WIAW~Snack Attacks-Snack or Meal?

You know that every Wednesday whether I’m home or away I NEED to be part of a unique party… What I Ate Wednesday the fabulous brain child of the lovely Jenn from Peas and Crayons. It’s the most fun you can have sitting in front of your computer.  Be sure to make the trip over to P&C when you’re finished here.

As she’s been doing for a while, Jenn is giving us themes…Which I like!

Peas and Crayons

Now seriously…I’m always moaning about trying to stay away from snacking so I’m miserably unprepared for this.  However, since I have all of June to deal with it, I’ll work with what I have and start here. Regular food mixed with snacks and regular food that is Great as a snack!

Overnight oats with blueberries and cream Spiru-tein mixed in topped with fresh frozen blueberries.  So delicious and filling.  This could work as a snack.

Greek yogurt with honey…sometimes breakfast, sometimes lunch, sometimes a snack!  I love this brand and it was on sale yesterday…Ok by me!

One of my favorite meal/snacks…rice cakes with peanut butter.  Tasty, filling, protein and good fats!

It was breakfast, but it could be a snack…Dunkin’ Donuts veggie omelette flatbread with the always beloved iced coffee.  We had coupons and a gift card.  Worked out well! 😉

Big salads can be a snack, when they’re this size though…they’re usually a meal! 😉

Another salad about to be spruced up by some home-made dressing!  I just love doing this now.  Only takes a minute and it tastes so good, so much better than bottled dressing!!

This coming week I’ll be looking at my food with a little more eye to what my snacks are.  Now that I know I have to report back, you can bet I’ll be on my best behavior. 😉

Have a great day and when you’ve had your fill here, be sure to visit Peas & Crayons leave some comments and Enjoy!!

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!  Have a Snack!!

42 responses to “WIAW~Snack Attacks-Snack or Meal?

  1. you’re off to a great start with the snacks, fran! i esp like the rice cakes + pb. is there anything pb is NOT tasty with??! i like to freeze yogurt (greek or regular) with 1 T choco chips sprinkled on the top, then partially thaw in the micro when ready to eat – yum!
    thanks for including a BPB photo!! yes, i have to say a salad in that bowl falls into meal category!!

  2. Your breakfast looks amazing! I’ve just snacked on a couple of rice cakes with pb too!

  3. I think your snack choices are great so far! I usually have greek yogurt for a snack too, and also anything with a nice balance of nutrients for satiety sake!

  4. Always, always, I enjoy your posts. Sorry that I’ve been absent for the past few weeks.

  5. I love iced coffee as well! although I always drink it wayyy too fast and then it’s gone in a heartbeat !! I must pace myself ^^

  6. pb makes everything better! 🙂 so good! i’m even loving it on egg whites recently!

  7. I had Cheezits for breakfast.
    You win.

  8. Yummy! Looks like some delicious choices!

  9. Would love to know what your favorite homemade dressing is–I want to start doing more of that!

  10. I’m going to be in NYC this weekend which means…drumroll please…I get DD Iced Tea! Whoooo…I am way too excited about my soon-to-be Dunkin’ Donuts proximity, haha

    • Allie, my girl, we have to find joy in our lives where we can!! I would be excited to be in NYC but with the addition of DD after a dry spell…well that’s just heavenly!! Hope you have wonderful things planned and have a great time!

  11. I need to try those overnight oats. Looks delicious!

  12. I love yogurt & rice cakes,too – so simple,yet so delicious! 🙂

  13. I seem to be one of the few people that actually likes rice cakes as is but I’ve never even thought about putting PB on em! High five for that one – will definitely be doing that 🙂

  14. Hehe I love your blog name!! So true. And the eats look tasty and nutritious 🙂

  15. I love that you’re thinking about your meals as adaptable, and not just “this is a snack” or “this is definitively a lunch.” Ver inspiring!

    • Thanks, Becks! That’s just the way I’ve learned to work my version of Weight Watchers. Guess it works because I’ve been at or below goal for 25 years! Thanks for stopping by and please visit again!

  16. Hi Fran, Happy WIAW! Your salad is beautiful. Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  17. Yeah, I’ve been busy with my injured chicks.

  18. You’re right! Homemade dressing is the best 🙂

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