I Love A Deal and The Busy Day

I love all the comments I’ve been receiving regarding my Summer Reading List.  Everyone seems to have an opinion and I love that.  Also appreciate recommendations so keep them coming.

Monday was a very busy day. Up early, the first task on my list was crock pot beans. 

Black eyed peas that I’d gotten for $1 at Dollar General, soaked overnight then spent their time in the crock pot jacuzzi.  I’ve got some interesting ideas for these which I’ll share as I come up with them.!

I ran out to Aldi for a few things.  When I got home the beans were finished and I put them in a container to cool.  Then I got started on a batch of egg salad which went unphotographed but which will be good for lunches.  Both Ralph and I love egg salad.

Did several loads of laundry which I realized was mandatory when I looked in Ralph’s underwear drawer and all I found was a Ted Bell novel and a mateless sock.  Took care of that and felt good about it!

Now on to the deals.  I showed you Monday the book deal I’d gotten from Goodwill on Sunday.  I’m going to save the best for last and the reason I went in the first place. 

I did buy myself a treat and something a little expensive for Goodwill.

I got this great straw bag which is new and roomy enough to use on our trip- it’ll hold a book, my travel journal, cameras and other regular necessities.  Can you say $7.00!!  It’ll be perfect and it’s actually more colorful than it looks in the photo.  Love it!

The real deal is something I’ve been looking for.  Gail has one and keeps telling me how handy it is.

It’s a George Foreman Contact Roaster.  Here are the innards…

For once it was Too sunny for the photo…oh well…you get the idea.  You can roast a small chicken in here or other types of meats and fishes.  It can be tricky when you’re cooking meat for one so this will be a help.  You can make corn on the cop in the pan on the right and even make cakes!  I was able to find and down load the manual.  It looks brand new.  It was marked $5.99 but it had a white tag and white tags were 50% off so I paid $3.oo!!! I looked on-line and the price ranges from $70 up to $125 depending on where you look.  I couldn’t be happier! 

My friend Alice had seen it at a Goodwill that’s a little farther away than our usual one and she saw it there on Thursday but she didn’t know I wanted one.  When she told Gail, she called me first thing on Sunday morning to tell me.  I had thought about waiting until today, but I’m sure glad I didn’t.  I look forward to working with this.  Another gadget!

So that’s it for today.  Ralph and I have various appointments on our schedule so not sure what the day will hold beyond that.  Whatever it holds…we’ll handle it!

Happy Tuesday!!

18 responses to “I Love A Deal and The Busy Day

  1. good luck with your day, fran! hope all goes well!
    “crock pot jacuzzi” -> that is an awesome term. love it!
    what a score on the purse (cute for summer and gotta love a bag you can dump everything and anything into) and the george foreman! it was meant to be that you were in the right place at the right time, and it was still there for you to pick up. you are queen of the goodwill deals!!

    • Thanks, Cathy! My friends Gail & Alice and I really love the thrift stores. I usually go at least once a week to the local Goodwill. Start to get a little “itchy” when I haven’t been in a while. I’m missing all of those deals!! 😉

  2. Hi Fran, I’ve been enjoying your posts and comments on my blog and seriously appreciate both. I wanted to let you know I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award for your greatness, hope you enjoy!! – http://justaddcayenne.blogspot.com/2012/06/versatile-blogger-award.html

  3. I love deals! I’m a couponer and can’t stand to pay full price for anything. Purse is cute, the Foreman grill looks wonderful. And beans…love them, any way, anytime!

  4. Nothing beats a good deal, does it? I hope you enjoy your Foreman roaster…I’d never even heard of that before! Yesterday I got a Kohl’s/vera wang sweater for a little over 5 bucks (originally 64)…I was incredibly psyched!

    • Zo, what a great deal on the sweater…Congrats! I had never hear of the roaster either. My friend found one at Goodwill, loved it then another friend got one also at Goodwill. I was so excited to find one…gotta get the deals!

  5. Ah, reminds me that I need to break out the crockpot–I haven’t used it in ages, and there is a bag of dried black beans in my cabinet that has just been dying to be used.

  6. What awesome deals Fran! I did not know there was a roaster appliance, can’t wait to see all the good stuff you make in it 🙂

  7. I love the bag! The colors are great.

    Congrats on your great deals! I’m looking forward to seeing what you cook with that roaster.

  8. Oh Fran, FANTASTIC scores at the thrift store!!!!!! Hope all goes well with all apointments today for you and Ralph. Take care

  9. Lol my mom and I have a bag of black eyed peas in our cabinet and have no idea what to do with them! And did I hear “egg salad”??? I LOVE egg salad! I remember the first time my mom made that when I was a kid, that was all I would eat for dinner (literally)!! And I have another recommendation for you ;D. Have you ever read Frankenstein by Mary Shelley? I am just finishing it and it is SO awesome and spectacularly written. Many think of Frankenstein as some creature associated with Halloween, and man, after reading this, they would be proven wrongorama!

    • Hi Cara! I cooked up the black eyed peas in the crock pot. Now I use them in salad and I think tonight I’ll use them in a stir fry. Use them like any other bean. (Hummus? Maybe!) I had a wanderful bean salad made from them down in Florida and I’m going to try to replicate that. I read Frankenstein years ago. It’s so different from the movies we see of it. The closest I’ve ever seen to the book is the Kenneth Branaugh version with Robert DeNiro as the creature. If you get the chance rent that. It’s my favorite!

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