Another Day of Randomness

I truly am becoming The Human Randomizer these days.  I’m finding it hard to focus on one thing and stick to it.  I know I’ve bemoaned this fact before.  What I can’t figure out is why I can’t correct the situation.  That’s something I need to work on…as always…

Sunday started with breakfast for two…Egg sandwiches.

Mine topped with sriracha sauce…very good.  I had more eggs for lunch, the last of the egg salad I’d made earlier in the week.  I was feeling kind of icky all day and dinner turned out to be veggie burgers for me.  By the end of the day I’d eaten 4 of these sandwich thins!!  Good thing I found a cheaper source!  Breakfast was the only one I photographed though.  I’m sure I got my protein in today, anyway!!

My sister, Ele wanted to make a trip to Target which sounded good to me.  She tempted me by saying we could do Starbucks (yes, there’s one inside the Target!) but my stomach was still not feeling great so I declined.  On our way out though I realized there was something I needed to photograph…

For those of you who don’t know, it’s a croquet mallet and ball.  I had to take this for my friend Valerie, in Kansas City.  Valerie is my friend from college and is the only person I have ever known who played and plays croquet.  It was so cool, I couldn’t resist it!  It was a little tricky due to the door opening sensor.  I had to wait for other people to get out of the way, then I couldn’t get to close or the doors would open.  Then it wouldn’t make any sense.  OH!!  I just realized there’s a widget there too!!  Even better!  Hope you like it, Val!!

To finish up today, I’m going to share something that I think is very beautiful.  These are photos of lavender growing in Ele’s back yard.

The color is not as vibrant as it was in person.

Can you see the bee in there doing bee things?  This was so beautiful and smelled so good.  After this we smelled the rosemary plant in the front yard, but that wasn’t as pretty!! 😉

This probably couldn’t be more random if I tried.  That’s the kind of day it is today.  Now I get to pay bills!! Always a thrill.  Wish this stomach thing would Go Away!!  Need to make some mint tea…that’ll do the trick!

Happy Monday!

26 responses to “Another Day of Randomness

  1. It’s always fun to be with you, even when you don’t feel well : ( I’m glad that you used the photos of my lavender. Twenty years ago I put in six raggedy plants and this is what they have become. I’m so proud of how beautiful they are. They smell wonderful and over the years I have made beautiful hearts with them and dried them. Hope you feel better today!

  2. oh, those photos of the lavender are gorgeous, fran! thanks for sharing!
    i hope you feel better as the day goes on.
    i love reading random posts…i feel like i’m just chatting/catching up with a friend!
    target + s’bux sounds like the perfect combo – hopefully you and ele can do that another day!
    i have to tell you i DID get veggie burgers this weekend (had that craving after seeing you enjoy them) – they were great!

    • Glad you liked the veggie burgers, Cathy! I think they’re great and I can do a lot of different things with them. Glad you liked the lavender photos…it’s all Ele’s doing…she’s the gardener in the family, I just reap the benefits! Glad you like my randomness…it’s is sort of like catching up with a friend and I think of you that way. Have a great day!

  3. I feel like I can smell those flowers just from your picture. Very beautiful!

  4. Mmmm..eggs and siracha! Yumm-O!
    And I love the croquet mallet, ball and wicket. I’ll bet when the doors closed and opened, it made it look like the ball was going through the wicket. I’ll have to see if our Target has the same window clings. I’d probably just sit and watch the doors all day. Brings back great memories of croquet as a kid, although my neighbors tended to be a little vicious when we played. The goal was to see how many times you could get hit by someone so you could whack their ball all the way into the next yard. Some of our games lasted a few hours because we were always trying to get back to the actual playing field.

  5. Sriracha on egg?? Can my chickens please start laying NOW so I can recreate your sandwich? I loved croquet as a kid, but I was banned from playing by my parents because I would swing the club like a golf club, and there were fears of physical harm to others. I’m not meant for the lady-like sports, apparently 🙂

    • That’s too funny, Allie! I can picture you doing that! I can’t wait for your chickens to lay eggs. I could only be happier if I was there!! The sandwich is so good with the sriracha. I keep trying to find new ways to use it!

      • I don’t know if you’re a peanut fan, but any peanut sauce becomes ten times more amazing with sriracha–great over rice/quinoa, veggies, salads, you name it.

      • I love peanuts, Allie, but I’ve never had or made peanut sauce. Do you have a good recipe? I’m up for getting my protein in any way I can and peanuts are as good a way as any! Sounds like it would be wonderful with sriracha!

      • This is my go-to peanut sauce recipe:

        1T Rice vinegar
        3T Soy sauce (less if using PB with salt)
        1/3 C Peanut Butter
        At least 2T sriracha (“to taste” I suppose 🙂 )

        And then just dump it all in the blender and add enough H2O to get the consistency you want.

      • Simple enough, Allie and it sounds delicious!! Thank you, my dear!!

  6. I’ve been reading about you not feeling well for at least a week or two… and I didn’t realize, I’ve been having the same problem!! I mostly feel just fine. but last week I left both yoga classes I tried to attend, because I just started feeling off or sick and knew I couldn’t do it. and my stomach just hurts! I wish I would either be really sick and get it done with, or feel fine already! ugh. hope you feel better soon,fran.

    • Hope you do, too, Sweetie. Don’t know what it is. Sort of quesy. Don’t know what it is. Otherwise I’m fine, but just this blahness. I’m starting to think it’s an ulcer…I always feel better after I eat, that’s one of the symptoms of an ulcer. Uck…

  7. Happy Monday, Fran!

    The lavender is beautiful. I can just imagine how good it must smell!

    Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

  8. I indeed see the bee. Lovely pictures.
    Hope you’re feeling better.

  9. I see (and like) the bee too! And, I put sriracha on eggs all the time. I find it hard to find spice in NJ so that’s how I compensate. Be well Fran!

    • Thanks Stacie. Have you ever tried Penzeys spices? They have a web site and I get their catalogs. They have some good deals sometimes with combo packs. What I’ve gotten so far is really good. Just an option for you.

  10. valerie andruss

    Thank you, Fran! I am indeed still playing (as recently as last weekend and every bit as viciously as Blissflower1969’s neighbors). Wonder if those doors sold many sets for them???

    That’s the best looking lavender I’ve even seen! And I hope you feel better soon. Try ginger chews, too…

    • Glad you liked it, Val! Ele laughed hysterically when I said I had to take a picture for you! What’s really funny is I didn’t even see the widget until I posted the photo. When I told Ralph he said that the ball probably goes through the widget when the doors open. So clever. Ele has the most beautiful lavender. It just grows up in 2 old flower beds in the back yard. Very hardy. I’m thinking I’m going ot plant some in NM. I have some ginger chews! I also found some wonderful ginger hard candy at a local health food store. I need to stop and get some more.

  11. Randomness is always awesome Fran! I love taking pictures of nature and flowers (sometimes feeling totally unoriginal, but I love them!). And a trip to Target?? I’m jealous. I wish there was a Target on my little island!

    • Cara, you have such a treasure trove of flower and nature to chose from there! I would love to get back there now that I’m into photography…what splendor! Target is fun. Sorry you don’t have one available. I get frustrated because of some of the stores we don’t have around here…Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s. But we survive!!

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