Full of Holes

I guess just to cover my butt ( not that I’m superstitious or anything) I should thank the internet elves who seem to have corrected my WordPress problems.  It looks back to normal and yes I’m typing in a form that will become a post…couldn’t do that yesterday.  Thanks so much to my sweet friend, Kristen for her tireless efforts to keep me sane and try to help figure it out.  She knows how grateful I am.

Speaking of Kristen, she has recently gotten me into reading Young Adult fiction.  I’ve done The Hunger Games trilogy. I’ve read Uglies and will get my greedy fingers on Pretties on Saturday.  I’ve been thinking how I’m sure I’ve missed a lot of good YA fiction over the years.  Then Saturday took me to my favorite haunt…The Goodwill.  What did I find on the shelf…

Holes (Holes, #1)

Holes by Louis Sachar…and did I mention it only cost me 49 cents?! 😉

I remember hearing about this book only after a movie was made of it.  I picked this up on Saturday as I said, then I noticed that sometime between then and now the movie was on TV.  What a coincidence!  I didn’t watch it because I’d always rather read the book first.

I Started this Wednesday morning.  Not even really early Wednesday morning…I was finishing my previous book while doing my morning spin on the exercise bike.  I Started it Wednesday AM and finished it Wednesday PM.

I don’t think I’ve ever done that with a book, finished it in one day.  I LOVED THIS BOOK!!  It was a great story with clever twists (of course I didn’t realize until the end that I had missed a great big “if it was a bear it would have bit you” clue!) and very likeable characters.  I kept reading until my eyes were ready to pop because I wanted to know what happened.

I think that’s why over the past few months I’ve stopped reading various books.  I just didn’t care “what happened.”  I didn’t care enough about the characters to see if they got out of their situation or predicament or away from the evil doer.  In Holes, I cared.  Sachar gave me characters that were interesting and real enough that I wanted to know.  I need to remember that when I start writing my novel…make people care about the characters.  Yes…WHEN I write my novel.  Better start soon, I suppose! 😉

If you aren’t into Young Adult fiction that’s Ok.  But I’m not a big fan of labeling books into genres anyway.  If you’d like to read a good story, well written and intellegent…Read Holes!  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed!

Happy Thursday!  Go Read A Book!!  Please…


28 responses to “Full of Holes

  1. I loved that book! I read some of these when my teenager was getting them as assignments in middle school. There ARE a lot of young adult books that are really worth reading. Is that the type of book you’ll write? I did not know you were writing a book, although seems many bloggers would like to!

    • Stacie, I’d love some recommendations on ones that you liked. I would like to write a book. I’ve never thought about this area of writing, but there are so many things I like about it, and I got what I think is a really good idea the other day. I’m going to work on developing it. I need to read some more first to have a real feel for it. That’s why I’d love to have some recommendations.

  2. YIPPEE for having wordpress be back to normal! i am so happy for you fran as i TOTALLY understand the frustrations of technology. and they DO self-correct, i don’t know how, but it happens! (well, i am glad kristen could help, too!).
    thanks for your book review. you make a very good point: the books that suck us in/intrigue us are the ones that make us care.
    hey – you should think of doing the novel writing challenge in november!! i see you have nanowrimo as one of your tags! i am debating it!…

    • Cathy, I did NaNoWriMo last year and I loved it! Had no idea I could write that much or enjoy it so much! I had another idea for this November, but now that I’ve had this new idea…I may go with that one. I had a great time and barring unforseen circumstances…I’ll be in the line up!

  3. OK, that’s it. I’m going to add a book page so I can track what I read. Why is it so easy to draw blanks for recommendation? Hoot by Carl Hiaason is a great read. I have heard good things about Life As We Knew It and Rules but have not read them. My oldest is reading classics in school now and my youngest is not there yet…

  4. I haven’t read that one but have heard lots of good things about it. I’ll add it to Monday’s library list. Thanks!

  5. One of the first books I read on my own without the help of my parents. Great book! You’re making me want to read it again!

  6. I loved this book too! My SIL had recommended it to me when she was teaching elementary school and I was so surprised at how great it was. I never saw the movie though!

  7. I love this book! And, well, IF you insist, I can probably bring myself to do some reading today 😉

  8. I have not heard of goodreads, thanks! do you do it via FB? that’s what popped up but not sure of the best way. I could not directly respond to the thread anymore

    • Stacie, just look up Goodreads on google. I’ve tried to give people the link before, but it always gives me my page. When I looked on google, it said Goodread as the first option with the sub-heading of sign-in. I think if you go to that one you can join. Try that. It’s a great site!

  9. Without Glenn and Amy, I wouldn’t know what to do if my blog went blooey on me. Glad that all is well. Some YA books are great and Ioved holes

  10. I LOVE reading! I have unfortunately already watched the movie Holes (I also like reading the book first, if there is a movie out). I thought it was okay, but I definitely want to read the book now! Book reviews are the best!

    In light of awesome books, I thought I’d share a few of my faves?
    Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer
    Olivia Joules and the Overactive Imagination by Helen Fielding
    Brave New World by Aldous Huxley

    Have you read any of those? If you have, I’d love to know what you think!

    • Hi Cara! I think Holes would be worth the read even if you’ve seen the movie. I’ve heard about Into The Wild for years, but I haven’t ever read it. Haven’t heard of Olivia Joules, I’ll look for it. I read Brave New World a few years ago, even though I should have read it Many years ago! It was very intersting as I remember. A rather dark description of the world in the book. I remember thinking it was definitely worth the read though. Keep your suggestions coming…I’m always looking for a new book…as you can tell!!

  11. hahahaha. we all know how much *i* love young adult fiction. it’s TERRIBLE. grown-up books feel so different after i’m surrounding by all these series for so long. the third uglies hasn’t hooked me like the other two yet, but i’m still reading away, so i must still be enjoying it.

    i’m so glad wordpress is working for you now! but so annoyed we couldn’t figure anything out in case it happens again. we’ll have to have a wordpress-themed coffee visit next time so we can figure it out. :p

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