much.  I’ve known for years that I’m a volume eater and a big salad is a good choice and keeps me satisfied.  Since I’ve been adding so much celery (my new best friend!) to them, all of the required crunching helps me to eat more slowly which has always been an issue for me.

My friend Cathy at 1970KikiProject thinks that there might possibly be magic in my Big Purple Bowl.   My response was that since it came from the Church Rummage Sale, perhaps it was blessed!  No, that would be if it was a Catholic Church not a Methodist Church.   I don’t think the Methodists bless “things.”  I’ll have to check with sister, Ele about that! 😉

Regardless of the magical powers of the BPB, I’m proud of my accomplishment and I plan on another good week.  I ensured that by taking a trip to the produce market yesterday afternoon with Ele.  Note to Self:  Remember to NOT go to the produce market in the middle of Saturday afternoon.   I was overwhelmed by the cars and the people.  I probably would have gotten more fruit, but it seemed a little price-y.  It goes up and down, so a trip later in the week should help.

Ele and I made a side trip to Family Dollar on the way home.  I love this store.  You can buy so many things at really reasonable prices and I’m so excited that there are 2 of them in Silver City so when we move, we’ll still have this great resource.  Bought some new rubber gloves (where DID I put those??) and I treated myself to a little splurge.

Please don’t be frightened…Yes they are Purple leopard print comfy pants!!  I decided that they needed to be mine because most of the ones I have are flannel for winter and I only have one pair of light weight ones.  I like these so much, I might go back for another scary pair!  We’ll see… 😉

My real splurge for the day was ice cream.  I thought I deserved it.

The Cute Guy with me had a root beer float…I had butter almond topped with rum raisin.  Yum and Yum!!  That was my only treat, just veggie burgers for dinner afterwards and no treats after that. 

I’m feeling strong and under control.

It is such a beautiful day so far.  The breeze coming in the kitchen window smells like I’m at the shore.  I even made what our family refers to as “beach coffee.”

My favorite way to make coffee.  Just add cinnamon (your choice how much) to the coffee grounds, be sure to mix it in otherwise it forms a barrier and sometimes the water will over flow.  So good.  I got it just right today, too!

Happy Sunday!!

18 responses to “Its Own Reward

  1. I love cinnamon in my coffee! I’ll have to try making it your way.

    I know I’ve said this before, but you inspire me to eat better. Today we’re having a picnic at church, though, so the temptations will abound (temptations at church! LOL). I’m going to try to be good and avoid the chips and desserts. We’ll see what happens…

    Have a wonderful day, Fran. And yay for comfy pants! I’m wearing my ugly red pants right now–but they’re comfy, and that’s what matters. 🙂

    • Dana, I was just about to catch up on your posts when I checked for comments and there you are! I’m glad if I’m inspiring you in that way. That’s sort of why I do this so I guess I’m getting my point across!! Just think before you dip into whatever is in the bowl. And only eat it if it actually tastes good. I hate to waste food, but if it’s not worth the Points or calories…I’m not going to finish it! Glad you like my comfy pants!! Enjoy your picnic and your Sunday!

  2. Congtrats on your WW triumph. I pretty much have a big salad every day (but not in a purple bowl). And as I type this, I”m wearing leopard print pjs that are white with a black and hot pink print…

  3. I love the pants! I have all kinds of animal print stuff (yes, I still live in the 80s…). Salads are awesome but I don’t want them when it’s cold out so that’s my issue in winter–need to figure that one out. Have a great day!

    • Stacie, I make great big stir fries with a ton of veggies. Add some beans for protein or meat if you eat it. Sometimes I put it over rice or bulger or pasta, but sometimes I just make so many veggies, I don’t need anything else! Works great!

  4. Congrats on the 3 lbs! I am so happy for you.

    And kudos to you for having the guts to wear those pants. I think you carry them off well!

    Hope you are having a great weekend so far!

  5. 3 pounds is awesome! Congrats!
    Those are pajama pants right? Umm not to wear to the store or anything? Animal prints are beautiful, especially on animals 😀

    • Thanks, MaryBe! Haven’t heard from you for a while! Yes, the world is safe, they are pajama comfy pants, trust me I wouldn’t wear them in public unless it was for Halloween!! Come back soon!!

      • marybcunningham

        I’ve been reading but I don’t always have time to comment. Love your blog! And if anyone could rock those pants in public it’s you!

      • I understand the time issue, Mary! Just glad to know you’re there! Glad you like BCDC! I think the pants are such fun and they fulfill their job…comfy!!

  6. BPB – i love it!!! i need a salad every day in my Big Silver Bowl (BSB?!?)!
    so glad you are feeling confident and positive, fran! awesome.
    our market here on saturdays is CRAZY if you go any time past early morning. luckily, it is also open thursdays and it is not so busy then.
    i would LOVE a pair of those pants – yes!! enjoy wearing them – they are fantastic!!!
    enjoy your sunday!

    • Our market is open every day, Cathy, but Ele needed to go so that’s when we went. I try to go weekdays early AM. It’s much better in reference to my issues with crowds…don’t like them at all!

  7. Wow, 3lb’s great! I like the idea it’s because of a church bowl and I’m sure, blessed or not, there must be some effect 🙂
    I’m a volume eater too, although mine’s big piles of steamed vegetables but I might get more into salads now it’s summer – and did you know celery’s got stress-lowering properties too? Added bonus!

    • Elle, I didn’t know that about celery…I need to consume mass quantities!! In the cooler weather, I do great big stir fries of veggies with protein,beans, tofu, cheese added in and sometimes a starch but not always. With as many veggies as I cook up, pasta or grain or potato is not always needed, I’m full without them. I like the idea of my bowl being blessed too!

  8. I love the pants! I want a pair! You inspire me too, with eating right. I’ve struggled w/ the same 20 lbs. for 20 years. Congrats on your success!

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