Goaling Continued!

As of July 2, I am still on track…in various ways.  I was up and out at 6:45am again and I even added that extra block on today, so officially that’s 2 miles!  I’m pretty excited.  I took about 35 minutes but as I do it more often, I’m hoping to improve the time.  Yes, I am!!

Got started on Goal number 1 only I started on clothes I have in the bedroom.  I found a batch of things that I’ll be needing for the trip, mostly cool things. I can’t remember, but I don’t think I’ve been to New Mexico this time of year.  I want to be cool if necessary.  It was also productive because I found 2 more pairs of shorts that I can use for my walking.  Still more things to go through, but hey it’s a start!

Got some bills paid and got quite a pile of paperwork sorted, shredded and set for the recycle man tomorrow(Goal number 2.)  Found a gift card I was looking for on my desk.  In the bedroom I found 3 gift cards I didn’t know I had!  Unfortunately none of them are Barnes & Noble, but I’ll survive! 😉

Think I’ll do a quick book review because I forgot about this.  A few weeks ago, I received in the mail a copy of Heading Out To Wonderful by Robert Goolrick.

Heading Out to Wonderful

I won it in a contest on the Algonquin Book Blog. I was of course excited to win. I was glad to have the chance to read a brand new book from an author I wasn’t familiar with.  It was a very interesting story, it pulled me in and I really came to care about the characters.  I must admit, it was one of those things where I wanted to say “why on earth did you do that” several times in the story.  There was also something that is said at the beginning of the book that is never resolved, unless I somehow missed it.  I did like the fact that the narrator is not revealed until the end and I was glad to know who was chosen.  I enjoyed this a lot.  If you have the opportunity, give it a try.

Currently I’m reading Stardust, by Neil Gaiman.


I hear a lot of good things about Gaiman, but I’ve never read him before.  This is enjoyable so far, sort of a fairy tale, which doesn’t bother me.  I like his style of writing and it’s moving along quickly.

So, I’m working at my goals, not just looking at them or talking about them!  Oh, yes…reading was on my January list of goals so it’s ok… 😉

Hopefully I can keep up my momentum.  Wish me luck!

Happy Tuesday!! Oh yes, don’t forget the Ultimate Blog Challenge…Post Number Three!!

8 responses to “Goaling Continued!

  1. ok, i will wish you luck with your goals, fran – good luck! – although i think you are so positive that you are going to succeed, anyway! congrats on your walk – enjoy today’s outing! thanks for the book review – that sounds very neat that the narrator is a secret until the end of the book – what a unique story design. that is fun that you found “lost” gift cards – almost as good as finding cash!
    enjoy your day! it’s back to work here, after the holiday long weekend!

    • Thanks, Cathy! I’m really enjoying the walking. Yesterday, I thought about you out running…you could probably pass me twice if we were doing the same route! But hey, you’ve run for years and I never have, except for a short misguided period when I thought I could jog. Speed walking is my favorite. Have to try to work up to that again. We’ll see!

  2. happy “ultimate blog challenge!” I love just having goals to consider. I rarely accomplish exactly what I set out to, but so much more than if I hadn’t thought up goals to begin. I did a few crunches last night, and had something a little healthier for dessert… and I woke up feeling happy with myself! who’d have thought? haha.

    • Excellent! It’s good that you’re taking steps at least. I really do like you idea of the page of goals. I’m going to work on it later today! I love the idea of the challenges too. It’s fun!

  3. Thanks for the book recommendation! I actually read A Reliable Wife and like that one too! Good luck with the goal list!

  4. Nice work!!! I’m dying for some book time!!! Hopefully should get it now that I quit, right? 🙂

    • Corrie Anne, I must say that reading more is one of the best things about not working right now. Although, I had to rework my schedule. I had a reading schedule set up around my work schedule, including audio books for the commute, which I miss. Gotta figure a way to get them back in too!

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