Monday had a very early start for Ralph and Me. I hadn’t mentioned it to anyone in advance, but Ralph had a stress test scheduled for 7:30am.  He did not want anyone knowing about the test.  Ralph’s not an early morning person, but this was something he had to do, so he cooperated.  The worst part for him was that he was not allowed to have caffeine for 12 hours prior to the test so he couldn’t have coffee.  If he couldn’t have coffee, I couldn’t bring myself to make some for myself.  I couldn’t do that to him.  I wouldn’t be happy if the roles were reversed.  😦

We got there 15 minutes early as requested, got all of the paperwork completed and soon he was back with the techs.  I was stuck in the waiting room with Good Morning America blasting in the background, and then Kelly Ripa.  THAT really made me happy… A waiting room whose entire stock of magazines were Sports Illustrated or other sports related magazines…all seemingly directed at men.  Not a People or Us to be had.  Finally a lady sitting next to me found a Better Homes and Gardens and kindly shared it with me when she was finished.  This is beginning to sound like Magazinus Interruptus Redux! 😉

However, I as always was armed with my book which took my mind off of things while Ralph was in the back.  He goes in, He comes out…He goes in, He comes out…Several times.  That’s the way the test works.  During one period when he was in the waiting room with me, we realized that we know a patient that has just come in.  John is actually a friend of a friend who we really like but don’t see very often.  He’s here for a test too.  He goes in, He comes out…

By that time, Ralph is finally out for the last time and John is finished as well.  The test went well for Ralph, but we’ll get the results in a few days.  We both decided if there was anything out of order, they would have told us right away.  We have our fingers crossed.

We decide we All need coffee so we head for a diner up the street for breakfast.  I was really in need of food and coffee.  But, in my effort to be good, I went as simple as possible.

Scrambled eggs, with sliced tomatoes and rye toast, no butter.  This is the time of year to do the sliced tomato exchange.  These were so good.  They were much redder than they look, but we were sitting at the window and I wasn’t even sure how the picture came out.  Another plus, this is one fo the few restaurants around here that has orange marmalade in their jelly bin.  I was smiling and happy.  Oh, yeah…lots of coffee too.  You can’t really beat diner coffee…

Came home and got lots of let’s say…”administrative” things done.  Vital for keeping the boat afloat.  There…it’s done and not hanging over my head.  Why is it that doing certain things can actually make me feel sick to my stomach until they’re taken care of?  Is that vague enough for you?  Trust me, it would make sense if I could explain it all. 

But with no walk on Monday…I’ll be out soon doing my 2 miles.  I should have done my exercise bike instead on Monday, but I was busy with other things. So we’re off to the races for another great day…

Happy Tuesday!!

8 responses to “Stressed

  1. happy tuesday, fran! enjoy your walk this morning!
    my fingers are crossed, too, that the stress test will come back a-ok. thinking of you and ralph. so kind of you to be the support system: no coffee, waiting in the wait room (there are few things worse than w-a-i-t-i-n-g!!). glad you enjoyed bfast out after!
    i love kelly ripa…but the show is not the same without regis! that man can make me laugh out loud!!

    • Thanks, Cathy. I’m chosing to be positive and believe that everything is fine. If not, then we’ll work with that. Thanks for always being a great support! I loved Regis, too. What a funny man. Have a great day!!

  2. You are so nice Fran! Kelly Ripa without coffee, oh my. Glad the test seemed to go well and I’m keeping my fingers crossed too for good “official” results!!

  3. Hope everything goes well. That’s funny about the magazines…although it’s horrible when you want some distraction/entertainment and can’t find anything.

    • Zo, that’s why I took my book with me, but with all of the distractions, plus my concern for Ralph, it’s hard to concentrate on a book. Just wanted a People or Star…even the National Enquirer…Anything! 😉

  4. I’ve never heard of a stress test but hope it went well anyway… I have to say, not being able to have coffee would definitely make me stressed!
    I don’t like marmalade myself but my mum makes loads of it every year. It used to be so lovely, coming home from school on a cold, miserable day to find the whole house smelling of marmalade cooking 🙂

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