50 Years And More To Come!

Wednesday afternoon we had a great time at a small Anniversary lunch for Ralph’s sister Kathy and her husband John.  They’re celebrating their 50th Wedding Anniversary.  That’s 5-0!!  Amazing!  They’re both great people and you may remember them from John’s birthday party a few weeks ago.

Our usual collection of characters from Ralph’s side of the family were present.

Kathy and John the Couple of the Day!  They were much happier than they look in this photo, my camera is slow in low light and they were too excited to sit still!

Cousins Kathie and Lynne!

Brother in law George, Ralph, sister Maddie and sister Kathy!

Me and Ralph!  Yes, he was waiting for an important call! 😉

Ralph’s artwork.  Kathy and John’s last name is Warren, hence “Warren-ty.”

Party favors made by my niece, Penny!

The artwork and the cake!

Of course there was real food too!  This is the delicious Greek Salad I always have here.  Very filling, but it’s so big, I’m always the last one eating!  I don’t care, I order it every time.  So Good!

My tiny piece of cake…

Very tasty and I felt completely in control!

I love when we have the chance to get together with Ralph’s family.  They’re such a great group and we always have a good time.  We probably won’t be seeing any of them before we head out to New Mexico so we left with lots of hugs and well wishes.  It was a great day!

Happy Thursday!  Happy 50th Anniversary, Kathy and John!  WoW!!

12 responses to “50 Years And More To Come!

  1. wow! congrats to john and kathy on their 50 years together! that is just a super happy milestone to celebrate. ralph outdid himself on their card!
    so glad everyone could get together. family time is the best!
    my parents will celebrate 50 years in june 2014. i am trying to convince them to take us all on a cruise! haha!

  2. Just wonderful, and that card!! Ralph is amazing. We’ve been married 16 years and to be married 50, what a blessing.

  3. What a darling picture! What a talented husband. That is a great, original gift. 50 years is quite an accomplishment these day. congrats to the happy couple!

  4. What a fun time! Ralph is such a talented artist! We’ve been married 18 years and together 21. 50 seems like a long time away, but what a great accomplishment!

  5. Wow – 50 year! Congrats to the couple. That’s so inspiring!

  6. 50 years! Amazing. I can’t even imagine because it’s been 12 so far for us and it feels like an eternity.

    New Mexico! I’m so happy for you. I know how much you love it there.

    Safe travels Fran!

    • Thanks, Ameena, it will be 12 for Ralph and Me in October. Yup, it’s countdown to NM!! I better get my act in gear or I’ll be going with a toothbrush and a pair of undies!!! Packing makes me crazy!!

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