Staying Strong~The Week So Far

I am feeling in control!  I can’t always say that  but at the moment I’m feeling pretty good about this whole staying on track thing.

The weekend was not good as I mentioned earlier in the week.  I started Monday with a good attitude but not much resolve.  Monday was definitely Rocky… 😦

But I feel that since then, I’ve been doing well.  Tuesday, I was having stomach issues again.  I do wish I could figure out what’s causing that.  Because of that, I didn’t eat much at all.  That’s one way to keep the snacking under control!  Not the right way…but a Way!!

Wednesday was my first day where I felt I was in charge.  I had an appointment for my semi-annual teeth cleaning in the morning.  Love my dentist, Love my hygenist…HATE the fluoride they put on my teeth at the end.  I always feel like I’ve been snacking on Dust Bunnies!!  And you can’t brush your teeth for 4 hours after.  Yuck.  Not a good idea to eat a salad after that, but that’s what I did.

This looked really good and So much more appetizing when it was served to me…I just forgot to take a picture.  This was a mixed cheese salad with balsamic vinaigrette.  The vinaigrette is delicious and they always give me way too much which I always bring home with me…can’t waste it! 😉

It felt like every piece of food I ate left some debris on my teeth.  I was so excited to brush my teeth at 3pm!!

For dinner I used the last of the leftover Father’s Day salad supplemented with a little more Romaine, a plum tomato, sunflower and pumpkin seeds and shredded cheese.  Topped with the vinaigrette left over from lunch with some honey and wasabi mustard added.

Pretty much my standard salad but very tasty.  Since I was in the right mindset, very filling accompanied by some saltines.

A while after dinner, Ralph said he was going to the corner store…he wanted Cracker Jacks!  Holy cow!  He asked if I wanted anything and I said, “No.”  That was the right answer, wasn’t it?! 😉  There was nothing I could think of at that store that would NOT get me into trouble except a bottle of water and I could get that from my fridge!

The only thing I had after dinner was 3 Werther’s hard candy.  I really like them and they help to keep my Sweet Tooth under control.  I really need to calculate the Weight Watchers Points value for them.  I keep forgetting to do that.  Since I can get a bit carried away with them as well, I need to know what I’m consuming.  Knowledge is Power and I need all the power I can get at the moment.

The good news is…I’m feeling strong and I plan to stay that way.  I have a party coming up this weekend and I’m not sure what will be served (The hostess IS a WW Lifetime member so I should be ok… 😉  ) I need to get my head in the Game.  I’m feeling better about the whole thing and I welcome my weigh-in on Saturday.

That’s my week so far…I thought I’d update you all because I was doing so much whining earlier in the week.   I have to stay focused and do what I know I need to do.  How’s that for resolve!  Thanks for all of your support and encouragement.  It’s a Big help!!  I’m off to get my hair cut today.

Happy Thursday!  Try to stay cool and Stay Hydrated!


19 responses to “Staying Strong~The Week So Far

  1. fran, it was great to read your recap – so glad you are feeling stronger as the week is going along. have to laugh at ralph wanting cracker jacks…ok, that is a unique craving (to my mind!). (i would think chips or chocolate are more common!).
    well, now your dentist appt is out of the way for a while. i love the clean teeth feel after an appt but don’t like the pick-pick as they scrape off tartar! you had quite the wait til teeth-brushing could occur!
    enjoy your haircut! and yes – it is a scorcher day here, too – with the humidex it’ll feel like 40 degrees, 3rd day in a row. i could not be happier!

    • Isn’t it funny, Cathy how some of us love the hot weather (you) and some of us hate it (me) Actually it’s really the humidity that I don’t like. It gets warm in NM but it’s not humid which is why I love it so much! Thanks for your encouragement. I’m feeling good…and strong!

  2. I have a dentist appt this morning. 😦 I keep forgetting because all their reminders went to my parents.

    also,not sooooo sure the party will be very healthy. hahaha. everyone’s bringing appetizers!

  3. Good for you for staying on track! 🙂

    By the way, I had a salad for dinner last night–inspired by you!

    Have a great Thursday!

  4. Great resolve Fran! And yuck, fluoride. Don’t even get me started on the “flavored” options, those just end up being twice as gross…

  5. Glad you are feeling strong, hooray for that! Cracker jacks, oh my I haven’t thought about those in YEARS! Not sure I’d eat them now. I’d rather have one of your delicious looking salads!

  6. You and me both, I always have to remind myself at the beginning of the day “stay on track, you can do it”. I always grab a handful of chocolate chips and nut clusters after lunch, sorta healthy right?

    Thanks for your kind words this morning, I am feeling better but the pain is still present, hopefully it will be all gone by the end of the week.

    Have a great day!

  7. I haven’t seen Cracker Jacks in years! Too funny. Way to stay strong!!

  8. valerie andruss

    Salad Solidarity! I had a Caesar salad for lunch – used only 1/2 the dressing and ate only 1/2 the croutons and walked across the street to get it (every little bit helps). Going to a political campaign kick-off tonight. Hoping I can stay away from the appetizers.

  9. Cracker jacks! That’s funny!! Those look like some great salads. Way to stay strong! 🙂

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