Random But Focused

Is it possible to be random and focused at the same time?  I’m focused on staying on track for Weight Watchers, but this post is a bit random.  Ok, that works for me!

Yesterday I went off to get my hair cut early.  Turned out very nicely.  Short which will do well in the heat. After a quick detour to the post office I came home and never went out again.  I heard reports that the temperature was hovering around 100.  That was too much hovering for me.  Crazy Ralph still went outside to smoke his cigars.  Never have gotten the smoking thing, but it’s too hot to get on my soap box!

Planned on doing a few things around the house.  Put in a load of laundry and I was in the bedroom going through some things when I hear a weird sound from the kitchen.  I come out and the little drain thingy in the middle of the sink is dancing up and down.  I realize what the problem is.  The washer has gone into the spin cycle and the water is pumping…but it’s not going anywhere.

I rush to the basement…water is pouring out of the line under the toilet and above the washer.  Of course I turn it off right away.  I knew what it was.  This is a Very old house…hence old pipes.  Periodically (obviously not recently enough) we’ve had to have the pipe from the sewer line outside that comes into the house snaked.  We’ve been told before that “things” get into it and it eventually clogs.

Sooo….today we get a visit from the plumber man and luckily he said he’d be here between 8 and 9 am.  It won’t be too hot for him and it will be out-of-the-way.  I’m just hoping this is the problem and nothing more, otherwise someone is going  to have to adopt us if there’s a lot of repair required.

Oh yes, and there’s the small issue of the load of laundry that’s been sitting in the water in the washer since yesterday because I couldn’t restart the washer.  Yuck.  Wish us luck!

With all the frustration I was able to stay on track at least.  Didn’t take time for breakfast before I left for the hairdresser and as it got hotter, even though I was in the air conditioning, I just didn’t feel like eating.  I finally ate some veggie burgers (which went unphotographed) around 5:30pm.  Then popcorn later while watching The Big Bang Theory.  I’m proud of myself for staying in control, but not eating all day like that can sometimes backfire and you don’t lose.  Regardless, I was at least in control and I was happy for that.

I talked a month or so ago about getting back into writing poetry.  I thought of something great while riding in the car the other day.  Of course I forgot to write it down when I stopped driving and it immediately went out of my head.  That frustrates me so much.  I can’t even say that it’s because I’m getting older.  When it comes to poetry, I always had the problem if I didn’t write it right away, I’d forget it.  Sounds a little bit like Weight Watchers…;-)  Maybe if I sit and think for a while it will come back to me…put that on your Fat Chance List!

Happy Friday!!  Hope the plumber man can work his magic!!



14 responses to “Random But Focused

  1. Aaaah,I hope the plumber guy will be able to fix it and all! I’ve had the same problem with my dishwasher lately,so annoying!
    Anyhow,I would seriously LOVE to read some of your poems,so if you start writing again,you should consider to share them,too 😉

  2. fingers crossed for the plumber to arrive on time, and that it is an easy (and inexpensive fix!). and i am so proud of you for staying on target despite the frustrating washer event, fran!
    i hear you on having a great poetry thought and then forgetting it – that happens to me with blogging…i now keep a notebook on me so i can write down a sentence or word if creativity strikes!
    “it’s too hot to get on my soap box!” -> i hear you! now i love the heat, humidity and sunshine, but the last few days i have had thoughts along the same line as you…let’s stay as calm as possible!
    have a wonderful friday, fran!!

    • Cathy, thanks so much! I try not to make BCDC a soap box-y kind of place. I’m tempted sometimes, but I try to keep my opinions in the mild form and not too much one way or another. Certainly not political. Ralph wanted to do a guest post during the A-Z and I thought it was a wonderful idea, but he wanted to use a political cartoon and I said I’d rather not. He got all offended. I think he’s gotten over it. Have a great Friday, Cathy!

  3. Good to hear that you are focused. I have the same problem with ideas that pop into my head so I have started to use my phone note pad…even when I am driving I can talk into my phone to get the idea down.

  4. Good luck! Hope everything works out well today.

    I often think of poetry ideas or lines when I’m in the car, and I usually record them using the voice notes function on my phone. This doesn’t help if I’m the one driving, of course, but if I can record even a snippet, I can usually get my train of thought back when I sit down to write.

    Happy Friday!

  5. Oh man good luck with your plumbing issue, that’s so yucky and annoying! But nice you could stay on track despite that stressor! Hope it’s all fixed soon!

  6. Oh my, I hope the pipe issue is resolved soon, and with not too much expense! Our house is old too, and the repairs come regularly!

  7. Oh no! hope the plumber did work his magic and it’s nothing serious… it’s a nightmare when you can’t do any washing and you need water if it’s that hot… we could do with some of your heat though, it’s miserable here!
    Random but focussed is good though, I think that’s how my life is in general – except without the focus 😉

    • Things are back on line, Elle! I would be glad to send you some of the heat. It’s supposed to be a little milder the next few days so that will be very nice. That focus thing sure does get us, doesn’t it?!

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