WIAW~Walking, Walking, Walking

Good Morning and welcome to the latest edition of What I Ate Wednesday!! Do I sound like a game show host?!  Not that I want to  but what the Heck!  Wednesday is the happiest day of the week around here. Why?  Because the delightful Jenn over at Peas & Crayons brings us all together each week for all of this fun!  Don’t forget to stroll over there and see all of the wonderful food and be sure to leave some comments!

Peas and Crayons

Yes, we’re still acting all fit!  For once, I don’t have to feel left out…as my title suggests…I’ve been walking and walking… I’ve walked 2 miles almost everyday over the past 2 weeks.  That’s not much for some people, but I’m just getting back into this.  In spite of the heat, I get out there early and give it my best!  I’m feeling really good about it and the days that I’ve had to miss for various reasons, there’s definitely something missing in my day.  I’m sticking with it!! 🙂

How about some food?  Ok by me!

Overnight oats with Spiru-tein tropical fruit flavor mixed in and a nectarine on top…So Good!

This salad looks a lot like my usual ones.  But I was finishing up some celery and it was SO crunchy that it took me over an hour to eat it!  I love a meal like that…the longer it takes me to eat it, the less likely I am to need a snack!

Over the weekend, Ralph and I went to Dunkin’ Donuts for breakfast.  Had my usual fav…iced coffee and the veggie and egg flatbread sandwich.  So good!

However, I have to confess….

I also had an apple fritter…I shouldn’t have but it was SO good!!  And yes…I counted the Points! 😉

Another salad in the lovely Big Purple Bowl!  This one had Morningstar Farms Veggie burger cooked up and added in.  Yummy!!

That’s about it for food photos this week…it’s not that I’m not eating…just not taking many photos.  Trust me, I’ll be overloading you with food photos when we’re on our trip which is less than 2 weeks away!!! I’m so excited!  I’m so behind!! We’ll see how well I stay on track then!!

That’s WIAW for me this week.  Hope you’ve all had a good week.  Be sure to scurry over to Peas & Crayons to take a look around and remember to leave a comment!  It’s such fun…you’ll never know if you don’t try.

Me?  Well, I’m going out walking !! Walking, Walking, Walking…

Happy What I Ate Wednesday!!

18 responses to “WIAW~Walking, Walking, Walking

  1. Wow – all that food looks so good!

  2. happy walking, fran! that is awesome that it feels like such a part of your regular day, now…that is great!
    today is walking wednesday up here in waterloo, too – at the store, we are hosting our annual 20 minute challenge to encourage everyone to be active for 20 minutes. we give away free hats and have juice and snack bars after…i think it’s to be sunny this eve so we should have a good turn out!
    that so exciting that your trip is less than two weeks away now!

  3. That’s a lot of Ws in your title Fran! And, you do sound a bit like a game show host but enthusiasm is good 🙂

    I hope all of the “last minute” preparations for your trip are falling into place and keep on walking! I’ve been hiking a lot and love it!

  4. Ya gotta have a treat once in awhile 😉
    I love your big purple bowl salads!

  5. Love the overnight oats. I’ve been meaning to try that. What’s your favorite?

    • Hi Marisa! My favorite is what ever I have on hand. I need to get more protein powder to add, but I’m pretty simple 1/2 cup oats, 1/3 cup ff vanilla yogurt, 1/2 cup almond milk. Sometimes chia seeds and whatever fruit I might have. Sometimes I do 1/4 cup oats and 1/4 cup oat bran. That’s good too!

  6. I’m with you on the long lunches. I usually linger over mine for about an hour. Seems so much more satisfying that way

  7. I had to laugh at your over-an-hour-to-eat-it salad. That’s exactly why I DON’T like salads! I’m impulsive and impatient. All that chewing bores me. Ha! Walking 2 miles a day is impressive, Fran. I walk a lot, but I’m pretty sure my walks aren’t 2 miles.

    • Stephanie, my Sweet~ Glad to hear from you! I like salads for that reason. The longer I eat my real food, the less chance I’ll snack on something dangerous! Sadly, I think I miscalulated and it’s not 2 miles. 😦 I have to fess up today about it. I honestly thought it was 2 miles. I’m sad. Hope you’re well!!

  8. i still think it is amazing that dunkin’ doughnuts has healthy breakfast options. i love that the trend is spreading!

    • Hi Sara! I agree with you about the DD breakfasts. The veggie flatbread omelette is only 7 points for me on Weight Watchers which I think is quite a good deal. I hope it keeps spreading…it’s hard to find healthy things sometimes even when you’re looking really hard!! 😉

  9. Lol!! I take a really long time to eat big salads too!! It’s like an athletic challenge for me!! Haha.

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