WIAW~I Need To Fix This Snacking

It is that happy time of the week, the time when all the hard-core foodies gather because it’s What I Ate Wednesday! And where do we gather? Why of course it’s over at Peas & Crayons and we get to hang out with the lovely Jenn who is the mastermind of this whole thing.  Be sure to visit over there when you’re finished here at BCDC, leave some comments and just enjoy yourself.

Peas and Crayons

Our theme for June is healthy snacking and trust me, I am in real need of some direction here.  I’ve been having a terrible time and have to get it under control.  I’ve been making some overall good food choices, but somehow the snacks are getting me.

A banana is a great snack, especially while reading a book.  You can eat it one-handed.  I just wish I liked them more.

Found a new favorite snack that can double as a lunch…caramel corn rice cakes with peanut butter.  Sadly, peanut butter is one of the things getting me into trouble lately.  It will not be living in my house any more… 😦

Apple with peanut butter is also a good snack, but again…no peanut butter for me in the future.  It’s just as good with almond or sunflower butter.  I don’t know why Those kinds of nut butters don’t make me eat them out of the jar.  I’m doing what I have to.

I have an incredibly easy dinner to show you.  It really only takes the time it needs to cook in the microwave to prepare.

Crock pot black beans, already prepared bulgur wheat (boil 2 cups of water or stock and pour over 1 cup of bulgur.  Let sit for about 10 minutes.) and a can of a mix of tomatoes, okra and corn. Mix it together and microwave for 2-3 minutes.  Sprinkle with shredded cheese.

This was ready in no time and so good and filling!

Dinner last night was leftover salad from Father’s Day with the last of the black beans and bulgur added and topped with shredded cheese.  The dressing was a new twist.  1 Tbsp of olive oil, 1 Tbsp of honey, 2 Tbsp of apple cider vinegar and 1 Tbsp of wasabi mustard.  Very tangy and good!  I expected that it would be a lot hotter than it was but it had a great flavor.  I just love making up my dressings!

And here you see one of the snacking reasons that I’m getting into trouble.  My new favorite from the local ice cream shop…black raspberry.  It is just delicious.  I will be doing my best to avoid this in the coming weeks. 

So there you have my snacking travails.  I hate to whine, but I’m frustrating myself with my inability to keep this under control.  Of course, I believe that confession is good for the soul and BCDC is a bit of a confessional for me.  I am working hard this week to get on track and stay there.  Make good choices both in snacks and in regular meals.  Perhaps when we get to WIAW next week, I’ll have some good news to report about my progress.  Don’t forget to go on over to P&C to read some blogs and make some bloggers happy by leaving comments. 

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!  I Can do it and so Can you!!

30 responses to “WIAW~I Need To Fix This Snacking

  1. yes, you CAN do what you wish to do, fran! we are here cheering you on…and reading! so if it helps to be accountable to “us,” we are here for you!
    that salad dressing combo sounds good. as you know, i am not a great fan of bananas, either…although, besides being easy to eat one handed, they are also easy to carry about, seeing as they come with their own protective “shell!”
    have a great wednesday, fran!

    • Cathy, I really wish I liked bananas more. I have started to eat them now because I know they’re good for me. If I could just get my butt in gear and make some smoothies that would solve the problem. Years ago, I would make tasy smoothies with bananas and I didn’t hate them. I must get back to that!

  2. I have been curious about that tomato-okra-corn can…I LOVE okra, and have had that brands squash before…so naturally I would be intrigued. 😉

    Peanut butter (as you know) ALWAYS gets me in trouble. Every day I say, “No more!” And every night, there I am with a spoon and an open jar.

    I guess it’s good that I have such a passion for something I might try to market and sell more furiously in the future?

    • Sarah, I’m so proud of you that you’ve started to market your nut butters! No one could doubt your passion for this after reading The Smart Kitchen! I usually get the tomato okra corn blend at Dollar General…for a Dollar…but I’ve seen it at Walmart now too. Of course, Dollar General is cheaper, and if the cans get a few bumps in them (oops, did I drop that?!?) they sell them for 50 cents! It’s very tasty and SO helpful for a quick “I don’t feel like cooking” dinner!

  3. Those are some delicious looking eats!

    I know what you mean about peanut butter- it is addictive in a way nut butters aren’t. I found what was helpful for me, was quitting PB completely and focusing on other nut butters. When I went back to PB after a couple months I found it was almost too sweet and dessert like. i could only handle a very small amount!

    And don’t worry about your “bad” snacks. We all need to let loose once in a while 🙂

  4. I totally understand – my problem has been eating an additional huge meal before bed lately and it’s been making me feel awful and sleep terribly! I need to stop. 😦 But as for bananas – pair it with some nut butter, yogurt, and granola and there’s no way you won’t love it! Also, for the ice cream – maybe plan to have it once a week, then you can look forward to that and not worry about it during the rest of the week.

    • Thanks, I’ve been trying to have the ice cream just once on the weekend. I just need to get a smaller serving. I try to eat my dinner later in an effort to keep that full feeling later into the evening. Some days it works and some days it doesn’t… 😦

  5. Happy WIAW Fran! Cute post, I especially like the black raspberry ice cream. 🙂

  6. I believe in your healthy-snacking abilities! A good pb alternative for rice cakes/veggies is always hummus! Not QUITE as irresistible, still super healthy and tasty.

  7. That cone looks to die for! Yum yum yummy! 🙂

  8. Do what you need to do! I love cookies so I can’t have those in the house and when I make them I make single serve recipes lol!

  9. Up until about three years ago I NEVER ate bananas. Couldn’t stand them. Then I decided I needed to eat them b/c they are good for you. Slowly but surely I am getting better at liking them, but it is a process. All nut butters are my weakness but I try to stay strong!! You can do it!! 🙂

    • Thanks, for your support, I appreciate it! I’m getting better at bananas. Still not my first choice, but as you say they’re good for us, so we’ve got to fit them in. I’ve a good couple of days here. I’m excited. Thanks for your encouragement!

  10. I only like bananas when they’re in muffins or bread. I actually have to hold my breath when I peel them for the kids. 🙂

  11. stop forcing yourself to eat bananas, lady! I think they are delicious, and they do have vitamins, but they’re a super sugary fruit, that I’m still a little shocked is 0 points on weight watchers. like people mention in the meetings – it was silly when people choked down grapefruit because they thought they were supposed to. eat what you love! :p your bean + veggie + bulgur combo sounds delicious!!

    I have done a great job avoiding pb [and the dreaded biscoff], but I just rediscovered nutella tonight…

    • Oh, Ms Kristen…I can’t have Nutella either. Eleni gave me some of the little individual packets…yup…ate them with a spoon AND it was small enough that I could lick it clean…what more could I want?! I’m feeling strong right now…2 more days…I can do this!

  12. I loved the book Holes!
    And I can sympathize on the peanut butter love….but luckily the rest of my family loves peanut butter too so they eat most of it before me 🙂

  13. I understand your Peanut Butter addiction so well! I just wish they’d sell almond butter or sunflower seed butter around here because I actually love them even more,plus,it would be a nice change somewhen…
    I STILL need to try that rice cake & PB combo,by the way!
    And referring to thatice cream… Maybe you could see it as a special treat and only have it once or twice a week? This way,you would be able to REALLY enjoy it even more when you have it – a) because it’s tasty, and b) because you can eat it without a bad conscience. 🙂

    • Hey Kat! I do try to tell myself that I can have the ice cream EITHER on Saturday or Sunday but not both. I certainly don’t need to get such a huge cone, though…I should stick to the small cup. It really would do the same thing for me satisfaction wise. But in my mind…bigger is always better. You can order the other nut butters on line. I may have to do that when we move to New Mexico because our shopping choices will be limited there.

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