Shhh…Don’t Tell Anyone

Mom and Gram always used to say if you talk about something too much you’ll jinx it (?!?!?!?) Not quite sure how it works, but anyway…I’m feeling better today!  That’s all I have to say other than that I have my fingers crossed.

This post will still have some residual randomness so please don’t be frightened away. 

The house is a MESS!!!  Well it has been for quite some time, but you know the old saying about how it gets worse before it gets better?! Well, it’s true.  Ralph has been working really hard at going through boxes and stuff.  But of course in order to do that…the resulting extra Mess.  I’m not complaining.  I need to start making my own Mess to get together some things for the yard sale.  I hate doing them, but I really need to.  So that’s the story there.

Monday morning had a little treat involved…

I had a one day only coupon for a small iced coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts.  Regardless of how I felt, I couldn’t pass it up.  It made me happy and also feel a little better at the time.  Those are my new jeans!  I haven’t mentioned them.  I have a hard time finding jeans I like.  I hate low-rise jeans and waist-high jeans are so hard to find anymore.  At K-Mart, I found a happy solution.  They’re not “quite” waist-high, but they’re very comfortable.  They were on sale for $16.99 a few weeks ago so I splurged and bought 2 pairs. Last week we went back and they were still on sale!  Bought another pair because I decided they’re Not a splurge, they’re very practical and they’ll last me for years!  I should mark the date and see just how long they last… 😉

In my efforts to keep both Ralph and Me on track with our eating (he’s done a great job and on his own has lost about 15 pounds…I’m so proud of him!) I needed to replenish his favorite salad dressing.

Had to make a special trip to Shoprite because I tried 2 other places and couldn’t find it.  Well it was worth the trip.  It was on sale for $1.40 OFF the regular price!  Of course I got 2!  In fact, I’m thinking I should go back and buy 2 more to have a reserve.  He’ll be eating a Lot of salads this summer and I know he’ll use it up!

So Monday was a pretty good day.  I got some reading done also…still working on this…

Pigs in Heaven

I’m enjoying it, but it’s going slowly. Maybe it’s just me who’s going slowly.  Whatever…we’re moving along.

Gotta sit down today and formulate our summer travel plans.  Cross country travel can take a lot of hashing out (arguing…No!!) That needs to happen today.

Hoping for a good day with no icky tummy…but I don’t want to jinx myself! 😉

Happy Tuesday!!

22 responses to “Shhh…Don’t Tell Anyone

  1. glad that you’re feeling better! and so happy that ralph is going through things now. it’s ok that it’s the … storm before the calm. :p progress is progress!! and awesome for his weight loss, too! i know what a good influence you are.

    i have yet to have my first iced coffee of the season. that should end SOON.

    • You MUST have iced coffee!! I’ve been getting them free. I’m hoping DD will put out some more coupons. Yes, I’m very proud of Ralph. He didn’t really say anything to me, just started to cut down and has mostly cut out soda except for an occasional one. I hope I’m a good influence!

  2. A very happy Tuesday Fran! A good pair of jeans is never random 🙂

  3. happy tuesday, fran! glad to hear you’re feeling better! it was the healing power in the iced coffee!
    wow, that is a GREAT price on the jeans, and you did the right thing by getting a few pairs. and, of course i liked hearing about your salad dressing/grocery deal!
    good luck with the trip planning – it is june, and summer will be here so very soon – yea!

  4. Happy Tuesday Fran! Wish I could be there to help you organize, I love getting stuff out of the house, I constantly have a pile for the Goodwill in my garage. I just took 2 huge bags and was organizing yesterday and found more stuff to donate. Not sure where it all comes from 🙂

  5. Happy you are feeling better Fran and good luck with the organizing!

    We moved so much stuff that we threw out later. I ran out of time (I was working) before the move but luckily since it was a corporate move, we weren’t paying to move those things. And, the packers (who we also did not pay for) packed things like dead batteries and mostly-used rolls of TP. I wish I’d been blogging back then. It was very funny, some of the stuff we found in those boxes!

    • Well, Stacie, you can do a post now to tell us all about it! I’m making it one step at a time. So much stuff we’ll never use again and forgot we even had! Great that you didn’t have to pay for the move!

  6. valerie andruss

    and of course you’ll try to route through KC again? 🙂 (maybe you can help us organize our stuff vn the way though)

  7. valerie andruss


  8. Happy Tuesday, Fran! So glad to hear that you’re feeling better. 🙂

  9. I’m glad that you are feeling better! Enjoy your Tuesday!

  10. only got 3 pairs of jeans? Good jeans are so rare, you’d be in your right to get a few more pairs…

  11. That dressing looks awesome! I love trying out new salad dressings! Happy shopping day, too! I know that a good shopping trip always uplifts my spirits ;). I am so jealous of being able to cross country travel! On Kauai, we can get to the other side of the island within, maybe 90-120 minutes.

    • Cara, driving cross country is because my husband won’t fly. I enjoy it more going than returning. I’m tired by then and it’s also because I really want to be in New Mexico, NOT New Jersey and I dread the trip back to NJ. Kauai does have it’s good points, you’ve got to admit!!

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