Warning: Tower of Books!

I have to warn you all, I think you might be hearing a lot about books this week.  I tried to get organized and make a list for summer reading.  I got the idea from my great friend, Cathy over at 1970KikiProject.  She listed the 10 books she planned to read this summer.  I thought…I can do this!

I made a list from the tower of books I’ve gathered in recent months from foraging through Goodwill and library book sales. (I didn’t even touch the boxes labeled “To Read”)  As I write this, I remember I have a number of books in my car that didn’t make it to the tower. 😦  Regardless, that list has been blasted by the Kristen Lending Library and a trip to a Different Goodwill!   I’ll start with the list, I won’t get fancy.

SUMMER READING LIST (I’m laughing already!)

1. Digging to America-Anne Tyler -I’ve read a lot of hers and liked most, so we’ll see.

2. A Room Of One’s Own-Virginia Woolf- I hated Mrs. Dalloway but always hear that any writer needs to read this book.  Ok…

3. The Big House-George Howe Colt-I like the painting on the cover and it was 49 cents.

4. Auntie Mame-Patrick Dennis-I loved the movie, loved the musical “Mame” and I’ve had this book for years and never got around to it. It has a place in line.

5. Julie & Julia-Julie Powell-I loved the movie and there’s a long story with a copy of this book I hid in a thrift store, then couldn’t find.  49 cents-makes the list.

6. Stardust-Neil Gaiman-I hear  a lot of good things about him-Goodwill find…I’ll give him  a try.

7. Anansi Boys-Neil Gaiman-Ditto #6

8. Falling Angels-Tracy Chevalier-I’ve loved all of her books that I’ve read- 35 cents at a thrift store.  She makes the list.

9. Burning Bright-Tracy Chevalier-Ditto #8 except I had to fork out 99 cents at Goodwill….:-(

10. The Year of Magical Thinking-Joan Didion-I’ve never read her but I’ve heard a lot about this book.

11. Look Again-Lisa Scottoline-Read my first by her a month or so ago and liked it, so here she is again.

12. Flyaway Home-Jennifer Weiner-I always like her and…49 cents 😉

13.The Red Tent-Anita Diament-Ditto #10

I realize that 13 is not a great number to use if you’re superstitious…I am in some things and not in others.  But of course almost as soon as  the ink was dry on the list (if Ralph was writing it, this would be True!) I have more to add.

The Bean Trees by Barbara Kingsolver which is part of a loose trilogy set in the Southwest.  I enjoyed the other two. Unfortunately, I should have read this before the most recent one I read, Pigs in Heaven. It will be out-of-order but I think I’ll still enjoy it.  Then there’s Pretties by Scott Westerfeld which would not cooperate with keeping its cover closed which is why my hand makes  a guest appearance.  I enjoyed the first of the quartet-Uglies and I’ve put a dent in this and hope to continue denting it.  These came from the KLL (Kristen Lending Library) and happily she also has the other two books in the Uglies series.  Hope to finish these off before the trip.

At Goodwill today, along with two other wonderful treasures (which I’ll tell you about tomorrow), I found The Gargoyle by Andrew Davidson.  I had seen this offered in my book club, but passed on it being reluctant, as I have said lately, to spend real money on a book.  No problem today…Let’s say it altogther…”49 CENTS!”   The Gargoyle sounds interesting.

So there you have it, my summer reading list.  I’ll update as required.  If you’d like to know what I’m reading you can always click on the Goodreads link on the right side of BCDC.  Although for some reason it doesn’t update on here but you’ll see that I’ve read 38 books.  It says 40, but 2 I didn’t finish and I can’t feel I can take credit for those.  Either way…I’ve read a LOT of books and as you can see, I have my work cut out for me!  Feel free to make any suggestions!

Happy Monday!!  Read a Book!!

24 responses to “Warning: Tower of Books!

  1. happy monday, fran! hope you get some reading time in today.
    ooo, i am so glad you wrote up your own top ten (plus more!) summer list – it’s so fun to see what you are looking forward to reading. i am totally impressed with your year’s tally. you are the best at finding cheap reads – that impresses me, too. and love the KLL borrowing system you can access! my version is the MLL (mom lending library!).
    #1 – thanks for the ann tyler reminder – i have enjoyed the novels i have read, need to get another some time
    #5 – loved the movie, too!
    #10 – i think i read it??
    #12 – great summer author
    you’ve inspired me to check out value village (our goodwill) to see if i can score some cheap reads! although i live across from the public library so you can’t get cheaper than free!

    • Cathy, you’re so funny…that’s my motto…Free is Good!! Our local library has started to have books for sale almost all the time now. I wondered if they were just weeding out their inventory. They told me that they get lots of donations, but many times they have at least 1 if not multiples of a particular book. If so they sell them. It’s great in my opinion because the libraries here are struggling, I’m happy to help support! One of my favorite things in the world is going to the big county library sale which I think is twice a year. Thrift stores are wonderful, though. You should look back at the post now. I forgot (DUH!!) to put in the photo of my stack of books. Somehow the pile seems more daunting than the list. 😉 Have a great day!

  2. hahahaha. I am ashamed to contribute. but also so glad you’re enjoying the uglies series! I finished #3 last night… and am mostly just annoyed it’s over!

    I have the red tent, but have not read it yet. also, stardust. I’ve heard that neil gaiman is more a storyteller than writer… as in, if you let yourself get sucked in, it’s the story more than the specifics. but I haven’t gotten through stardust. I loved the movie, and I’m pretty sure the book is different and even better.

  3. Oh your summer sounds fun already, nothing better than lounging with a good book, especially when you scored them for so cheap! At my thrift stores paperbacks are $1 and hardback $2 so when they’re 1/2 off I can get them for 50 cents too. It takes a lot for me to pay full price for a book. In the last couple of years I think I’ve bought 1 full price book for myself (Killing Lincoln @ Costco) and a few as gifts (Hunger Games series for Emry’s Easter basket).

    I’ve seen the movie of Julie & Julia and love Jennifer Weiner but am not familiar with the other books. Do let us know what you think of them.

    Happy Monday!

    • I’ll be yammering about these books for months, Marie. I have such a hard time paying “real” money for books anymore. I have almost $100 in Barnes & Noble gift cards but I can’t bring myself to use them. Keep thinking I’ll use it for a Nook, but those books are pretty expensive. You can however, link into your library and get the e-books for free. Of course I would then need to learn how to do that!!

      • I just have to say (seriously- sarcasm font is off) how impressed I am by your ability to hoard your B&N gift cards. I received just a generic $75 Visa gift card for a recognition from work, and subsequently went out and blew it all (plus another $15) at Barnes and Noble. No willpower with books. None whatsoever.

      • I’m keeping them for a Nook, but then I can’t justify paying what you have to pay for the books for the Nook when I can get them at Goodwill for 49 cents! We’ll see…

  4. I love that your pile is literally a pile/tower. I definitely want to know how Auntie Mame is…I loved the movie (the Rosalind Russel one…). I haven’t read or seen Julie and Julia yet, although I’m looking forward to one of these years. I read Fly Away Home recently and the Red Tent yearrrrrrrrs ago.

  5. That is quite the tower! I have something similar in my closet. Of your list, I have only read Julie and Julia and Look Again. Both I enjoyed. Neither are complicated so they are good summer choices!

    • Stacie, I thought they sounded like good summer reads. I need light things for when we’re on our big road trip. I don’t like reading anything too serious then and when we actually get to NM the whole place is a distratcion so I don’t need to think too hard about what I’m reading.

  6. Let’s hear it for posts involving used books! And I’d recommend reading Anansi Boys before Stardust. I like Anansi much more–and Stardust is one rare RARE exception where I enjoyed the movie more than the book. I know I read the Gargoyle, but I somehow can’t remember it one way or the other. Anyway, I look forward to hearing about your progress–and any potential recommendations!

  7. Fantastic list! I’ve read a lot of them. Love Chevalier and Tyler and Woolf. I can’t wait to hear what you think of them all. 🙂

    Happy reading!

  8. I liked Stardust and The Red Tent and agree with you about Tracy Chevalier; I love her writing and think The Virgin Blue is my favourite. Falling Angels is lovely but having said that, I was disappointed by Burning Bright and only read it the once, I’ve re-read her others so many times!
    If you haven’t read them, I’d recomment Life of Pi by Yann Martel and have you read any Nicholas Evans? He wrote The Horse Whisperer and all his books are truly beautiful.

    • Elle, I remember you saying you loved The Virgin Blue. I read that earlier in the year and enjoyed it very much. Did you read Remarkable Creatrues by her? I see Life of Pi all the time, but I’ve never read it, I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. I have read The Horse Whisperer. It was disturbing at the beginning, (horse-truck) but it was a beautiful story.

  9. Mmmm… I love me some Neil Gaiman. I wasn’t as wild about Stardust, but I loved Anansi Boys. Good Omens is even better, and American Gods is one of my favorites. I hope you get hooked. Even my daughter loves him (he’s written some kids stuff too- Coraline is best known) and we got to meet him a couple of years ago. Nice guy.

    Enjoy! I’m kinda jealous. Between my full-time job, my part-time teaching job, and just general family summer stuff, I don’t foresee a lot of reading going on for me this summer. Other than what’s needed for class anyway…

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