School Days~Deja Vu

I had an interesting and unique experience on Monday.  As I’ve mentioned on many occasions, Ralph is a wonderful artist.  I’ve shown examples of his work.  He was invited to teach a class in drawing to a group of 6th graders in our local grade school.

This was interesting on several levels.  This is the school I attended as a child and I just realized that I don’t think they call them “grade” schools anymore.  I think the accepted term is “middle” school.  Hmmm.  Old am I.  The school has changed a great deal over the years.  It has always been a highly rated school and my sister and Ele both felt we got a very good education there.  Many people in our town complain about how high our taxes are.  I’m among them but when I think of the fact that much of that goes to the school system, I shut up and remember my School Days.

I’m not going to reminisce about that too much at the moment.  One other interesting point is that the art teacher who invited Ralph to conduct the class used to be the Mayor of our town.  She conducted our wedding ceremony almost 12 years ago now.  Pretty Cool!

I had fun learning to use my little video camera that I purchased a few weeks ago.  I was able to capture most of the presentation, but I still have no clue how to upload the video here, so all you get are photos.  I had a hard time trying to get pictures unobtrusively from the back of the classroom without getting little faces in the photos, but I’ve done my best.


(I’m hoping this is posting properly because I’m having really weird issues with WordPress today.)

That’s Ralph doing his thing showing the young ones how to do fabulous things with pencils and markers.


Ralph, after the presentation…


He did all kinds of demonstrations and the kids were very attentive…for 6th graders!  He did a great job, as always!! It’s very funny in the video I took…because of the white board…White Board?  When I went to school, we had blackboards!  Anyway, because of the white board and the fact that he had a white shirt on…in the video he looks like a tiny disembodied head moving back and forth across the screen.  At least we have an record of it.  

He loves to teach children to draw and he’s so good at it.  I keep telling him he should advertise drawing/art lessons for children and adults.  He has so many good ideas about how to make it easy and fun for people to draw.  I keep saying I’m going to sit down and draw something based on what I’ve learned just from listening to him all these years.  I might be fun to try!

Due to the issues I’m having with WordPress today, I’m going to keep this short.  Hopefully, the internet elves with get this all fixed and it will be working better tomorrow.  

Happy Tuesday!!

14 responses to “School Days~Deja Vu

  1. Ralph is an awesome artist, his knowledge of history is very impressive, and he’s a great communicator. Could you imagine what he could with that? I don’t know if you are familiar with what a chalk artist does, but I could see Ralph doing that with markers and a history lesson. Kids might actually learn history in school and enjoy it…imagine that. You know me, I would even go more to the extreme and dress him in period clothing, etc….you could design and make them for him (I seem to remember that you used to do that at “Glassboro State”). Now take that show on the road…no kidding!

  2. argh! sorry you are having wordpress issues, fran! so frustrating – i DO understand!! been there!!
    that is just wonderful that you and ralph got to do the school visit. i love all the connections (your former school, that the teacher was former mayor…all very cool).
    even when i was a teacher 10-12 years ago, there were still blackboards!
    white boards are much less messy!
    so glad ralph had a chance to share his artistic skills with the kids!

  3. It sounds like he’s meant to be a teacher! Hopefully, you can convince him.

  4. I, too, hope he finds a niche somewhere with teaching kids art. That is a wonderful gift! I never learned to draw and I regret that to this day. Aren’t internet issues aggravating?!?!?! Have you ever backed up your blog? It was suggested to me that I do that, so I do it now. Just in case…some day, we lose it all!

  5. What an amazing artist Ralph is! And teaching kids must be so rewarding even if it’s just a “stint” (for now). Sorry about wordpress boo 😦

  6. Ralph should definitely get into giving lessons! It sounds like he enjoys it, and I KNOW I loved everything to do with arts and crafts as a kid–and even moreso when you knew the teacher loved it too! I’m not much on drawing/painting talent, but I don’t even care, I still love to do it all anyway, and I definitely credit that to some excellent teachers.

    And I still use the term grade school too…uh-oh, turns out I AM getting older every day after all. Or can I pretend that grade vs. middle is a regional naming thing?

    • Allie, I’ll go with the regional thing…that means I’m not as old as I though, right?! 😉 You would be the perfect student for Ralph. He always says…you don’t have to be good at it, you just have to enjoy it. I’ve always thought that people make better teachers when they love what they’re teaching. Sadly you don’t find that all the time.

      • It’s definitely true–good teachers made me care about subjects I didn’t think I cared about, and bad ones made me dislike topics I thought I loved. If only everyone could be passionate about what they’re teaching! Or, more accurately, teach what they’re passionate about.

      • So true, Allie. Good teachers are not always easy to come by.

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