Sleeping Late

After about a week of waking up at 3:30 am and not being able to get back to sleep, I slept until 5:30 today! I almost feel like I overslept!  It was strange to wake up with daylight out there! Now I feel like I’m behind! I guess there’s something to be said for posting the evening before and scheduling.  Better late than never, here I am!

Sunday was a not much happening day for us.  I was up and out for my walk.  It felt really good to get back to it after missing two days. I have to get out of here now and hit the pavement this morning!  I’m so glad I started this and I’ll be keeping it up.

We had talked about going to Barnes & Noble so when Ele got home from church, off we went!  I love going there, even if I’m so reluctant to pay real money for my books anymore.  Saw one that I really wanted, sequel to The Shadow of the Wind, but even with gift cards in my pocket…I couldn’t do it.  I think that will be the one that breaks me though.  I loved Shadow of the Wind so much, I really want to read it.

When we were finished our browsing we went into the Cafe.  The last two times I’ve been there, I’ve had their iced green tea which I’ve enjoyed. But I saw something new on the menu…Cool Lime Refresher.  It’s made from green coffee bean extract.

I love anything with lime in it (with the exception of lime flavored beer…blech!)  This was definitely lime, but with a really unique flavor.  I can’t even think of how to describe it.  I would certainly have it again, but I’m afraid it’s only here for the summer.  So strangely tasty.  Is that a compliment?  I mean it as one! 😉

Thanks for all of your comments yesterday on my book rant.  I love talking about books, so please, anyone who ever wants to leave a comment with a recommendation or a question about books please do.  I also always recommend Goodreads.  I love it and if you’d like to be friends with me, just let me know what your Goodreads name is and I’ll send you a friend request.   I can’t think of anything better than keeping the book discussion going!

I’m already late for my date with the pavement…I’ve got to get my size 9 1/2’s moving out the door~

Happy Monday!!

14 responses to “Sleeping Late

  1. I beat Cathy, ha!! Glad you got more sleep and I hope it invigorates you for your walk this morning! What willpower on the book, I’ll have to check out the first one if it’s so good!

    • Hooray, Stacie, you did beat Cathy!! I thought The Shadow of the Wind was SO good. The author is Carlos Ruiz Zafon. I had never heard of him until I found the book at Goodwill. I think you’ll like it!

  2. haha, stacie, yes you did! i was thrown this morning when fran was later in posting than usual!…fran, i am glad you got some solid zzzz’s!
    happy walking!
    i agree – lime is such a refreshing flavour. this summer, i am enjoying lime-flavoured carbonated water. the only thing lime i have not liked is lime-flavoured diet coke!
    it’s been so fun to talk books – stacie and zo also both posted re books today! glad you and ele got out to the b & n. i went to chapters friday eve and read about ten magazines…it was fun!

  3. Hmm, that drink sounds odd, but I DO love lime flavored things too. Like lime-flavored seltzer water, yummm. And yes, you should definitely pick up the sequel!

  4. I also wake up pretty early usually,so I laugh at anyone who moans about having to stand up at 7 because I am awake at 5 already – every single day! 😉

  5. Ugh, this morning i woke up at 3:30, 4:30, 5:30, and then finally got up at 6:30!

    • Hi Paige! Thanks for visiting! My problem is that I wake up at 3:30, then try to go back to sleep, but it doesn’t work. That’s why I just get up and start my day in the dark and the peace and quiet! Please stop by again!

  6. The lime drink sounds really interesting. I got a frozen lemonade drink at Panera a few weeks ago and found it so refreshing. There’s just something about lemon and lime in the summer…

    • Zo, I love lime anytime! Theres a little packet called True Lime that I can buy at Shoprite. Haven’t found it anywhere else. Looks like a sugar packet. It’s crystalized lime. My favorite is to buy lemon/lime seltzer, lots of ice and a packet or 2 of this. So Good!!

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